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 »  Home  »  Equipment  »  The Latest in Golf Shafts
The Latest in Golf Shafts
By Terrence Jordan | Published  06/9/2008 | Equipment | Unrated
Untitled Document

If you are in the market for a new driver, why not experiment with one of these new shaft offerings as well?





Fujikura Rombax Z
            This is a high-end shaft from Fujikura that promises increased distance and a tighter shot dispersion.  Rombax technology aids in driver accuracy by using Fujikura’s
              revolutionary box weave pattern on its patented Triax mat erial.  This prevents shaft ovaling, leaving golfers with more consistent shots.  Better players will flock to the
              Rombax Z’s stiff tip and high bend profile, as it creates a lower, more penetrating trajectory.  The lower spin off the shaft prevents
              ballooning in windy conditions while also increasing roll.  Four different shaft weights ensure that every golfer can find the perfect shaft for their game.





            This is UST’s newest shaft in its award-winning ProForce line.  With current drivers and hybrids all sporting large, high MOI heads, it only makes sense to use a shaft that was built with these clubs in mind.  The shaft is more stable than anything that has come before it, thanks to a higher balance point that offsets heavier head weights.  The stable platform that the shaft creates prevents shaft lag and droop, one of the leading causes of driver inaccuracy and inconsistency.  The consistency of the shaft will make finding the fairway a much more common occurrence, without
              sacrificing any power.  In fact, UST is so confident in its product that it
              encourages golfers to grip it and rip it.



Graphite Design YSQ
            This shaft continues the company’s quest for “pure distance and perfect accuracy.”  With the help of Graphite Design’s proprietary 4 axis weave, the shaft resists the deformation found in many other shafts.  This added stability results in more
              consistency from shot to shot, with a more pleasing feel at impact.  The mid ball flight provided by the shaft maximizes distance and roll, especially for those with a swing speed between 65 and 95 miles per hour.  The shaft is available in 55 gram and 65 gram models.




Grafalloy ProLaunch Platinum
    This shaft is designed to produce a high initial launch angle for towering drives that flatten quickly, offering a penetrating trajectory with optimal spin, which will result in longer drives that slice less and find the fairway more often.  The feel is unmatched due to Grafalloy’s proprietary Micro-Mesh tip technology that reduces torque at impact without sacrificing any feel at all.  Smart-Ply technology, which positions unidirectional carbon fibers within the shaft at more than twice as many axes as other shafts, noticeably improves shaft integrity, tightening shot dispersal for more consistency.




Stulz Arrow Tri-Edge
            Stulz has designed a shaft with today’s 460cc driver heads in mind.  This unique shaft resists twisting on off-center hits thanks to a triangular section in the middle of the shaft that reduces torque.  The versatile shaft drastically reduces the effect of hooks and slices, but it also provides a low, explosive ball flight and incredible distance.  Densely packed carbon nanotubes eliminate the inconsistencies that plague other shafts while also transmitting feedback to the golfer that is never harsh.  It’s this technology, combined with the one-of-a-kind triangular shaft, that separate this shaft from the pack.




Mitsubishi Rayon JAVLNFX
            This is a high-tech shaft that gets results. The stable tip section of the shaft does nothing to detract from the shaft’s excellent responsiveness, just as the tremendous distance provided by the shaft doesn’t take away from its precise control.  The use of a specialized carbon fiber called TRH50 gives the shaft extra elasticity. The Tour-quality performance of the JAVLNFX is further cemented by the mid-high kickpoint, which is responsible for the low trajectory and huge roll that golfers will enjoy tee shot after tee shot.




Aldila DVS
    This shaft is all about distance.  A new, responsive tip gives extra kick at impact, resulting in higher ball speeds and longer drives.  The shaft is stabilized with very low torque and a unique flex profile, allowing golfers to maximize not only distance, but accuracy and consistency, as well.  Micro Laminate Technology provides a solid feel throughout the swing, while the mid launch angle of the shaft gives it the ideal marriage of carry and roll.  Three different weights are available, as well as one designed specifically for hybrids.