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Explanar Explained
By Tom Landers | Published  10/17/2007 | Equipment | Unrated
An Interview with Luther Blacklock

So what’s its secret? We spoke with inventor and renowned British PGA Pro Luther Blacklock and Explanar Managing Director Tony Clark.

Golfing Magazine: So Luther, what inspired Explanar?

Luther Blacklock: “Failure. I’ve been a successful teaching professional for over 30 years and despite being considered a good communicator and kindly recognised as a top coach in Europe I, like other teachers, became increasingly frustrated with the difficulty in communicating feel. So I set about developing what is effectively ‘training wheels’ for golf. Sure, there have been other circular devices but none of these in my view possessed the intellectual understanding of how the swing works, nor did they deal with plane shift, alignment, or motor skill change plus the golfer just uses a normal golf club. Explanar addresses and explains all of these, giving a golfer the understanding that’s required to transform swing thoughts into swing feelings.

GM: Explain Explanar.

LB: Explanar is a kinaesthetic experience. You don’t hit a ball whilst in the Explanar and for very good reason. The circle is multi-adjustable and is set to your biomechanical swing plane. Everyone has one. This is very important and forms the basis of our world patent and is explained on the instructional DVD. Using the weighted Power Roller™, not a conventional golf club, the golfer then builds the swing using the big muscles, shoulders and arms, graduating to a full swing by combining movement of the large muscles and small muscles simultaneously in a seamless motion. It’s motion that’s key here. People get bogged down with position, but you know there has to be a movement before any position. In the golf swing there may be an infinite number of positions but the key is to condense them into one simple motion. Explanar does exactly that and almost instantaneously. That’s why we are enjoying such acclaim from top pros and amateurs alike.

At the top of the Explanar is the Plane Fin™. This is an extension of the planar surface and is a reference point at the top of the backswing and follow-through. Not only will the Plane Fin confirm that you’re in plane, it will also identify if a golfer is over or under plane. Something that, when marginal, is very difficult to spot either with the naked eye or video.

The Radial Stance Mat™ is an industry first. The circular markings aid alignment and also explain how to set up for draw and fade shots and it plays a major part in teaching golfers how to learn a draw or fade motion. Personally I’m delighted with this, not least because it’s dispelling the myth about merely dropping a foot back.

GM: With length being every golfer’s obsession why does Explanar deliver in this area?

LB: Through promoting greater rotation the Power Roller strengthens the core muscles and the forearms. After just a few weeks using Explanar you will see and feel a physical change. Add to this the findings of Dr. Chris Bertram, Professor of Kinesiology and Director of the Human Performance Laboratory, University College of the Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada. Dr. Bertram has proven that Explanar slows tempo, increases club head speed and delivers a squarer club face at impact. His study also showed that students using Explanar improved in every department versus those that employed conventional learning methods. When fitness is combined with sound principles the improvement in performance is exponential and that’s exactly what we are finding with people who use Explanar.

GM: So what next for Explanar?

Tony Clark: We’ll be increasing our distribution across the world as Teaching Pros, Tour Players and amateurs discover the amazing effects of Explanar. The message is getting out there. The world’s No1 coach and PGA Pros and Amateurs in over 50 countries can’t be wrong. Explanar’s the real deal. Our focus at this time is to reach out to the authorities in the game; the people who control golf development world wide. Here we have a System that delivers dramatic results in a tenth of the time. To quote a satisfied customer “I realised that golf isn’t as difficult a game as I thought it was”. Explanar is a teaching and training system that brings people to the game and keeps them there. Isn’t that what every golf company wants to see? I’m sure that that’s what the controlling bodies want to achieve?

We have a Teaching model, a Home version and a Junior Explanar. Our tests with the junior system has delivered results that teachers dream of. We’ve had proud parents beaming at the sight of their kids finding new confidence thru a level of rapid achievement they may have thought was beyond them. And isn’t golf the best sport in the world for kids?

GM: So where is Explanar available?

TC: Golfers can try Explanar at our many Centers across the US or order now at , contact us at or call us direct toll free on 866 XPLANAR (975 2627) or 407 645 4653.