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Go Pinhunting with uPro GPS
By Tom Landers | Published  08/25/2008 | Company Profiles | Unrated
Go Pinhunting with uPro GPS
You’re standing over a 160-yard shot after bombing your drive down the middle of the 18th fairway.  Or maybe it’s a 172-yard shot—you can’t be sure.  See, there are no yardage stakes on the course, no sprinkler heads pointing you in the right direction.  It’s tragic really, because you could really use a pinseeking swing right about now, especially with four skins and bragging rights with your friends on the line.  So you approach the ball with both your 5- and 6-iron in hand, unsure of exactly what you need.  You decide to go with the 5, and your swing looks like something you see on SportsCenter—easily your best one of the day.  The ball takes flight and seems to be homing in on the flagstick—in an act of cocky bravado, you even twirl the club in your hand.  A few seconds later, though, the ball touches down on the back of the green, takes a bounce, and ends up in a pot bunker, 15 yards longer than intended.  Guess you should have used the 6!

The preceding calamity is, unfortunately, not as rare as you may think.  It happens every day to golfers of all ability levels, robbing them of birdie opportunities.  A new device called uPro, though, takes the uncertainty out of golf, informing golfers not only of distance to the pin, but distance to the front and back of the green, front and back of any hazards, and much more.  Never again will you hit the wrong club or be the victim of outdated course yardage measurements.  Short of hiring a caddy with extensive local knowledge, there is really no better way to manage the course than with uPro.

There is an array of modes in uPro that have never been seen before.  With AnyPoint technology, uPro is able to measure the distance to any point on the course.  Pro Mode features a video fly-over before you play each hole, made possible by advanced satellite and aerial photography.  Smartview technology gives users an optimized look at the hole based on your current position.  Golfers can also pan out or zoom in to any desired location on the hole, making it incredibly easy to plan each shot from tee to green.  Finally, there is Basic Mode, which provides simpler functionality than Pro Mode, but it too is clear, easy to read, and extremely helpful.

In addition to its superior functionality, uPro is one sleek-looking device.  Its thin black casing and high-resolution color 2.2-inch screen call to mind another hot gadget, the Apple iPhone.  With dimensions of 3.9” X 1.9” X .6”, the uPro can be carried not only in your golf bag, but in your pocket or clipped to your belt, as well.

uPro runs circles around all other GPS units on the market.  Unlike most GPS units that charge subscription fees regardless of usage, uPro has a user-friendly “pay by the course” plan.  No other GPS unit features a full-color, photo-quality screen, and uPro is the only GPS device with such a wealth of options.  uPro sports a battery that lasts 10-12 hours and takes only two hours to charge, and extra accessories such as cases or extra batteries are also available for purchase.  It can even hold information on 50 courses, more than twice that of other GPS devices.  With a comparable price point to its lower-powered competitors, uPro is poised to take over the market and bring personal GPS units to the golfing mainstream.

Go back to the first paragraph in this article and think of how the events described would have transpired differently with the help of uPro.  Instead of missing out on a chance for golfing glory among friends, our hero would have stiffed his shot to within a couple feet of the pin, resulting in a short birdie chance, a few extra dollars in his pocket, and the admiration and envy of his friends.  How could you say no to that?

Visit for more information on uPro and its game-changing abilities.