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Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 03/16/2007
Test, Play & Evaluate Future Golf Technology Today

And Receive Free Rounds Of Golf While You Do It
We have spent the last 8 years starting from scratch, steadily growing and building a rock solid foundation as a Premiere Line Golf Club Manufacturer. During that time we have quietly built and delivered over three million high quality golf clubs to over 300,000 loyal customers. This has been done mainly by word of mouth advertising alone.

In that time, golfers of all types, scratch to high handicappers have consistently switched from playing clubs made by the big name manufacturers to now exclusively play Warrior clubs. We have proved beyond any shadow of a doubt that our quality components, basic fitting, customer care and overall business model is second to none.

The only thing left to do is to step up the production and increase our exposure and order taking capacity. That is exactly what we are doing during 2008 – 2009; we plan on doing as much business as we have done in our entire first 8 years combined-over 125 million dollars in golf club sales.

But we have not forgotten what has gotten us here, test, test and re test. So during the next several months we are going to allow over 10,000 of our existing customers and over 10,000 brand new customers to preview some of the equipment we will release in 2008 – 2009 built especially for them risk free*. You will also receive free rounds of golf*, free golf balls*, and other free golf items*. All we ask for is solid feedback on the way our new technology performs so we can make our final adjustments.

We are going to choose players from all categories over 18 years of age. Men, women, right handed, left handed, young, old, lower and higher handicap.

If you would enjoy playing some of the newest technology in golf clubs built professionally and especially for you, with the understanding we are expecting you to play the clubs and give us your feedback, then contact us ASAP. You simply need to fill out a 3-minute questionnaire on your game and you have a good shot at receiving some state of the art custom golf equipment risk free*.

Obviously, we can’t send everyone state of the art, custom fitted golf clubs but just for taking the time and going on line or calling in to fill out our player’s profile form we will send you your choice of a Warrior 60 degree lob wedge or a 20 degree Hybrid (up to a $200 value) absolutely FREE*!

Register on line at
or call 1-800-600-5113
and get all the details!