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Changing Your Game By Jay Morelli
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Published on 10/13/2008

Instruction - Fall - 2008

Changing Your Game By Jay Morelli

The winter is coming. While most of us will miss our golf, winter is an excellent time to make significant swing changes.
Changing behavior is difficult, no matter what that behavior happens to be. Changing behavior is what we are trying to do when we attempt to change our swing. If you play several times a week or even several times a month you’ll most likely fall into the same old patterns you’ve established overtime.
You can use the winter layoff period as a time to establish new patterns. The long break of several months gives you the opportunity to forget the old patterns and establish new ones.
Enlist the help of a trained golf professional to assess what aspect of your swing you should improve. As an example let’s assume that you tend to stay on your back foot when you hit the ball, and therefore have trouble following through. To improve your swing the professional might suggest swinging a weighted club in the garage for 15 minutes a day, with a goal of finishing with your weight on the front foot. Fifteen minutes a day for four months should create a new behavior. Finishing properly will start to feel comfortable. A new pattern will be established.
Another note about changing behavior as it relates your golf swing-change everything. Change your pre-shot routine. If you have been standing over the ball for 6 seconds before you hit, change that amount of time. Make it 2 seconds or 10 seconds, but not 6 seconds. Old habits die hard and if your pre shot routine is the same as it has always been, then your old pattern will most likely return. If you want to carry it a step further take a different route to the course and have something different for lunch!
You can see the best golf instructor on the planet, and he/she may give you the best possible advice to change your game. Those few sage words will give you the correct path but changing behavior takes more than understanding. So use the winter layoff to make you a better player as soon as the course opens in the spring.

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