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 »  Home  »  Equipment  »  New on the Tee  »  Golfers Gift Guide - The Latest Gifts for a Golfer
Golfers Gift Guide - The Latest Gifts for a Golfer
By Tom Landers | Published  05/19/2009 | New on the Tee | Unrated
Gift Guide Early Summer
Untitled Document                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
RoboCup™ Ball Return Robot
        Awarded “Best New Product” at the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show.  Introducing RoboCup™ Ball Return Robot, the only ball return device designed to work on any practice green! With its innovative patent-pending design, you can save both your time and your back.  When your practice putts drop in the hole, RoboCup shoots them back to you at distances of up to 14 feet, depending on green speed.  It runs on 4 AA batteries, which lasts for an incredible 15,000 putt returns. Missed putts are also returned with the use of the RoboCup Caddy Cord.  The Pros know it – RoboCup is such an effective tool, they’re already using on Tour practice greens. Order yours today!
    Fine Tune Golf, Inc. • 877.438.8434 •
True Ympact
        Trouble skulling and chunking simple chips shots?
      Missing simple four foot putts? Not releasing your driver consistently, losing distance and missing fairways? True Ympact (pronounced Impact) is the most versatile golf swing trainer in the world. Tiger Woods best advise to the public has been that the back of the label of his glove (his hand) is facing the target through impact.
      Go to to review our video series on putting, chipping and full swing tips for improvement.
      Call us at 252-902-7825 and you will soon learn how to bring consistency back to your game!
    Endorsed by the 2008 PGA Teacher of the Year!
The Putting Arc
      The Putting Arc offers three models to help any golfer develop the arc-type putting stroke of the modern touring pro. It has been used by over 800 of these touring pros for 656 pro wins since 2003.
      The Deluxe is a beautifully crafted wooden model that is 36 inches long and weighs 8 pounds, while the lighter, waterproof MSIII and the T3 are made of high-impact polystyrene and are ideal for traveling.
    The Putting Arc will cure the bad habits formed by trying to make the putter go straight back and straight through and will teach the precision needed to be a consistently great putter. 800-898-0701    M-F  9-5 EST •

Cigar Caddy Travel Humidor
        Cigar Caddy is the perfect gift for the Father that occasionally enjoys a cigar on the course.  The Cigar Caddy comes in several sizes to handle a quick 9 holes or a group of friends out for a tournament. The Cigar Caddy is airtight, crushproof and perfect for the golf bag.
        2 Stick   Cigar Caddy  $21.49
        5 Stick   Cigar Caddy  $24.49
        10 Stick  Cigar Caddy  $27.49
      15 Stick  Cigar Caddy  $29.95
      Check out today.

Bionic® Pro Glove
      In development for nearly two years, the new Bionic® Pro Golf Glove provides golfers a thin glove with Bionic technology. Bionic’s patented technology helps golfers have a relaxed grip for increased club head speed and precise club control.  The new Bionic Pro Glove is made from special super-premium micro-thin cabretta leather to provide low handicappers the fit, feel, and flexibility they seek in a glove. Porous fibers help perspiration escape while special hybrid oil ensures tackiness in dry or wet conditions.  Dynamic Lycra® Mesh flexion zones on both sides create dual air flow to make Bionic Pro one of the most breathable gloves in golf.

Swing Speed Radar® with Tempo Timer
        The NEW SWING SPEED RADAR® with TEMPO TIMER  measures the golfer’s ACTUAL TEMPO TIME from club takeaway to ball impact, as well as the SWING SPEED of the clubhead as it approaches the ball,  providing unmatched utility in a single, affordable device.   Priced at only $149.95, the Swing Speed Radar® with Tempo Timer can be used by golfers of all ages and skill levels as they strive to optimize their swing mechanics for their best distance, control and accuracy. No ball is needed when practicing at home, outdoors or indoors. Convenience and flexibility of use at the range makes the affordable Swing Speed Radar® with Tempo Timer the instrument of choice by professional clubmakers and instructors.  The SSRTT is used at all Jim McLean Golf Schools.
        For more information, please contact:
        Al Dilz
      Sports Sensors, Inc. (888) 542-9246 •

      Try the TOP CONSUMER RATED Practice golf ball for free!
    Featuring a unique dimple pattern, these balls offer true ball flight and trajectory while providing an authentic feel off the club-face. This enables golfers to fade, draw or spin the ball. Brush t Basics training balls were top rated by consumers and are ideal for practicing your short game & chipping, and are perfect for junior golfers. Get a free sample pack [just pay shipping].
    To order go to  or call 800-768-8008.
PowerStrokeTM by Macro Golf
      A New Grip Technology for a One Plane Swing
      “Why spend $ 1000.00 or more on a new set of clubs when recent precision launch monitor testing confirms that the USGA conforming patented ergonomic shape of the new PowerStroke™ full-swing grip from Macro® Golf can give you a better swing with 13 of the clubs already in your bag ….. and for only about $ 100.00.   PowerStroke grips are designed for the shape and action of the hands and automatically give your golf swing more wrist flex and hand control than any other grips in golf. So play well and play smart: Regrip with PowerStroke to swing much better…. for so much less.”  •    (877) 270-9402
The Net Return Pro Series Golf Net
      Golf in the comfort of your own home?
      With The Net Return Pro Series golf net now you can!
      The Pro Series new patented design allows golfers to practice indoors and out, provides instant shot feedback and is the only net in the world that automatically returns the ball back to the tee (Driver, Iron or Wedge).
      The Pro Series sets up in 5 min., can be used for multiple sports, is lightweight (28 lbs.), and breaks down into a duffle bag for easy storage and transport.
    For video of the The Net Return Pro Series in action visit
SWAMI 1500 Golf GPS
      The Swami 1500 GPS Unit from Izzo Golf has a number of unique features that make it the perfect device for today’s golfer at $149.95. The SWAMI uses the latest SIRF Star III Technology to provide fast, accurate distance measurement to the Front, Center, and Back of every green. And Swami is incredibly convenient and easy to use. It automatically recognizes the course you’re playing upon startup. Next, SWAMI displays distance to the first green in large numbers that are easy to read in all light conditions.  It’s a snap to toggle back and forth from Front, to Center, to Back and you can navigate from hole to hole with the push of a button. Finally, SWAMI has a rechargeable lithium- ion battery that lasts up to four rounds of golf on one charge. SWAMI 1500GPS… Everything you need at a great price. 800-284-1220 •
The Putting Game
      Dad will love knocking strokes off his game with this new & extremely powerful at home putting system. “The Putting Game” from NE1 Golf Products presents multiple putting games and skill challenges that are not only fun to play, they force him to CONCENTRATE and FOCUS on his stroke. The device uses infrared technology to grade the quality of typically 5 putts per game based on directional accuracy and/or speed. It’s the CONCENTRATION, FOCUS and the REPETITION that are the key. Additionally, because all games produce a score, he can measure his progress and set new performance levels as time goes on. 815.331.1580 or

Laser Link Gold NFE rangefinder
    Measure distance the simple, fast, and ACCURATE way with the Laser Link Gold NFE rangefinder from Laser Link Golf.  New features include improved electronics and a more powerful laser to make it even easier than ever to use. Also new is an easy-to-use mode button that allows quick and simple changes between settings.  The coolest new addition is the vibrate feature in Silent Mode.  Instead of the standard audible tone, the rangefinder will vibrate, just like a cell phone, to let you know that your yardage has been calculated.  Why should you choose Laser Link Gold NFE? 


Visit to find out.

Trav-a-Lite Ultima II hybrid travel bag
      Huge “coffin cases”, bulky travel covers, overweight surcharges, rental car upgrade costs, these are some of the pitfalls of golf travel. Put an end to that and save a ton of money with Ultima II hybrid travel bag by Trav-A-Lite. Ultima II has ample room for 14 clubs. It has a removable hard shell lid and will hold 47-1/2” 460cc drivers. Airline approved, it comes with a roomy accessory pouch to hold balls, tees, snacks etc. Mention Golfing Magazine and your cost is $149.95 for a golf bag and a travel bag all in one. Plus you get free shipping. Now that is a good deal! • (866) 325-5133
The Axis 1 Eagle Putter
      The Axis 1 Eagle Putter is the golf industry’s first perfectly balanced putter.  The Axis 1 Eagle is a revolutionary patented innovation destined to change the landscape of contemporary putter designs. The Eagle’s design shifts the heel weight forward of the striking face and places the center of gravity of the putter exactly in line with the axis of the shaft and right on the sweet spot of the club.  The result is the only putter to be both shaft and face balanced.  This unique combination promotes a true pendulum swing that eliminates the torque inherent in the major brand putters, which all have a tendency to rotate open throughout the putting stroke. or 617 242-6884

Markit • Impact Spray
      Make The Most of  Your Practice Sessions
      “As Seen On Nbc Sports”
      • Increase Distance
      • Get More Accuracy
      • Lower your Score
      •  There are approximately 225 applications per can.
      •  Markit will not alter the flight characteristics of the ball by covering the clubface grooves.
      •  Markit leaves no sticky residue on the clubface or in the grooves.
      775-843-8500 •

Brian Gay Chalkline Chip & Putt Bracket
      Statistics show that more than 60% of golfers miss putts within 4 feet. The Brian Gay Chalkline Chip & Putt Bracket will put an end to that. Using this product, PGA Tour Champion Brian Gay jumped 78 spots on the PGA Tour Money List and won the 2009 Verizon Heritage by a record setting 10 shots.  The Chalkline Chip & Putt Bracket trains your eyes to see the line every time and develops muscle memory while building your confidence for more aggressive putting. You automatically develop hand-eye coordination for 4-foot putts that will save you 2-3 strokes every round.
      Conway Golf. 866-910-4477  •

Hockey Stick Putters
      A real precision weighted golf putter. Each Hockey Stick Putter features a 35-inch compression molded graphite shaft and a cast aluminum alloy two-way blade (right or left). Also included with every putter is a matching logo embroidered head cover. All National Hockey League teams are offered as well as select NHL Vintage teams. Balanced to feel just like a standard putter, Hockey Stick Putters can be used on the course or displayed in your home or office. A must have for every golf and hockey enthusiast. Hockey Stick Putters can be purchased at for $115. Hockey Stick Putters Inc.

Sonic Golf
      Sonic Golf’s electronically enabled, intelligent golf club-insert uses patented audio biofeedback to revolutionize the way we learn, practice and play golf.  Based on his research on the physics of golf, Dr. Grober, Yale Professor of Applied Physics has invented the Sonic Golf System-1 that converts motion into sound. System-1 will help you make immediate and lasting improvements in your swing. Current enthusiasts include Vijay Singh winner of the 2008 FedEx Cup, and Hank Haney who used it on the Golf Channel program “The Haney Project: Charles Barkley” to help Barkley with the temp and timing of his swing. • 203-764-2046
      Since 1960 the SwingRite has been helping golfers of all levels and abilities attain the proper release of their golf club.  Any time your hand release is not exactly at the impact position, you are losing power, which translates into losing distance.   With the SwingRite, you can also work on attaining more clubhead speed and better tempo. The SwingRite does it all!  This is one of the original training aids for golf.  Get yours, and see why it is still one of the top selling products on the market today! The SwingRite makes a great gift for the golfer in your family! We off a 90-day 100% money back guarantee!
      Available at Edwin Watts Golf and PGA Tour Superstores • 978-887-2470 •

        Best New Product of 2008 PGA Merchandise Show!
      Practice Your Putting Like the Pros and Sink More Putts!
      The high accuracy bubble level attached to a stainless steel watchmakers
      base shows you the exact break of the green. It’s perfect for putts under 20 ft and will build your putting confidence. Butch Harmon says it’s  “One of the smartest putting aids I’ve ever seen” Practice with the EEZ-READ and you’ll be amazed how well you putt the next time you play competitively!  Now you can plot the greens you play the most! Only $14.99 each or Buy 3 get 1 FREE (one for each member of your 4 ball) Free Shipping


The EEZ-READ Putter Takes Reading The Greens to a Whole New Level!
        This revolutionary new putter is the first to have a PRACTICE and then legal
        PLAY setting. Engineered for tour players and caddies, but its perfect for all golfers to even the playing field. The putter has an EEZ-READ level attach to the head. The base of the putter is totally flat so you can take multiple readings by placing the head of the putter on the green. Learn the breaks of the greens you play the most (like the pros do). Remove the EEZ-READ and replace it with the sight line weight in seconds, now you are legal for play and you’ll beat everyone the next you’re on the course! Only $139.99 (FREE shipping)

United States Golf Teachers Federation
    The United States Golf Teachers Federation® trains and certifies golf teaching professionals. It is the largest organization of strictly golf teaching professionals in the world with over 17,000 members. Founded in 1989, the USGTF is one of 35 member nations that make up the World Golf Teachers Federation®. Each member nation adheres to a set of Federation bylaws set forth to enact a world standard of uniformity and professionalism in the training of teaching professionals. To become certified it is not necessary to have any prior experience in the golf teaching industry, except of course the ability to play golf at a level of acceptability., 1-888-346-3290.

EIDOLON® Custom Built Wedges
      EIDOLON is a small company with a big reputation for extraordinary wedges, and specializes in custom-built scoring clubs.  Their patented V-SOLE® makes any lie a piece of cake, milled grooves ensure maximum spin and premium shafts deliver feel you won’t get from off-the-rack wedges from the major brands.  Sold online through the company’s website –


Save $15 on any order for a single, matched pair or full set of EIDOLON V-SOLE wedges for Father’s Day.  Use Promotion Code GMFD.

Take Your Father’s Day Gift To The Maxx
      There are more than one reason Clubmaxx owners and magazine writers alike have called this incredible line of golf bags “Unbelievably Perfect”.  You must experience them to believe them.
      Save over $70 this Father’s Day on your choice of the award winning Clubmaxx Sydney II, Brisbane cart OR revolutionary new ZZeus stand/carry/cart convertible golf bag packages.  Each bag package comes complete with matching Clubmaxx TrueProtection driver and fairway wood head covers, two DualProtection hybrid covers and FREE shipping!
      Order now to assure Father’s Day delivery!
    Just call 877-334-6091 or on line at

SKLZ Gyro Swing
      The SKLZ Gyro Swing is the only training aid that gives a player the “feel” of a correct swing… on plane and with a full release (eliminating the dreaded slice that 85% of all golfers endure).
        A gyroscope in the clubhead spins at 20,000 RPM, and the force of this super-fast rotation makes the club literally “come alive” in your hands, keeping it square to an arc around your center, keeping your swing perfectly on plane. And if you start to go off plane—inside, outside, whatever—it actually fights that movement.
        You can feel the resistance and twisting in your hands if you come over the top or cast the club (swing flaws common to slicers). And, you’ll also feel it force your hands to turn over, exaggerating an early release if you haven’t shifted your weight in your downswing, or with a smooth, late release if you have.
        Whether you’re an average amateur who’s never known the feeling of a proper release, or a low handicapper who just needs to refine his game, there’s finally a swing aid that helps you bridge the gap between mechanics and feel. 877-225-7275

almostGOLF’s Backyard Practice Pack
      Give Dad his own golf course for Father’s Day.  The almostGOLFTM Play Anywhere Pack features the #1 off-course golf ball with safety unmatched by any other ball in golf.  Create games, drills or a mini-course in the yard, beach or anywhere Dad wants to play.  Improve his short game or have some fun with the kids.
      Pack includes:
      1) 2 - 36” inflatable target - designed to catch accurate shots
      2) 2 - Detachable flagstick - perfectly sized for off course play and storage
      3) Custom size carry bag - to conveniently store all of the components
      4) 10 almostGOLF balls
      Price: $59.95 • 310-641-3310