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Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 01/29/2009

Super Stroke Putter Grip
WARREN, Mich. - Tiger Shark Golf, a leading developer of high-performance golf clubs and grips, announces the acquisition of SuperStroke Grips, the jumbo sized grip that has become a phenomenon on the professional tours and at the retail level.

"This is an absolutely colossal addition to the Tiger Shark family of products," said Tiger Shark president Dean Dingman. "The acquisition allows us to become a major player in the industry as manufacturers of important putting innovations."

"We are turning a new corner at Tiger Shark, and putting technology is going to be our main niche," said Dingman. "We have added a new and expansive sales team and also have enlisted famous club designer Jim Flood, the original founder of Odyssey putters and Aldila shafts. It is a very exciting time for us right now."

Known as the grip used by the current #18 ranked player in the world to win three PGA TOUR events, SuperStroke uses a revolutionary, patented putting technology that helps keep your hands relaxed and your putter face straight. The South Korean who finished with 12 Top 25 finishes last year originally bought himself a SuperStroke after seeing an infomercial featuring the distinctive grip. He won the first time he ever put it into tournament play and has had it in play ever since. His success has spawned a new generation of followers on the professional tours. Matt Bettencourt used the grip this season on the Nationwide Tour to catapult himself to be the #1 finisher on the final Nationwide Tour money list to earn a full card to the 2009 PGA TOUR.

"I switched to the SuperStroke Grip 13 weeks ago," said Bettencourt after his victory at the 2008 Nationwide Tour Championship. "I went from around 150 to the top 50 in putting. It's made all the difference in the world for me. It's taken my hands out of it. I got really back and forth with the belly putter. But with this SuperStroke Grip, it's been fantastic. It really changed my game."

    This is not the first time Tiger Shark has concentrated their efforts on the grip business. Their Legendary Tiger Shark Jumbo putter grips were a top seller for the company and made Tiger Shark the industry leader in the design and production of oversize putter grips. Tiger Shark sold more than 1 million putter grips since they originally launched the jumbo grip.

"We will be offering SuperStroke as an upgrade on our current and future Tiger Shark putters, including our new Jim Flood designed putters and our popular Green Speed and Great White putters," said Dingman. "We will continue selling the SuperStroke grips individually as well so consumers can attach them to their own putters. We have an amazing technology to offer and we want to help as many golfers as possible."
    The reaction from golf retailers on the deal and Tiger Shark's new direction has been exactly what the company is looking for.

"The reaction from the retailers on the SuperStroke acquisition and on where we are headed as a company has been a lot of fun to witness," said Tiger Shark Vice President of Sales Ian Zubkoff. "Everyone is truly excited about our direction. In the last two months, we have been able to assemble a group of the best sales representatives in the business that will allow us to be a new driving force in the industry. The direction we are headed resembles that of past success stories in golf."

"We have picked a niche to succeed in as a brand leader in putters," Zubkoff continued. "In fact, we have started to use the tag line "Purveyors of Putting Innovation" to further spread our position as one of the most innovative putting companies in the game."

About SuperStroke

The large surface area of SuperStroke brings more of the grip into contact with the hands, inhibiting breakdown of the wrists. Scientific tests have shown that the SuperStroke requires up to 32% less grip tension and represents a significant improvement over conventional putter grips. The Super Stroke's size encourages use of a "soft hands" technique and ensures a smooth and fluid putting stroke.

The SuperStroke installs quickly and easily to any putter. It is USGA conforming, and legal for tournament play. The SuperStroke has one flat side, that can be used facing forward, backward, left, or right. SuperStroke works for any type of grip, from conventional, to cross-handed, to the claw.