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New Nickent 5DX
Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 12/12/2008

Nickent Unleashes Its Longest and Straightest Hybrid Ever

Nickent Golf, an industry leader in hybrid technology, introduces its latest breakthrough in hybrid shaping and performance with the new 5DX Ironwood.
Nickent has been a trendsetter in hybrids for over seven years, accumulating awards and professional tour wins, including at the 2007 U.S. Open and 2008 Ryder Cup. With its fifth generation design, the King of HybridsTM has produced an all stainless steel hybrid with a new geometrical shape that places discretionary weight to the extreme perimeters of the clubhead.
New “wings” on the back of the 5DX were designed by Nickent master designer John Hoeflich to optimize the center of gravity (CG) and increase the moment of inertia (MOI) for superior forgiveness. The increased MOI, which surpasses that of most fairway woods on the market, plus stronger lofts means a significant increase in distance.
“This is without a doubt the longest and straightest hybrid we have ever made,” said Hoeflich. “One of my main principles in club design is that the club must look good to the player’s eye in the address position. We made sure that it would be accepted by the top players in the world from an appearance standpoint.”
The 5DX Ironwood will sell for $199 with a mid-kick Level5 graphite shaft designed by Fujikura, the overall shaft leader on the PGA Tour for the last seven years. The Fujikura shaft was designed specifically to boost the performance characteristics of the 5DX Ironwood.

Here are some highlights of the new club:

USGA Conforming Geometry Limits
New geometry, featuring “wings” incorporates innovative body shaping for increased ball speed and accuracy as well as an increase in MOI.

Nickent Patented XW Inserts
Extreme perimeter weighting, including two tungsten-polymer XW inserts, and an adjustable weight plug on the sole, make this Nickent’s most forgiving hybrid ever achieving an MOI of 3130, one of the few hybrids on the market with the ability to surpass the 3000 MOI mark.

Face Technology
Advanced A-frame face for high COR for increased ball speed with improved sound. The high tech face that is thicker in the middle and thinner at the edges to provide a more constant ball speed.

Versatility of the 5DX
The 5DX Ironwood is an all purpose club that performs in all situations. The A-Frame and deep face, combined with the strong lofts make the 5DX a good choice off the tee. The new cambered sole glides through the turf with ease, and beveled leading edge make the 5DX the ideal choice for a long par-three or for a second shot to a par-five.

Design Customizations
The XW Inserts on the back of the clubhead are made of Tungsten Polymer and designed to look like the back of the Ferrari F430®. The XW inserts reduce vibration and are used for swing weight adjustment. The weight on the bottom of the clubhead can be adjusted by the manufacturer with different weight screws available (2g/4g/6g/8g/10g).

Level 5ive Shaft
New proprietary Fujikura shaft featuring a special Fujikura Graffiti design. Mid-kick shaft that optimizes launch angle. Available in R-Light, Regular, Stiff and Extra Stiff. The NNG grip is designed by Lamkin specifically for Nickent.

More Lofts, More Options
The 5DX hybrid is an iron replacement club comes in nine different lofts, one club every 1.5 degrees from 14 degrees to 26 degrees. This hybrid system allows the golfer to attain the optimum distance control and trajectory.

Tour Approved
“We’re proud to introduce 5DX to consumers after thoroughly testing the product with our invaluable professional tour staff made of some of the best players on the PGA TOUR, the Nationwide Tour and the LPGA,” said Nickent Director of Tour Operations Josh Trivett. “We’ve tested the 5DX with various swing types that represent every type of player out there. We have definitely seen that this is one of the longest and straightest hybrids for everyone who tested it.”
Said Brendan Steele, a Nationwide Tour staff player, “I thought Nickent had already created the perfect, easy to hit hybrid but somehow they have topped themselves. The ball comes off of the 5DX with ease and the increase in distance was noticeable on my first swing.”

Flight Characteristics
The playing characteristics of the #2 mirrored the testing results of the #3. It comes out with a slightly flatter trajectory, and with a hotter feel. Ball flight is noticeably flatter with less spin. As tested with the majority of the players testing #3, the #2 had a slight distance advantage (3-5 yards over 4DX and 5-7 yards over 3DX RC) over the company’s current hybrids.

The 5DX Ironwood will be available through golf retailers in mid-December.