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 »  Home  »  Equipment  »  Gear and Accessories  »  C-Thru Grips By Linda Jamison
C-Thru Grips By Linda Jamison
By Tom Landers | Published  11/23/2007 | Gear and Accessories | Unrated
C-Thru Grips – High Performance With Eye-Catching Good Looks
There are several premium brands of golf grips in the marketplace these days, most of which are high quality products that can complement your game. But only one of those brands allows you to personalize your set of clubs without sacrificing quality - C-Thru Grips.

With C-Thru Grips you can select from ten grip styles AND you can flaunt your sense of style by choosing a team, a country or a personalized logo for any club in your bag.

C-Thru Grips has been producing clear, tour-quality, USGA conforming golf grips since 2001, and specializes in both putter and full-swing grips offering a wide array of slogans, country flags, and collegiate logos. C-Thru is also the official distributor of pro team golf grips through McArthur Towel and Sports, Inc.
There have been 46 wins on the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tours since 2002 by players using C-Thru Grips, including Jay Haas, Joey Sindelar and John Cook. The grips also are widely used on the European Tour, and members of both women’s Solheim Cup teams used C-Thru Grips.

“I have been using C-Thru Grips on all my clubs from the start and have always liked them,” said LPGA Tour player Danielle Ammaccapane. “They are different and feel really good in my hands. Plus they don’t wear out as quickly or get worn marks as others grips do. Most amateur golfers have difficulty finding someone to change their grips for them, but C-Thru Grips can be installed at home with hairspray or soapy water. And since they really do last longer, you won’t need to change them as often.”

Along with the playability of the grips, Ammaccapane likes the personalization C-thru offers.

“Since golf is an individual sport, I feel that I can have my own style with C-Thru Grips,” she said. “Right now I am sporting the Arizona Cardinals, Arizona State Sun Devils, Arizona Diamondbacks, New York Yankees and New York Giants. But as I am getting ready to update my clubs, I may add some others to my bag.”

 “It’s great to see so many C-Thru Grips in play on the various tours,” said Mickey Novak, Founder of C-Thru Grips. “The widespread Tour use of the C-Thru Grips emphasizes the performance quality of the products. We have made additions to our product line this year to appeal to a greater variety of tour players, and we will continue to expand the line in 2008 as well.”
Corresponding to the latest ad campaign and website addition, C-Thru has established the ‘C-Thru Crew’ which encourages C-Thru Grip users to submit a photo of themselves and their golf buddies with their C-Thru gripped clubs for inclusion on the website and possibly in future ads.

Also on the website is the Linked2 page, which defines the growing list of C-Thru Grips-supported organizations. Through a new program with the Executive Women’s Golf Association (EWGA), C-Thru Grips is a member benefit provider and sponsor and will be exhibiting at the EWGA Annual Conference, 2008 Championship Finals and the 2008 EWGA at the Women’s U.S. Open. Additionally, through the Group Partnership Program with the Scholastic Golf Coaches Network, C-Thru Grips will be available to high school and collegiate golf teams and booster clubs nationwide.

In September, C-Thru launched a complete line of ladies labels with creative and colorful designs to appeal to the fashion-forward lady golfer who wants to incorporate her personality into her golf game. C-Thru has also partnered with Be The Ball to produce and distribute the 15 Be The Ball characters for C-Thru Grips putter and full-swing grips. Kim Rippere, President of C-Thru Grips, has been asked to join the Board (as a Special Advisor) of the newly formed 501 C-3 Be The Ball Foundation. The organization’s mission is to promote youth fitness through participation in all ball sports and raise awareness about the importance of proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle for young people. The foundation is chaired by Bob Delaney, well known NBA official.

“We feel this is a great fit for us with our new focus on women and everyone having fun and expressing their individuality through golf,” said Kim Rippere, President of C-Thru Grips.  “For example, if you have confidence in your game, then you may choose ‘You Da Man,’ ‘Birdie,’ or ‘Long Ball.’ Or you can acknowledge your shortcomings on the course with ‘Beach,’ ‘Wet,’ Triple Bogey’, ‘Mulligan,’ Out of Bounds,’ or the dreaded ‘Three Putt.’  Everyone will find a character that fits their golf personality!”  Kim, a relatively new golfer, uses ‘Triple Bogey.’
C-Thru Grips can also supply custom grips for individuals, business use, tournaments, and for corporate outings.

For information or to place an order, visit the website at  You will find a discount code in the C-Thru Grips ad in this issue of Golfing Magazine.