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The CHAMP Stinger 2008
Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 11/23/2007

Improve Your Traction, Improve Your Game
How do you improve on greatness?  CHAMP® has gone and done just that with their 2008 versions of their Scorpion Stinger™ and Lady Scorpion Stinger™.  With 28 wins and the Grand Slam on the PGA Tour and 19 wins, including the first ever Women’s British Open played at Carnoustie, on the LPGA Tour in 2007 the CHAMP brand is the winningest spike brand on tour.

With input from professionals and amateurs alike the improvements to the 2008 CHAMP Stinger and Lady Stinger are performance, comfort and aesthetically based.  At first glance it may not look like the spike has changed, but the highly visible Stinger, in traditional black and yellow, has undergone some subtle changes that improve on everything that has always been great about the spike.  The spike still has the patented visible wear indicator and dual hardness construction that helps provide the golfer with traction, stability and comfort.  What CHAMP has done to the 2008 version is increase the thickness and softness of the yellow traction legs.  This will improve the three critical facets of a spike: traction, stability and comfort.  The black portion of the spike has also been slightly modified.  The base size remains the same with slightly elongated traction elements.  The lengthening of these elements will also help improve traction and durability of the spike as well as reduce the clogging that other spikes are prone to.

The Lady Stinger changes are much more noticeable.  First, the colors have changed.  The 2008 version is pink and white.  The color change was made as a result of the popularity of the pink and white spikes that were used in CHAMP’s inaugural “Pink on the Links” Mother’s Day promotion.  The response from the players and consumers who used and saw the colors was overwhelming.  The spike has also changed it shape, size and material as well.

Now, for the first time ever, there is an actual women’s spike on the market.  The Lady Stinger is 15% smaller than the traditional Stinger spike.  This size was decreased in order to allow it room to fit on the smaller shoe soles of female golfers.  Standard sized spikes often rub together and are difficult to install on smaller shoes.  The Lady Stinger has also been made to be softer.  The Lady Stinger is softer than the traditional Stinger to allow the lighter weight golfers the cushioning benefit that is provided by the Stinger spike.

Traction is critical to a golfer.  It allows them the confidence to swing hard off the tee, or stand securely when the ball is in a difficult location.  There is no reason why a spike shouldn’t also provide comfort, stability and good looks along with the ever important traction.  Look to CHAMP to give you the confidence your game needs.