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Stuart Scott of ESPN talks about Golf
John Torsiello
By John Torsiello
Published on 04/23/2009

Stuart Scott
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He’s interviewed Tiger Woods, he’s starred in a SportsCenter commercial with him, but up to now, ESPN’s Stuart Scott hasn’t been able to match his prowess on the golf course. Okay, perhaps no one has been able to do that but that won’t stop Scott or anyone else from trying. The SportsCenter anchor, who had coined such catch phrases during highlights like “Cooler than the other side of the pillow” and “He’s like butter baby. He’s on a roll!,” has become an institution for sports fans across America. And much like his fans, the Connecticut resident can be found on the links working on his game. Scott has had the chance to play in numerous pro-ams including Tiger’s AT&T National at the Congressional Country Club outside of Washington D.C., but most of his golf takes place here in the New England area. He is a graduate of the Univ. of North Carolina, which also produced major champion Davis Love III. We had a chance to ask him about golf, his inspiration and what drives him.

Golfinf Magazine: When did you start playing golf and why?
Stuart Scott: I started playing about 11 years ago…probably because Tiger Woods intrigued me.

GM: When did you start getting serious about the game?
SS: I probably started to take the game seriously around 2000.

GM: Tell us about your golf game.
SS: I may have the prettiest swing for a bad golfer. It’s true. It’s just a very good swing that offers very inconsistent results.

GM: What are your strengths and weaknesses?
SS: I putt pretty well. I’m also a pretty good chipper around the greens. But off the tee, I’m wildly inconsistent.

GM: What was your best round ever?
SS: I shot an 82 on a course in Indiana.

GM: What is your best golf memory?
SS: My Dad and brother-in-law surprised me with a round of golf for my 40th birthday. My father has Parkinson’s disease but he made a brilliant birdie on a 140-yard par three. He his great tee shot, and then nailed a perfect 20-foot putt.

GM: Favorite golfer and why?
SS: Tiger Woods – because of his will, his mind and his determination

GM: Who is your favorite athlete?
SS: My favorite athletes are my two daughters. They are 14 and 9 years old. My 9-year old dances, plays soccer and is three belts away from a black belt in taekwondo. My 14-year-old daughter is a gorgeous dancer. She performed in London three years ago.

GM: What kind of golf equipment do you use?
SS: I play with Nike products. I figure if I look like Tiger, than perhaps I might eventually play like him.

GM: What do you do when you can’t play?
SS: I work out. I enjoy a Muay Thai and a Brazilian Jujitsu workout.

GM: Favorite musical artist?
SS: John Legend.

GM: Favorite actor?
SS: Denzel Washington.

GM: Favorite actress?
SS: Gabrielle Union.

GM: Favorite Movie?
SS: West Side Story

GM: Favorite late night snack?
SS: Cereal.

GM: What drives you?
SS: Being the best father that I can be.

GM: What do you care about?
SS: The well being of my two daughters.