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Club Champ Golf
By Terrence Jordan | Published  10/3/2008 | Company Profiles | Unrated
The Market Leader in Innovative Golf Accessories
The weather may still be warm, but truth be told, the holiday season isn’t far away. It won’t be long until we see candy canes by the cash registers and the first mall Santas setting up shop outside the food court. It seems that the holidays come sooner and sooner every year, but this time you’ll be prepared. That’s because Club Champ Golf Accessories has everything you need to shop for the golfer in your life.
Club Champ owner Jim Dennesen calls Club Champ, “the undisputed market leader in unique and innovative golf accessories and practice products.” Browse Club Champ’s catalogue and you will quickly see that he is right. Club Champ offers an assortment of products that range from swing trainers to novelty items. The bulk of the company’s items are geared towards improving your game, and most are so simple they will have you saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?” The Tru Break Putt ‘n Hazard is an indoor putting surface that allows users to change the direction and degree of break, ensuring that practice never gets old. The opTee teeing system is a new product that will allow you to get into a rhythm at the driving range like never before. Club Champ has driving mats, chipping nets, and practice games for inside or out. One of these practice games is Putter Pool, a fun game that combines golf and billiards into something that is accessible and enjoyable for all ages and skill levels.
No matter where you golf, how you shoot, or whom you play with, Club Champ has something for you. The Shag Bag, with its ability to pick up and hold up to 70 golf balls, leaves more time for practice and less time for cleaning up. The Golf Ball & Golf Tee Printer is an ingenious item that makes it simple to mark and customize your balls and tees. The Personal U.V. Detector is a godsend for those hot days out in the open sun, as it provides a compact, lightweight way to keep track of just how much U.V. exposure your skin is getting. It even gives you a recommendation on what SPF sunscreen you should be wearing, and how long you can safely be in the sun at the current temperature and U.V. level.
Perhaps the best item from Club Champ is the Sonocaddie GPS rangefinder. “When we decided to enter the Golf GPS category, we needed to differentiate ourselves in a crowded market,” Dennesen said. “We aligned ourselves with Sonocaddie Golf GPS because there was the same culture of innovation at Sonocaddie that we have built our own reputation on.” There are two Sonocaddie models: the V300 and the XV2. The XV2 is a very affordable option that is loaded with functionality. With the XV2, golfers can see a hole overview that accurately maps all hazards and gives true readings to the green. Golfers can even map their own course layout and keep score on their GPS. The XV2’s big brother is the V300, one of the most technologically advanced GPS units in the industry. With its 3D graphics, full-color display, and highly accurate yardage readings, the V300 separates itself from most rangefinders. It is the V300’s additional features, though, that put it over the top. With just a touch of a button, the V300 is able to give precise readings to the front, center, and back of the green, and the “walking golfer” keeps that yardage accurate in real time as you move about the course. Best of all, Sonocaddie has over 15,000 courses in its database for you to download, and there is no download fee!
The selection of helpful golf products at Club Champ doesn’t end with the Sonocaddie. The company also offers instructional tools, golf umbrellas, and the always-good-for-a-laugh Drink Caddie. This beverage dispenser fits in your golf bag, where it will keep over 50 oz. of your beverage of choice cool for the entirety of the round. Even better, it appears to be a club at first glance! Your friends will be pleasantly surprised when you reach for the big stick and come back with a round on the house.
To see the rest of Club Champ’s diverse line of products, visit You’ll have little problem finding something for the golfer on your list, but more likely, you’ll come away with a few things for yourself!