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Instruction - How to Get More Distance by Claude Brousseau
By Claude Brousseau | Published  12/12/2008 | Instruction | Unrated
Get More Distance!

Just a few “must do’s”

Most golfers would like to be more consistent, and at the same time hit the ball further and straighter, correct? Guess what? It can happen to you in one package. Swing better and more efficiently and you have it. You will need to focus on a few “must dos”.

Let’s start with 3 misconceptions with the golf swing.

Misconception number 1: Keep your head down. Please, watch Annika Sorenstam swinging. She has over 70 victories including 10 majors and a round of 59. Would you take that record? I believe the principle is to look at the ball and follow it after the impact. Trying to keep your head down can restrict the follow through. It isn’t an athletic motion. Have you seen any tennis player keeping their head down? Baseball batter? Quarterback? Ok, I think you get the point.
“MUST DO” # 1 Keep looking at the ball before, during and after the impact.

Misconception number 2: Going under the ball and scooping it up. Many of the beginners and intermediate golfers I see at Kapalua Golf Academy have the following statement after they either top the ball or miss the ball completely. “I didn’t get under the ball”. Many golfers feel that in order to get the ball airborne, they have to “help” it by scooping and/or hitting under it. Guess what? You don’t want to get under the ball. Allowing the loft of the club to do the work for you is more efficient. You want to apply a descending blow with the club head square on the ball with your irons and hybrids and an ascending blow on the ball with your woods.
“MUST DO” # 2 Apply the club head square on the ball.

Misconception number 3: Keep your left arm straight. Many golfers are obsessed with keeping their left arm straight (for right handed player) during the back swing. The real deal is that the left arm must be straight at the impact. Weak and poor contact is often the result of an increasing distance between the elbows at impact. Either both arms collapse or the left arm gets shorter and the right arm gets long too early in the sequence. This could produce a fat shot (hit the ground before the ball) or a thin shot (contact the top of the ball). It depends of your timing. Either way you will be inconsistent.
“MUST DO” # 3 Left arm straight at impact. Handle of the club pass the ball before the club head.

This is the most difficult of the three. I want to help you with this simple but very efficient exercise. All the best strikers of the ball male or female have a straight left arm at impact. This position produces a more powerful swing and a greater transfer of energy on the ball. You may create the first divot of your life!

Use a 7 iron. Make sure you have a good grip in the fingers with your left hand. Place your right hand on the left wrist. (See pictures). Place a ball on a tee. Do very small and slow swings first. Focus on keeping the right arm short. You will be amaze of the quality of the contact. If you do this exercise, you will increase your distance. You will end up with a nice problem; changing your club selection because you will hit the ball further than ever.
Please try this exercise and let me know how it worked for you.

Go have fun and realize your golfing potential!

Claude Brousseau a Senior Teaching Professional at Kapalua Golf Academy on Maui, a state-of-the-art instructional facility unparalleled in Hawaii.
He can be reached at 808-665-5476
or or