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Maruman Golf
By Terrence Jordan | Published  12/1/2006 | Equipment | Unrated
Maruman Golf Comes To America

American Golfers may not know about Maruman Golf.  They may not know that this Japanese company makes the most high-end, (dare I say) luxurious golf clubs you’d ever hope to have in your bag.  Maruman is hoping that 2007 is the year that its beautiful clubs take their place in American golf bags.

In recent times, Maruman has focused on the Asian market, a big reason why it is relatively unknown to American consumers.  Beginning in 2007, that will change.  Maruman is planning to use the 2007 PGA Show to launch itself into the American golf consciousness.  Golfers everywhere will soon be wondering, “What makes Maruman so special?”

One look at the company’s premier driver, the Majesty Prestigio, is all that’s needed to see why Maruman is on an entirely different level from the competition.  Made with a Fullerene composite shaft and Maruman’s Nano Toughest Titanium Face, the Majesty Prestigio offers that sweet feel that comes with hitting a perfect drive every time.  It’s also one of the most beautiful clubs you’ll find.  Everything about the club practically screams royalty, from the exquisite shaft detail to the golden-hued clubhead.  The Majesty Prestigio represents the best in golf club manufacturing.
Most of Maruman’s existing designs, while very beautiful, come at a price.  As a high-end clubmaker, Maruman has price tags that will make you wish you hadn’t lost the last five Nassaus to your golfing buddies.  To give you an idea, an entire set of Maruman clubs goes for just about $5,000.

Part of Maruman’s reintroduction into the American market is a commitment to providing more affordable clubs for the average golfer.  Not all golfers are deep-pocketed connoisseurs, so Maruman has created the Shuttle, an affordable utility wood.  The Shuttle looks like a fairway wood, but it has the versatility of a hybrid.  The rounded sole makes it more playable than most fairway woods, and its superior distance will make golfers feel comfortable trying to reach a long par-5 in two. The Shuttle is Maruman’s first foray into the “affordable club” sector of the marketplace, and if early returns on the club’s playability are any indication, it won’t be its last.

Another component of Maruman’s new philosophy is the KS Wedge.  Made by Kenzo Sugiyama, Maruman’s master craftsman, the KS Wedge is an affordable wedge that outperforms many of the current leaders in the American marketplace.  Sugiyama has spent almost thirty years crafting high-performance clubs, and his expertise is evident in the design of the KS.  The KS is available in lofts of 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60 degrees, making it perfect for any shot inside 100 yards.

Maruman is attempting to gain a foothold in America through a buzz-creating marketing campaign that will lead up to the PGA Show in January.  Golfing Magazine is one of the first publications to spread the word about Maruman, as you’ll see in the company’s ad in this very issue.  By creating a well of anticipation with golf retailers and pro shops everywhere, Maruman hopes to reach consumers in 2007 and beyond.  So while you may not know about Maruman yet, that’s all about to change, and you’ll be glad it did.

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