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Golf in Colonial Williamsburg
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Published on 02/25/2009

Golf in Colonial Williamsburg
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Williamsburg is loaded with distinctive hotel properties, each of which offers a variety of accommodations.   Thereís the regency-style Williamsburg Inn, the comfortable Williamsburg Lodge, and authentic colonial houses to choose from.   The Lodge is right across the street from the new 20,000-square-foot Spa, a bastion of relaxation that offers treatments the colonial settlers never even dreamed of.  The Spa is great for those whose idea of a good time doesnít include hammering a piece of red-hot iron or loading a cannon.
Forty-five holes of golf await at the Golden Horseshoe Golf Club, all of them crafted by the father-son team of Robert Trent Jones Sr. and Rees Jones.  The Gold course is one of the best examples of traditional golf course architecture in the world, and it was thought to be Jones Sr.ís finest design when it opened in 1963.  The Green Course is a more contemporary design, with several exciting and memorable holes that have a distinctly Rees Jones feel to them.  Both courses have hosted big-time events, including the NCAA Division I Championship last year.  Donít forget the Spotswood Course, a short nine-hole tract that was the perfect venue for our final family event.  Golden Horseshoe GC also has a terrific pro shop that is led by Director of Golf Glen Byrnes, a great ambassador for all of Colonial Williamsburg who understands families and the difficulties of organizing such a large-scale trip.   Glenís sense of humor is reason enough to visit the shop.