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Golfing Magazine Staff
By Golfing Magazine Staff
Published on 12/1/2006
Play Golf 24/7

Now That’s The Ticket! by CB Maxwell

Golf Simulators have been around for a few years now, but have been out of reach for the vast majority of us until now.  ProTee United of the Netherlands and its U.S. distributor, The Golf Simulator Experts, Inc. of Morgan Hill, CA after much research and development have perfected a system that can be had at a price that matches many of today’s home entertainment systems.

Jeff Lundy, TGSE President explains; “the cost of software and the hardware required has really dropped in recent years, but we are the only company to take advantage of that fact.  Our system provides not only 18 holes of play on numerous courses, but also a driving range with swing analysis and real time ball flight.
 Additionally, our system can “double” as a very large home theatre or gaming console.  And our 3D graphics are state of the art.”

The system is easy to set up by most folks and can be done in an afternoon (or installation can be arranged).  In fact, customers can buy just some of the components and employ their own existing flat screens.

Up to 20 golf courses from all over the world can be added to the system.  For home use, the uses are many; teaching, practicing, just having fun, or having your buddies over for a round when the weather is less than ideal.  The system keeps track of each player’s strokes and fills in the scorecard.   From driver to putter, players may use every club…even have long drives or closest to the pin contests.

Who can benefit from this affordable technology?  How about coaches, teachers, in store demo systems for shops, practice facilities, event planners, custom club builders, families who love golf, students, professionals (or wannabes), folks with disabilities that inhibit outdoor play, architects who want to add value to homes, real estate developers, add to your “game” room, clubs or indoor golf facilities.  In one city, a small operation has 3 simulators and they are booked day and night.  Because of the low price at startup, they will see a return on investment in the first year.  Golf courses, which don’t have driving ranges have benefited from the simulators as well.

For those who wish to be creative, you can design your own golf courses (go wild!) by using commonly available graphic packages like Adobe® Photoshop Elements.  Now that would be fun!
A full system comes with a video projector, large screen, ball containment area, hitting platform with an array of available options for the sensors, computer and software of course, and all the necessary hook ups.  Full surround sound accents the performance (yes, even the sound of going in the drink), 3D high grade graphics, golf courses and excellent putting characteristics.  And it won’t cost you the equivalent of your annual salary!

As has always been the case with high technology, the further down the road we travel, the more affordable it becomes for “everyman.”  That is true today with The Golf Simulator Experts.  For more information visit on the web at or call: 888 NO-SLICE.