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Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 06/12/2009
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Find The Slot For Maximum Power
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Golfers constantly strive for consistent power and accuracy and with the development of a new swing that secret has been unlocked. It’s called the PowerSlot Swing and it’s done in three easy steps. Its inventor Andy Kossowsky introduced it to the golf world at the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando.
  Many instructors agree that the majority of swing flaws occur in the backswing. Since the PowerSlot Swing all but eliminates the backswing, Kossowsky has found a way for the club head to be in perfect position at both the top of the swing and at point of impact, swing after swing.
  “I firmly believe that anyone who gives this swing a try can dramatically improve their game,” said Kossowsky. “The PowerSlot Swing is an easy and natural way to play golf.”


The most unique part of the swing is its set up position.  When done properly, the swing is set up for shot making success.  When you hold a heavy golf club in your hands and relax your arms and wrists, it naturally falls to one side like a slap shot position for hockey players. That’s your set up position.


Once you have achieved your set up position, continue to turn your shoulders and bend your bottom hand’s arm bringing the club to the top of the swing.
  As you take it to the top, the hands and arms are automatically in perfect position and you are set -- now just pull the trigger. You’re already in a maximum power position, already in balance and you’ve all but eliminated the main cause of miss-hits—the backswing.  But you’ve done it simply and more effectively than ever before.


After you bring the club to the top, just simply swing the club and you will discover that your club will easily achieve a squared position at point of impact during the follow through.
  The New York native is currently writing a book and producing an instructional DVD showing the effectiveness and simplicity of the PowerSlot Swing.
  To contact Andy for a lesson or for more information, send e-mail to or call him at (646) 522-4623.
  Andy’s upcoming book and DVD will be available at