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TaylorMade Set to Open New Performance Lab
By Terrence Jordan | Published  01/2/2009 | Company Profiles | Unrated
TaylorMade Set to Open New Performance Lab

Flush from success at four other locations in the United States and three abroad, TaylorMade is launching a TaylorMade Performance Lab at The Desert Springs JW Marriott Resort and Spa in Palm Desert, Cal. in late 2008.

TaylorMade Performance Labs are also located at Reynolds Plantation in Atlanta, Georgia, the Grand Cypress Academy of Golf at the Grand Cypress Resort in Orlando, Florida, Olympia Fields Country Club in Chicago, Illinois, and the Aviara Golf Academy at the Four Seasons Resort Aviara in north San Diego.

The labs, utilize the most sophisticated motion capture technology to provide golfers a custom fitting experience that “exceeds anything previously available to the public,” said the company.

The first motion capture system was originally developed at TaylorMade Golf headquarters in Carlsbad, Cal. to offer Tour professionals a more efficient and effective club-fitting experience. Because of the great success of the technology and Tour player satisfaction with the labs, publicly accessible labs, such as the new lab at The Desert Springs were launched to allow any golfer seeking a top-end club-fitting experience the access to acquire one.

The cost of the fitting session, which lasts for two and one-half hours and includes recommendations for the driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, putters and even the correct golf ball for the individual’s swing, runs generally around $400, depending upon the location of the fitting, the season and extensiveness of the session.

“Before purchasing new equipment it is critical that consumers are properly fitted into a set of golf clubs that best fits their swing,” said Herb Meistrich, president of TaylorMade Performance Labs. “Using motion capture technology, our fitting experts are able to dissect the golfer’s swing and provide invaluable feedback to the customer. Meanwhile, the computer will produce a detailed recommendation of TaylorMade golf clubs based on the golfer’s swing characteristics.”

The labs are manned by specially trained and certified PGA pros, and the sessions use the Motion Analysis Technology by TaylorMade, which works by gathering vital swing information and statistics by way of a launch monitor, six high-speed video cameras and a computer to capture the golfer’s swing in sharp, 3-D animation. Following the swing analysis and club recommendations, demo clubs are built onsite with the customer’s correct swing specifications. The player can then validate the system’s recommendations on the driving range. New custom TaylorMade clubs, built to recommended specifications, are shopped directly to the customer in as little as 48 hours. Each customer also takes home a DVD with three-dimensional motion images of his or her swing and MAT-T recommendations viewable on any computer.

“Comparing the TaylorMade Performance Lab to other swing analysis systems is like comparing the space shuttle to a hot air balloon,” quipped Kip Puterbaugh,” director of instruction at the Aviara Golf Academy. “The level of sophistication and the quality of the experience that MAT-T delivers is truly remarkable.”

The clubs that are custom-built are priced competitively, matching the lowest prices available at authorized TaylorMade retailers, including discount stores and the Internet. The company also accepts trade-ins, using an independent company for the pricing of a customer’s trade-ins and offsetting the trade-in price against the price of the new set of clubs. If a customer changes his or her swing, the custom clubs can usually be altered to accommodate the new swing tendencies.

The labs, which are also located in South Africa, Spain and Dubai, are placed in locales that offer first-class accommodations so as to enhance the customer’s overall experience.

“The labs can benefit men, women and junior golfers of all abilities,” added Meistrich. “We want the customer to understand the nuances of their golf swing and be properly fitted rather than purchasing stock equipment off the store rack. The first step to becoming a better golfer is to be swinging the clubs that fit your body and swing type. This technology was once reserved for TaylorMade Tour pros, but now the general public has the same access to its amazing experience and benefits.”

For further information, call 619-297-8700. or visit