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Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 06/18/2007
Look Who’s in the Driver’s Seat!

Nickent Golf Releases Three of the Best New Drivers of ‘07

What’s the deal with driver design these days? We all know geometry is the buzzword today, because of the increase it makes on a club’s Moment of Inertia or MOI. But whatever happened to the classic shape that PGA Tour players demand?

Nickent Golf may be the first to have an answer for this dilemma. Under the careful eye of Master Designer John Hoeflich, Nickent Senior Vice President, Nickent has made a driver that perfectly combines art and science, while offering state-of-the-art directional control capabilities. It also features a 0.4 mm super thin Titanium crown, making it one of the thinnest crowns of any driver on the market. Nickent says this is the secret recipe for the performance, sound and feel of the 4DX Driver.

The 0.4 mm super thin Titanium crown allowed Nickent to save enough weight to manufacture a 460 CC directional control driver that combines a classic tour shape and cutting-edge weight technology.

Nickent improved upon their screw-less weight system by utilizing Tungsten-Polymer XW Inserts, an innovation that allows for 16 grams of weight to be adjusted in 2-gram increments by the manufacturer for directional control and swing weight purposes, without relying on bulky screws that often determine the shape and feel of a driver.

The raw head of this 460 CC driver weighs 180 grams. This is one of the lightest of any raw 460 CC driver heads on the market. This helps increase the swing speed of the driver significantly and allows for maximum distance. Nickent reduced the thickness of the crown by 50%, saving 20 grams and making for a better sound and feel.

Two versions of the 4DX Driver are available, the Draw Spec and the Tour Spec. The loft, lie and weight have all been configured to fit the two basic types of swings that represent the vast majority of golfers. The Draw Spec will be an anti-slice setup that gives the player seeking a higher ball flight a natural draw. The Tour Spec is engineered for players who prefer a flatter trajectory and a more workable ball flight. Unlike most drivers, which use the same head with different weight distribution to produce a draw or a fade, the Draw Spec and Tour Spec heads are completely different tooling with different face angles and face curvatures to give the player the address profile that they prefer.

It’s Hip to be Square!

Nickent is not the first company to come out with a square driver design. But they may just be the best. The 3DX Square Driver was leaked to the market a couple weeks back and the response has been overwhelming, according to company officials.

 “We picked a few select retailers to do a test market on the 3DX Square and  it turns out we have never had a hotter product,” said Ian Zubkoff,  Executive Vice President of Sales. “They say it looks better, sounds better  and performs better than the other square or high MOI design drivers on the market. It is selling at $199 with a UST V2 shaft, so the formula is there to make our loyal consumers and retailers very happy.”

A high MOI (moment of inertia) forged titanium head in a new avant-garde square geometry are featured in the latest driver from Nickent Golf. The 3DX Square driver is designed to go straighter with its Total Accuracy Control technology. This new geometric shape moves the CG further back in the clubhead and offers a very high MOI that helps keep the clubhead from twisting at impact. This 3DX Square profile repositions weight to the corners of the clubhead, raising the MOI across both the horizontal and vertical axes. This produces greater stability and forgiveness for ball striking across the entire face, which is much wider than your average driver.

 Nickent engineers took their time to make sure its CG (center of gravity) was positioned to provide improved forgiveness, greater distance and a perfect launch angle while presenting a pleasing profile at address.

 Different from the other square offerings, the 3DX Square was configured to have a more penetrating ball flight. Some PGA Tour players have complained that the others were flying too high.
 “We wanted a club that had limited twisting at impact,” said Nickent Senior Vice President John Hoeflich. “This keeps the ball straight, even when you make a bad swing. The other thing we wanted to accomplish was an optimum trajectory. Others have not taken into account that this design makes the ball go very high and produces a lot of spin, even for high handicap players. We wanted straight rocket launchers and that’s what we are seeing from the 3DX Square.”

To ensure the best ball flight possible, Nickent also improved the bulge and roll of the driver. This produces a ball flight that is straight, while still being workable. The proprietary Total Accuracy Control technology of the 3DX Square is maximum perimeter weighting and more discretionary weight for precise positioning of the CG and MOI. This was done without losing distance over previous Nickent drivers, according to Iron Byron tests  conducted by Nickent engineers.

“Sometimes you just get lucky,” said CEO Michael Lee. “We wanted to try the square design out after John Hoeflich did a design idea on a napkin. We rushed the project, but we weren’t sure how the others were doing in the marketplace. We did a test with our retailers and we found there really is a serious demand for these straight hitting drivers! The performance is top shelf, our sound is superior, and the value is simply unbeatable. We definitely have nailed the square driver design!”

 The 3DX Square Driver is currently in select stores, and will be available  to every Nickent retailer in the next few weeks. Call your nearest account and  reserve a 3DX Square Driver today!