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Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 05/21/2009

Sonocaddie V300 Golf GPS
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You Know You Want One |

V300 Golf GPS



Sonocaddie V300 GPS is said to have the best technology available in a hand-held Golf GPS, and it has No Annual Fees to access over 18,000 golf courses.
        The V300 has incredible full color 3-D graphics, a highly accurate bird’s eye view of the entire hole and one-button zoom in on the green.
        The  ‘walking golfer’ icon shows the user’s position in real time, with yardages to bunkers, hazards, greens and other targets.
        Sonocaddie V300 has one of the largest backlit color displays available, and is waterproof.  It holds 30 courses in memory, and also stores completed scorecards, analysis and shot tracks for 30 rounds, allowing golfers to replay each hole after the round.
        Included are a belt clip and USB charging cable. Optional accessories are available. Powered by a rechargeable battery, good for about 3 rounds. MSRP is $399


Call 1-800-336-6264
    or visit







• Full 3D Color Course Layout
        • NO ANNUAL FEES!
        • Yardage Guide with 3D Course Layout
        • Track Your Game
        • Personalized Course Information
        • Digital Scorecard and Game Analysis
        • Green View Featuring Actual Green Shape
        • Shot Distance
        • Holds up to 30 Courses at a Time
        • Waterproof
        • Large Daylight Viewable Color LCD     



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Golf’s Lightest and Most Compact Golf GPS offers an Affordable Solution!


Precise distances, user-friendly graphic interface, 18,000 course database with NO ANNUAL FEES make the Sonocaddie V100  a better and more cost-effective GPS solution for the golf course and a fantastic choice for the person seeking the perfect gift for their favorite golfer.


The V100 shows Distance to front, center and back of the green, fairway hazards, bunkers, drive distance and more.


Sonocaddie V100 holds 10 courses in memory, and course information can be edited during use.  Includes a rechargeable battery good for up to 3 rounds. MSRP is $179

Sonocaddie Autoplay GPS


Accuracy and ease of use through advanced technology!
      Sonocaddie Autoplay comes pre-loaded with 18,000 courses so there is no downloading, no membership, and no computer needed!
      The large, full-color, daylight viewable screen shows the entire hole layout at a glance, with precise distances, and zooms in on the green with multiple landing zone technology.


When you get to the golf course, simply turn it on and it knows which course and hole you are on.


Sonocaddie Autoplay includes a rechargeable battery good for up to 3 rounds. Waterproof. MSRP is $399.