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 »  Home  »  Equipment  »  New on the Tee  »  Holiday Gift Guide for Golfers
Holiday Gift Guide for Golfers
By Tom Landers | Published  12/9/2008 | New on the Tee | Unrated
Great Gifts for the Golfer
Untitled Document                                                      
almostGOLF’s Backyard Practice Pack
      This is the perfect gift for the golfer on your list. almostGOLF allows players of all skill levels to get real practice and have fun in their backyard, park or playing field without the inconvenience of having to go to the golf course or range. By combining tour quality flight with safety unmatched by any other ball on the market, you can bring golf right to you your home without the worry of hurting anything.  almostGOLF Point 3 balls carries 1/3 the distance that you would hit a traditional golf ball. Its patented solid core with internal pressure design creates the optimum weight for limited distance performance. Check out for all our Holiday specials. 310-641-3310
Plane Perfect Golf Training System
    The Plane Perfect Golf Machine is the most complete training system ever developed for golf! Using your own clubs it guides you on a perfect swing plane and path every single swing and will engrain muscle memory quicker than any form of practice available.  The Patent Pending Design is extremely versatile and will adjust to fit all swing types and teaching styles. All adjustments can be made in seconds and once you choose the setup that is perfect for you, practicing your perfect swing with or without hitting balls will make you a more consistent golfer in a very short time.   • 866-468-3316
Joe Pro’s Golf Ball Caddy
      Joe Pro’s Golf Ball Caddy was designed for Golfers of all ages and abilities.
    It eliminates the cumbersome need for carrying golf balls, tees and ball marker in your pockets, therefore making your golfing experience a more enjoyable one. No more holes in your pockets from golf tees or having to run back to your golf cart or bag for another golf ball, Joe Pro’s Golf Ball caddy carries them all. It’s light weight, horizontal shape allows it to be worn easily on the right or left waist. Joe Pro’s Golf Ball Caddy makes a great Gift for Golf Tournaments or any special event. Available in Black, White and Pink. Remember you can’t miss something you have never tried, but once you try Joe Pro’s Golf Ball Caddy you won’t want to Golf with out it. or (203)298-0887
• $9,99
Thumb Caddy
      The Thumb Caddy is a new golf training aid that focuses on the starting point for all golfers: the grip.  By stabilizing the thumb, the grip stays in its proper position throughout the swing resulting in increased muscle memory, and straighter more consistent shots.
      Simplicity is the key.  Just Snap It, Fit It and Grip It.  The Thumb Caddy fits on the shaft of any club and can be used by both right and left-handed players. This small, rubber coated device ensures the perfect grip and the correct club alignment every time by keeping your thumb in its proper place.  With a solid grip, everything else falls into place to develop a more effective and repeatable swing.
      The Thumb Caddy’s unique design also prevents gripping the handle too tightly, what’s commonly known as “the death grip”.  The Thumb Caddy can give anyone a hand and improve your game.
    The Thumb Caddy can be purchased in a three-pack with instructional DVD for $24.99 or as a single unit package complete with instructions for only $7.99. •  • 781.828.7747
United States Golf Teachers Federation
      The USGTF is the nation’s largest organization of strictly golf teaching professionals, with over 9,000 members in all 50 states.  USGTF members can be found in all facets of the golf teaching industry, such as directors of instruction, head professionals, high school and college coaches, and facility owners/operators.  With more baby boomers retiring and taking up golf, along with an increased emphasis in junior competitions, now is the perfect time to explore a career in teaching golf.  For more information on the USGTF, please visit, or call (888) 346-32900

Pivot For Power Swing Trainer
This new swing trainer “hears” impact of  club on ball and simultaneously “feels” the position of the golfer’s  back foot heel. If the golfer strikes the ball with his heel down, it  emits a short tone,  telling a golfer he was “late,” transferring weight to front foot.  For a golfer whose primary problem is failure to aggressively move forward before he strikes the ball, this really works!   In only a few minutes most decide to avoid that persistent late tone--and make a big effort to get forward faster!
        Golfers must post on their front leg (and unweight their back leg) in order to turn  their hips toward the target and keep the clubhead accelerating through  the ball, make crisp contact, and straight or even draw ball  flight.   The change this makes in a high handicapper’s golf swing is dramatic and permanent-- nobody wants to go back to fat shots and fade or slice! A typical amateur can make a significant improvement in his golf swing--hit more fairways and greens, and lower his handicap! • 858-759-6693



Odyssey White Hot XG Sabertooth
      Featuring the most radical headshape in golf, the Sabertooth utilizes high-density Dual Fangs to position more weight to the outer-most limits, helping keep the putter on-line during the stroke for wicked accuracy. Odyssey’s most popular insert, the White Hot XG provides for the softest feel. Browse online at or call 1-877-CALLAWAY to speak with an expert.
Take Your Holiday Gift To The Maxx
        There are more than one reason Clubmaxx owners and magazine writers alike have called this incredible line of golf bags “Unbelievably Perfect”.  You must experience them to believe them.
          Save over $70 this Holiday Season on your choice of the award winning Clubmaxx Sydney II, Brisbane cart OR revolutionary new ZZeus stand/carry/cart convertible golf bag packages.  Each bag package comes complete with matching Clubmaxx TrueProtection driver and fairway wood head covers, two DualProtection hybrid covers, FREE shipping and a surprise Stocking Stuffer!
    Order now to assure Holiday delivery!  Just call 877-334-6091 or on line at
SKLZ Gyro Swing
        The SKLZ Gyro Swing is the only training aid that gives a player the “feel” of a correct swing… on plane and with a full release (eliminating the dreaded slice that 85% of all golfers endure).
          A gyroscope in the clubhead spins at 20,000 RPM, and the force of this super-fast rotation makes the club literally “come alive” in your hands, keeping it square to an arc around your center, keeping your swing perfectly on plane. And if you start to go off plane—inside, outside, whatever—it actually fights that movement.
          You can feel the resistance and twisting in your hands if you come over the top or cast the club (swing flaws common to slicers). And, you’ll also feel it force your hands to turn over, exaggerating an early release if you haven’t shifted your weight in your downswing, or with a smooth, late release if you have.
          Whether you’re an average amateur who’s never known the feeling of a proper release, or a low handicapper who just needs to refine his game, there’s finally a swing aid that helps you bridge the gap between mechanics and feel.
          877-225-7275 •
Fairway Skins
        There is nothing quite like the feel of fine leather. Its suppleness and softness make it a perfect partner to the grip of any golf club. Fairway Skins gloves are made completely from Cabretta leather and are designed just a bit longer in the wrist for that extra comfort. While continuing to maintain our floral theme, we have introduced beautiful butterflies, representing an array of colors that would complement any golf apparel.
        Special:1 glove  $30.99
          3 gloves $89.99
          6 gloves $179.99
          1 glove and 1 pouch $56.99

    Please visit our website at 20% of all holiday sales will go to Breast Cancer Research
LEUPOLD® GX® Rangefinders
        Shave strokes off your game with the Leupold® GX® digital laser rangefinder. No other golf rangefinder has as much smart technology built-in. True Golf Range not only gives you an accurate “plays like” distance based on inclination, it takes your golf game into account. When you input your striking distance for three specific clubs, the GX factors your swing into the equation to give you shot specific club recommendations based on your striking ability. PinHunter™ technology makes ranging a shot easy, even at extreme distances. The Leupold GX, the only rangefinder that’s as serious about golf as you.
          (503) 646-9171  •

        ProPlay Glove & Grip Fitting System
            Looking for a unique Golf gift?

    The ProPlay Glove & Grip Fitting System will improve anygolfer’s game, from beginner to experienced.  Color-coded and individually sized Glove & Grip work together in this way:  The ProPlay Glove incorporates an indicator line and thumb marking that matches a line and thumb pad on the ProPlay Grip.  When matched up, this combination ensures proper hand placement on the club.  The dimension of the grip will get bigger with the size of the glove and the markings on the grip will change to accommodate the hand size.  Conforms to USGA Rules.
Swing Speed Radar®
      with Tempo Timer Endorsed by Jim McLean

      The Swing Speed Radar® with Tempo Timer is now endorsed by Jim McLean, recognized as one of the top three golf instructors in America.  Jim McLean says. “The Swing Speed Radar® with Tempo Timer is the most affordable, portable instrument available for measuring clubhead speed and actual tempo time.  We use it at all of our Golf Schools to provide golfers immediate feedback on their swing improvements.”  The Jim McLean Golf Schools, comprised of ten outstanding facilities staffed with highly qualified professional instructors, are consistently rated number one in golf instruction world-wide.
        The Swing Speed Radar® with Tempo Timer is a small, inexpensive microwave Doppler radar velocity sensor that measures the swing speed and tempo rhythm for golfers of all ages and skill levels.  It assists players in developing/optimizing their swing with immediate feedback of ACTUAL TEMPO TIME from club takeaway to ball impact, as well as the SWING SPEED of the clubhead as it approaches the ball.  Inexpensively priced at $149.95, the Swing Speed Radar® with Tempo Timer performs the function of two instruments. Featuring simple one-button operation, it provides unmatched utility in a single, affordable device.  It is the practical choice of clubmakers and instructors who want the flexibility and convenience of use in the field as well as at their home-based hitting stations.  It is rapidly gaining widespread use by golfers who are striving to optimize their swing mechanics for their best distance, control, consistency and accuracy.  See it on TV!!  Visit our web site at • 888-542-9246

Practice  Like the Pros...Sink More Putts!
        The EEZ-READ Reads The Break On The  Green
          Most  amateur golfers only practice on the putting green outside the  club house.  EEZ-READ lets you practice putting on the greens you play  the most, just like the pros.
          Smart Golfers everywhere are using the New  EEZ-READ. Place the  EEZ-READ precision level on the green, and it shows you exactly how your putt  will break. Butch Harmon calls it “one of the  smartest putting aids I’ve ever seen. It’s simple to use and perfect on those  putts where its tough to read the break, particularly those under twenty feet.  I’m recommend the EEZ-READ to PGA tour players and high handicappers to build  their putting confidence.”  Solid stainless steel watchmaker’s base.  Easily fits in your pocket. Named “Best New Product” 2008 PGA Merchandise  Show.
    Only $14.99 at leading golf retailers or  at Guaranteed  or your money back.
To include your product in Golfing Magazine contact Sean Fitzsimmons at or 732-449-0515
    Golfing Magazine • 1077 Silas Deane Hwy #117 Wethersfield, Ct 06109 • • 860-563-1633