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F2 Wedges
By Terrence Jordan | Published  10/17/2007 | Equipment | Unrated
Forward Thinking for Your Wedge Game

In the past two decades
, the game of golf has grown like never before.  Golfers have become focused more than ever on fitness and nutrition, and technology has impacted the game like never before.  Movable weight square titanium drivers are now commonplace, leaving their persimmon counterparts in the obsolete bin.  Putters have specially crafted face inserts to improve feel and distance control—somewhere Calamity Jane is rolling over in her grave.

One of the few areas of the game that has experienced a dearth of innovation in recent years is the one portion of the game in which creativity is encouraged and even celebrated.  I’m speaking, of course, of the short game.

For years, the short game has received little to no attention from golf companies.  Sure, they churn out a new wedge model each year, but in reality, it’s the same as last year’s with minor aesthetic changes.  The only real changes to the wedge game in the past 20 years has been the creation of wedges that “rust,” supposedly creating more spin around the greens.  Thanks, but I’d rather not contract tetanus while at the local country club.
Lest all you golfers begin to despair at the seemingly hopeless state of wedge technology, I offer you a company that has finally encouraged some “outside the box” thinking.  That company is F2 Golf.

F2 Golf (the F2 stands for Face Forward technology) has taken radical steps to overhaul the wedge industry.  The company’s F2 Plus Series Wedge has earned numerous accolades and compliments from publications and golfers of all levels.  So what’s so different about the F2 Plus Series Wedge?  Unlike other clubs, the F2 features a clubhead that is in front of the hosel.  This allows for cleaner contact from any lie.  Imagine a shot from the deep rough.  Most clubs get caught up in the thick grass, causing the clubface to close.  The results aren’t pretty.  This happens because the entire club is exposed to the rough before the ball is struck.  The heel and hosel of the club get yanked, especially in wet conditions.  The F2 doesn’t face this problem.  The leading edge of the club reaches the ball first, before the rough has a chance to deter the club from its intended path.  It’s easy to see why the F2 would be more effective than normal wedges for this reason alone, but there’s even more to like about this fantastic club.

Of all the shots that amateurs face, the bunker shot is the one with the most mixed results.  No other shot inspires as much frustration from high handicappers.  The F2 assuages the stress that golfers face from their beach-like nemesis by providing an easy escape.  Simply open up the face of the club and take a nice full swing just behind the ball.  You’ll be amazed at the high, soft shots that drop onto the green.

F2 Golf has made quite a splash in the golf world with its wedges, but it has now expanded to include irons, too.  If you follow the thinking of F2 Golf designer and co-founder Jeff Peterman, “irons have been misdesigned for the last 70 or 80 years.”  By using the forward-thinking principles exhibited in its wedges, the F2 Plus Series Irons represent a new way to approach your approach shots.  These clubs feature an enormous sweet spot, a confidence-inspiring look, and a cavity weighting system that, when put together, render each iron virtually shank-proof.  The F2 Plus Series Irons were introduced earlier this year at the PGA Show, and the tremendous reception by the golfing community has led F2 to develop a senior flex model and a left-handed version that will be available in 2008.  F2 Golf COO Derrick Dobbin points to the F2’s differences to traditional clubs as its main selling point.  “Our game improvement technology—moving the leading edge of the club up—makes our clubs much easier to hit than our competitor’s,” he claimed.  “Our irons average 10-15 yards more than others in the same category,” he went on to say.

For those that remain skeptical of the F2’s performance, don’t be.  Every F2 club conforms to USGA standards, and the results couldn’t be plainer.  The F2 Plus Series Wedge is wonderful out of the sand, and it will take strokes off of every portion of your short game.  The F2 Plus Series Irons will have a similar effect on your approach game.  With F2’s Face Forward Technology, your game will soon be moving forward, too!  Visit for more information on F2’s great line of clubs.