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Bonfit Sports Buy One Send One Free Program
Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 03/12/2008

Bonfit Sports To Support U.S. “Golfing” Soldiers With “Buy One-SEND One FREE” Program
With Golf Popular Among Troops In Iraq, Bonfit Will SEND One Limited Flight QOLFball To A U.S. Military Base For Every Pack Sold; Goal Is To Send 500 Dozen QOLFballs by June, Plus Full Complement Of Popular QOLF Game Sets For Troops To Play And Practice In The Desert

With golf continuing to be among the most popular leisure activities for off-duty soldiers stationed in Iraq, Bonfit Sport, maker of the popular golf game, QOLF (pronounced KWALF), a game that is a cross between golf and croquet, today launched a unique “Buy One-SEND One FREE” program that will provide the popular limited flight QOLFballs, and QOLF game sets, to soldiers who love to play golf in the desert. 

As part of the “Buy One-SEND One FREE” Program, Bonfit Sport will send one QOLFball to a U.S. Military Base in Iraq with every pack sold.  The Company’s goal is to send 500 dozen QOLFballs, along with a sampling of QOLF frames and clubs to the base so that soldiers can both practice their short game chipping skills, as well as enjoy a fun, competitive game to play during their downtime.  The Company plans to send the QOLF care package to a designated base by June.

The high performance, durable QOLFball is a limited flight ball that provides an authentic feel off the club face, offering true ball flight and trajectory, while enabling golfers to fade, draw or spin the ball.  The lightweight ball, which is made of Surlyn, is ideal for desert conditions as they are extremely durable and won’t crack or deteriorate.  Moreover, QOLFballs come in a variety of colors, which can easily being found while chipping in the desert. 
Created in South Africa, where its popularity is paramount, QOLF has evolved into a widely accepted leisure activity for golfers and non golfers alike, offering a fast paced, fun and easy-to-learn alternative to the actual links.  The objective of the QOLF game, much like croquet, is for each participant -- utilizing a golf pitching wedge -- to hit a QOLFball through a specially designed plastic frame arch within a minimum amount of strokes.  The frame easily pushes into the ground -- or desert sand -- and players can layout a QOLF course over any open area, ranging from 1-9 holes and distances from 6-40 yards. 
“Soldiers love to play and practice golf during their off time, but equipment and facilities are not easily accessible,” said Paul Krok, President, Bonfit Sport.  “We created the ‘Buy one-SEND One FREE’ Program to support the troops by providing the perfect desert golf game.  QOLF frames can be set up anywhere, and the limited flight balls are very durable, easy to find and can withstand desert conditions, offering both short game practice and a fun alternative golf game.”

The Bonfit Sport “Buy One-SEND One FREE” Program is available online at, where consumers can purchase QOLFballs in packs of 4, 8 and 12 quantity, with prices ranging from  $4.99 -$11.99.  For every pack sold, Bonfit will donate a separate QOLFball to the U.S. Troops, along with a sampling of QOLF frames and pitching wedges.