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 »  Home  »  Equipment  »  EXOTICS BY TOUR EDGE
By Terrence Jordan | Published  11/23/2007 | Equipment | Unrated
Golf’s Best Kept Secret is Coming Out in 2008
Golfers have searched long and hard for the very best driver.  This search has taken them to strange places, what with the advent of square drivers, draw-inducing drivers, and adjustable-weight drivers.  Finally, though, there are two drivers that deliver amazing performance without any of the odd gimmicks that golfers have become accustomed to.  These drivers are the Exotics  XCG and XLD drivers, and they will put an end to your search.

While its larger, pricier competitors have received more publicity, Tour Edge Golf has been quietly establishing itself in the clubmaking industry as one of the best manufacturers in the world.  Savvy golfers know Tour Edge as a company that makes high-quality clubs that far outperform their price tags, but now that it is being led by the new XCG and XLD drivers, Tour Edge is ready to shake up the entire golf world.

Golfers looking for a boost to their tee games will find it in 2008.  The Exotics  XCG features a revolutionary magnesium crown that allows more weight to be placed deeper in the sole of the club, while the extremely light and easy to swing Exotics  XLD will raise you to swing speeds you didn’t know were possible.  Both drivers will add distance and confidence to your game in 2008 and beyond.

The World’s First Magnesium Crown
With a bold look and a revolutionary combination of three game-enhancing materials, the first of Tour Edge’s new drivers is sure to get people talking. 

The most groundbreaking aspect of the Exotics  XCG is certainly the first-of-its-kind ultra-light magnesium crown.  This magnesium, which is twice as light as titanium, makes it possible to shift weight to the base of the club and provide an incredible center of gravity.  Golfers will be amazed at the resulting Tour-like trajectory that their drives will take as they turn what once were fear-inducing par-5s into newly attackable birdie opportunities.

Golfers that would like some forgiveness to go with their newfound distance will find it in the XCG.  The club’s hyper steel sole creates a super-high moment of inertia, reducing clubhead twisting on even the most off-center hits.  This high MOI can make the difference between the first cut of rough and the fairway, or even between being OB and in play.

The same titanium cupped face technology that has pushed Exotics’s fairway wood to the top of golfers’ wishlists is found in the XCG driver.  Featuring variable face thickness technology (VFT), the XCG delivers greater ball speed and rebound.  Long hitters will become even longer, while those with slower swing speeds will benefit greatly from the boost that the titanium face provides.

Such a meticulously architected club deserves a shaft to match, and the XCG delivers with an X-Quad ultra-light shaft from Graphite Design.  The X-Quad’ four-way interweave technology creates a responsive tip, improved stability, and precise control.
The combination of magnesium, steel, and titanium has vaulted Exotics ’s XCG driver to the forefront of the golf industry.  Try one out today and find out why you won’t need to worry about impressing your friends on the tee—you’ll impress yourself!

Uncompromising Power
Tour Edge’s second new driver for 2008 is built for the longball hitter in all of us.  The XLD’s sleek shape and lightweight design gives it a distinct look and distinct results that will have you swinging for the fences.

The XLD’s lightweight titanium crown is reduced in thickness, allowing more weight to be shifted deeper into the club.  The resulting high MOI and CG create a penetrating ball flight that cuts through the sky like a missile.

A laser-welded beta titanium face is the final launching point for your golf ball.  The computer milled face features varying face thickness technology, with a 2.8mm thickness on the outer edges and a 3.3mm thickness on the sweet spot to increase ball speed greatly.

The XLD weighs in at only 295 grams, making it one of the lightest drivers ever created.  This is key in a club that promotes a smooth, free swing.  A Graphite Design X-Quad shaft maintains the club’s emphasis on lightweight, responsive materials, allowing golfers to generate extra clubhead speed from the very first swing.

The bullet-like shape of the XLD is no accident.  This geometric design greatly increases ball speed, and admit it, it’s pretty darn cool-looking, too.  The XLD will make you look good in more ways than one.

The Exotics  XLD is the perfect club for those golfers that are seeking to add yards to their game.  It doesn’t hurt to have a sleek shape and stylish design, but the real benefit of the XLD is telling your partner time after time, “You’re away.”  Look for the Exotics  XLD in a golf shop near you in 2008.