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Tour Pros Fall in Love with SMT Golf's Hot New Drivers
John Torsiello
By John Torsiello
Published on 02/19/2005
Professional Tour players are eagerly jumping onto the SMT Golf bandwagon as the new season winds up.

SMT Golf's Hot New Drivers
Professional Tour players are eagerly jumping onto the SMT Golf bandwagon as the season winds down.

"I've been getting two or three calls a day from pros wanting a driver," said Mike Tait, owner and president of SMT. "It's really been exciting around here and having the best players in the world want to play our clubs is a validation of the technology."

Rex Caldwell on the Champions Tour, Brian Rowell and Keoke Cotner on the Nationwide Tour were just a few of the pros who had put the Spectrum or Nemesis drivers in their golf bags. Tait said several PGA Tour pros were also employing his drivers in competition.
Victor Schwamkrug used a Spectrum driver to blister a tee shot a whopping 429 yards on the 12th hole at this year's Shell Houston Open. The massive bomb broke the former Shell Houston Open long distance record, held by none other than John Daly, by over 40 yards.

SMT sales are skyrocketing. The company has gone from one to six employees operating out of a 6,000-square-foot building in Oswego, Ill.
"We spend money on good materials because when the best stuff goes into the making of a club, the best stuff comes out," said Tait.

The company's hot 455 Deep Bore driver has been the top choice among long drive competitors from around the world for several years. But Tait didn't want to get pigeonholed as the maker of specialty clubs used only by the most powerful golfers in the world. He designs clubheads to benefit golfers across a wide spectrum and for players at all levels.

The Spectrum is one of the newest designs from SMT.
"This is the first driver to rotate a full three-sided wrap around sole plate design," said Tait. "This affords us the luxury of both deepening the center of gravity while at the same time raising it. This gives the club the best of both worlds, amazingly solid feel at impact and a trajectory that is not too high to promote roll. I haven't been as excited about any head as I am about the Spectrum in the last 26 years."

Tait, a PGA member for 27 years, learned the art of clubmaking from the pro shop floor up.
"I'll never forget this gentleman, Mr. Austin, who came into the pro shop where I was working as a youngster with a broken club that he had just bought," said Tait. "This was in the persimmon days. The pro at the course where I was working repaired the club and I was fascinated with the process."

One fateful day he attended a Long Drive Championship and saw an old friend competing.
"I used to play with this guy and he was hitting the ball 100 miles and breaking shafts and heads all over the place. I knew why the clubs were breaking. I went out to dinner with the guys and had them write down on napkins what they wanted to see from clubhead design. I literally came up with six designs and my first clubs were born."

He continued, "I demand the best of the best, from welding to materials and testing. In the bigger scheme it might not mean that much to pay such close attention to details. But it gives me peace of mind that I go the extra step. When somebody is putting down hard-earned money to buy one of my drivers, I had better come through for him."

SMT drivers are all forged and made of high-grade titanium and equipped with AccuFLEX shafts. Almost 100 percent of the drivers the company sells are custom made.

The prices of SMT drivers are extremely reasonable, especially considering the performance values they deliver. The company's Shinnecock model sells for $85, while the top end Babylon sells fore $159. SMT is setting up a distributorship chain through golf courses and pro shops. Customers can purchase drivers on the company's website or by calling 1-888-693-4001.

"We can custom fit a driver for any player at any level," said Tait. "Whether they are an average everyday golfer with a 15 handicap or a player like Victor who led the Nationwide Tour with an average driving distance of 339 yards, we have a driver that will help their game.

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