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Published on 02/25/2009

Your Connection to One of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth
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Some travelers view vacation as a calm experience, a time to relax and unwind from the pressures of the daily world.  Others treat vacation in a far different manner, preferring to test the limits of life by simply going all-out from arrival to departure.  As the name implies, Costa Rica Golf Adventures most definitely favors the latter in its approach to vacation, as it provides a thrill-a-minute experience from the moment you land in San Jose to the second you unwillingly board the plane to return home.
  Costa Rica’s beauty is visible in more than just its plant life and air.  The country is situated between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, both of which provide breathtaking views that will have you marveling at the handiwork of Mother Nature.  Costa Rica’s native wildlife population is yet another reason to pack the camera.  The country boasts the highest wildlife density in the entire world, with over 5% of the world’s biodiversity housed within its relatively small confines.  Costa Rica has more species than the United State and Canada combined!
  There are some really excellent golf courses in Costa Rica.  One of these is a Mike Young design found at Hacienda Pinilla, a beachside resort that is ready to explode in popularity.  Accommodations at Hacienda Pinilla include the unique Casa de Golf, a luxurious eight-suite bed n’ breakfast that overlooks the course’s 18th green.
Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful, exciting places on the planet.  With things to do around every corner, golf will only be a small part of your enjoyment of this Central American treasure.  With Costa Rica Golf Adventures, you can schedule a very affordable trip to this action-packed tropical hotspot that will be relived forever.  Now that’s Pura Vida.