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Sunice Apparel
Mike Stinton
By Mike Stinton
Published on 08/8/2008


Where Technology Meets Fashion

When a golfer hears terms like hurricane and typhoon, it normally spells bad news. But now, those terms will be welcome in any clubhouse. That’s because Ashworth is using those and other bad weather related terminology to describe it’s newest brand—the Sunice apparel line that is not only making golfers look great, but protecting them from the elements that may otherwise, mean an early end to a round of golf.
“We are introducing a line that will free the body and thrill the soul! The 2008 collection showcases golfwear that embodies the perfect fusion of science and style,” says Mark Fletcher, president of the Sunice brand.
“The 2008 collection places Sunice at the forefront of cutting-edge fashion in the golfwear market. As today’s technological advances in textiles continue to revolutionize the development of performance fabrics, Sunice seizes the opportunity to combine and apply these technologies in a system that covers and protects you from the inside out. We take the approach that although outerwear needs to serve a function; it also needs to look good, “ says Fletcher. ”We feel is represents the most technically advanced golfwear available on the market today.”
The science behind Sunice can be best described by its inside-out layering approach. Sunice Performance Layers are designed around the idea of creating the ultimate golf apparel layering system that allows golfers to play their very best in all possible weather conditions.
The Sunice Skin is a base layer that uses an innovative variable compression fabric technology developed specifically for golf that helps accelerate blood circulation. The result is enhanced and sustained muscle performance as well as accelerated recovery when worn after a round or practice session.
Sunice’s mid-layer is it’s collection of Silver polos for both men and women. Silver is recognized as one of the most conductive agents in the world and brings incredible performance features to the fabric it is bonded to. It offers thermo-regulating properties -- in hot weather, it will conduct heat away from the skin; in cold weather, it will reflect the body’s heat back to the skin.
The Sunice Shell, or outer layer, represents the essence of the brand. It is designed so golfers can embrace the challenges of the game in all weather conditions.
The outwear is available in five categories, each offering a unique level of performance and weather protection features that allow golfers to choose the optimal shell designed specifically to meet their particular needs: Hurricane, Tornado, Typhoon, Storm and Weather.
Sunice has always been synonymous with science. Now, as part of the Ashworth family of apparel, Sunice is being recognized for its embodiment of style through the integration of the most vibrant, luminous colors on the market.
Now, your round in bad weather cannot only continue, you can look good doing it.

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