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 »  Home  »  Equipment  »  When Par For the Course Is Not Enough
When Par For the Course Is Not Enough
By Tom Landers | Published  06/18/2007 | Equipment | Unrated
• Sports Source Inc • Bullet Golf • Cougar Golf • PureSpin Golf • Diamond Golf • MD Golf •
It’s not hard to walk out of a golf shop with a full bag of clubs realizing your wallet is lighter by hundreds of dollars. The game of golf is becoming more and more expensive as new clubs arrive with more bells and whistles than ever.  Greens fees are also on the rise.   These facts are clearly not making it easier for newcomers to take up the sport.
The “Tiger Woods Factor” may have brought more people to the game, but the rising cost of golf may keep people from sticking with it.  A golf company that has been on the map for 20 years is now becoming a major player, as costs for equipment rise out of control. 

You’ve seen their products; many of you may have even struck a ball with their logo on it.  And now, you are going to see their equipment more and more, perhaps even in the bag of a player in your foursome.

Bullet, Cougar, Diamond Golf and PureSpin Golf are exploding across the golf landscape for two reasons. First and foremost: Affordability. You can outfit yourself from driver through putter and even the ball you place on the tee for the cost of a single newfangled square head driver that may or may not help your game.

But just as important is the playability of their line of clubs. Bullet, Cougar, Diamond Golf and PureSpin products do not lack in technology and may be just as good as the clubs in your partner’s bag, at a fraction of the cost.

“Almost every day, we are hearing from golfers around the country that are playing with Bullet and Cougar products. They are telling us things like, ‘I loved my Bullet driver,’ or ‘The Bullet golf ball was the best I ever played.’” said Ed Holda, the director of sales at Sports Source Inc., the company responsible for helping retailers across the United States with these innovative product lines.

“We are putting together a product that covers every golfer. Between our Bullet, Cougar and PureSpin lines, we cover all the bases,” said Holda of his company, based in Torrance, California, with offices in Illinois, Japan and the UK.

There is no shortage of expensive golf products and many players don’t have an issue dropping $500 on a high-tech driver. But there are thousands of other players that want a good quality club, with exacting specifications, without putting a gigantic hole in their wallet.

“We are designing more and more products at the midrange price point and below, “ said Dean Stewart, director of purchasing.  “While we believe in focusing on quality and playability, it does not have to come at an astronomical price.”

Bullet Golf

Bullet Golf is Sports Source’s “high-end” line. The good news is that besides offering great products, they are surprisingly affordable, given the technology that goes into them. Their best selling driver is the X-4 460cc 6-4 Titanium driver, which incorporates the same technology as the expensive drivers you see in the bags of the players on the PGA Tour.  Despite the low cost, this driver does not lack in good looks and feel. The X-4 driver expands upon the shape of most drivers and extends the mass of the driver to its lowest and deepest point, thus increasing the launch angle of the ball off the clubface and reducing spin.

The result? Straighter and longer drives. The driver is available in two shaft options: One is the Aldila NV shaft which happens to be the same one found in the more expensive models.

“You get all of that in a driver for about $199,” said Holda. “That’s a lot of club for the money. We’ve heard from numerous customers who said it’s a very easy club to hit and they get better results from the Bullet driver that they get from the premium priced models they’ve tried.”

But Bullet Golf is so much more than one great driver. The company offers an extensive line that includes three fairway woods #3, #5 and #7 and four hybrids made of stainless hyper-steel construction, including two fixed weights. Their line of stainless steel irons feature a cavity back and thin face, similar to those of more expensive brands.

The X-4 iron set is a complete set that includes 2 hybrids and 5-PW irons that can be fully customized (length, loft, lie and grip) at the retailer for $199.99 with steel shafts and $299.99 with graphite shafts.   Value and customization like this is rare. “Other companies may offer a custom fit option, but not on-the-spot like this and not at this price,” says Holda. 

Bullet also features four putters from blade to mallet models, a three-ball design similar in profile to the popular model played at the professional level and in a nod to the company’s technological advancements, there is even a unique putter featuring a moveable weight to customize the putter to your individual putting stroke. The “GCS” (Gravity Control System) Putter, with its sliding 80-gram brass weight bar, adjusts to an individual swing and is moveable to accommodate different green speeds from course to course, or even on the same course in different weather.

In an industry-leading move, Bullet clubs now come with a Lifetime Warranty.   No other golf company offers these exceptional values and stands behind them like this.

“We believe in our products, we’re confident in their ability to perform, and welcome the opportunity to stand out in a field full of qualified competitors,” said John Franklin, founder of Sports Source in 1988 and current president.  “We have a unique ‘can-do’ spirit present at the company.  Anything is possible and we’re proving that every day.”

The Bullet line also includes utility clubs, golf bags for carrying or a golf cart, plus two high performance golf balls featuring the Tour Caliber three-piece ball designed for the low handicap and professional player and the X-4 two-piece low-compression, soft cover golf ball for recreational and advanced players.

Cougar Golf

The Cougar line of equipment focuses on the beginner and intermediate golfer looking for value and quality. It offers a great selection of individual products and ready-to-play sets for men, women and juniors at very affordable prices.

The Jumbo Cat driver packs a punch that comes from a gigantic hot forged 500cc head.  With its graphite shaft, the men’s and women’s versions are beautifully designed.

The Cougar line also features a variety of fairway woods, hybrids, irons and a line of wedges. The X-Cat wedges offer three vents in the club’s cavity for optimum weight distribution giving the player more “feel”, a key component to any short game.

Everything from bags, gloves, even golf shoes are part of the line offered by Cougar. There is even a distinct line of Cougar products made exclusively for Target stores.

PureSpin Golf

Once known only for its unique wedges, with actual diamond faces, PureSpin’s line has expanded and now includes putters, drivers and hybrid clubs, (most of them with the patented diamond face technology).   Where a single wedge once retailed for $129.99 on infomercials, the price points have been lowered, making the products more accessible to the average golfer. A new line of men’s athletic-style golf shoes has launched in 2007, created for the golfer looking for a sport shoe design with extra comfort.

Diamond Golf

Diamond Golf also provides a diverse line of products available here in the United States and internationally.  The uniquely designed men’s D17 deluxe set includes a gigantic 530cc driver and ladies’ set includes a cart bag with a retractable handle and wheels.  Once you give these a try, you’ll be hooked, no pun intended.

MD Golf
Sports Source recently became the exclusive distributor of the MD Golf brand, founded in Ireland.   Effective August 1, Sports Source will begin to sell MD Golf throughout the U.S., Canada, Japan and South Africa.  In just 7 years, MD Golf has established a devoted following and is receiving rave reviews throughout Europe for its quality and playability.  It is achieving the highest marks in independent test studies comparing its products favorably to the top brands in the golf business.  In many cases, it beats out these better-known premium brands.  MD Golf has proven that it can compete with all the top brands in performance.   The fact that it comes at a fraction of the price is a huge bonus.   This fall, with the help of its worldwide sales force, Sports Source will be launching MD Golf and is confident that these new markets will embrace the brand with the same enthusiasm as seen in Europe.  MD golf: Coming to a golf shop near you.

Barbie junior sets by Cougar

Sports Source recently entered into an agreement with Mattel, the giant toy com pany, to become the licensee for Barbie golf products.   It will soon launch a line of co-branded equipment and accessories aimed at introducing the game of golf to young girls.  “The goal is to make the sport of golf fun and appealing to girls between the ages of 3 and 8, without breaking the banks of parents,” said Franklin.  “We’ll be hitting price points in the market that just don’t exist today.”

Sports Source Inc. acquired the Cougar and Bullet brands in 2001 and has set about making them available everywhere, as a result of their vast distribution network and aggressive pricing strategies.  The PureSpin and Barbie additions to the company’s offerings are new this year.  You’ll witness the company’s growing presence with industry trade shows, including the important annual PGA Merchandise Show, and an ever-expanding base of retailers carrying the products.  

Current dealers are numerous and include Big 5, Edwin Watts, Golfsmith, K-Mart, Target and other stores, as well as at online retailers such as Amazon, Golfio and
Additionally, golf shops around the country looking to carry the products can get free shipping on their first order over $1,000.00. 
“I’m proud of what we’ve been able to achieve and thankful for the wonderful retail partners we have,” said Franklin, “None of this would be possible without the passionate dedicated team at Sports Source.  It’s our people that make the company hum.”  

The full range of products can be seen on their corporate website, which also includes downloadable catalogs and a terrific online golf game.