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Gift Guide for Golfers
By Tom Landers | Published  12/1/2006 | Gear and Accessories | Unrated
Gift Guide - Winter Issue

Ballzee® is the best stocking stuffer of the season! No need to carry a bulky wet towel to the green or “spit clean” dirty golf balls on your khakis.  Wet on the inside, dry on the outside… Ballzee® keeps your pocket bone dry the entire round!
- 2005 PGA Merchandise Show Best New Product Award
- PGA TOUR Partners Club Member Tested Seal of Approval
- Direct Golf U.K. Best New Golf Accessory
- Ballzee products sold at Academy Sports, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golfsmith, Golf Galaxy, Roger Dunn Golf Shops, Edwin Watts Golf and Pro Shops around the world.
Holiday Special Available online at or 800-457-0577

- TWO Ballzee 2-Packs
- ONE OF EACH All Occasion Gift Greeting Cards (Affixed Ballzee Included)
- Same Day Shipping
- All for just $19.95 (regular price $33.95)

Leadbetter Interactive with exclusive Swing Analysis software
Golf’s Best Selling and Most Advanced One-on-One Teaching Program.
Get over 5 hours of comprehensive instruction and over 70 game improvement drills from David Leadbetter all filmed in high-definition. Cutting edge graphics and user interactivity highlight David’s teaching concepts and enhance the learning experience. Leadbetter Interactive contains exclusive Swing Analysis software that allows you to analyze your swing just like the pros! The software literally puts you into the lesson where David will help analyze your swing then link you to drills that will fix your faults fast. It is the same technology David personally uses with his students at his golf academies!

You can view your drills on your iPod™ or mobile device and have Leadbetter with you on the practice range. Or you can accelerate your improvement and send your golf swing to a certified Leadbetter instructor for personal analysis through the Leadbetter Interactive Golf Academy.

Get the complete 5 disc box set
For Only $99!
It’s the perfect gift for
golfers of any level.
Order it today at
and receive Free Holiday Shipping
anywhere in the U.S. through
December 31, 2006.

Swing Speed Radar® with Tempo Timer
 The Swing Speed Radar® with Tempo Timer is endorsed by Jim McLean, recognized as one of the top three golf instructors in America.  Jim McLean says. “The Swing Speed Radar® with Tempo Timer is the most affordable, portable instrument available for measuring clubhead speed and actual tempo time.  We use it at all of our Golf Schools to provide golfers immediate feedback on their swing improvements.”  The Jim McLean Golf Schools, comprised of ten outstanding facilities staffed with highly qualified professional instructors, are consistently rated number one in golf instruction world-wide.

The Swing Speed Radar® with Tempo Timer is a small, inexpensive microwave Doppler radar velocity sensor that measures the swing speed and tempo rhythm for golfers of all ages and skill levels.  It assists players in developing/optimizing their swing with immediate feedback of ACTUAL TEMPO TIME from club takeaway to ball impact, as well as the SWING SPEED of the clubhead as it approaches the ball.  Inexpensively priced at $149.95, the Swing Speed Radar® with Tempo Timer performs the function of two instruments. Featuring simple one-button operation, it provides unmatched utility in a single, affordable device.  It is the practical choice of clubmakers and instructors who want the flexibility and convenience of use in the field as well as at their home-based hitting stations.  It is rapidly gaining widespread use by golfers who are striving to optimize their swing mechanics for their best distance, control, consistency and accuracy.  See it on TV!!  Visit our web site at

Brush-t® •  The Brush-t® XLT is the longest bristle tee on the market.  The unique design and performance features of Brush-T have made the product popular among golfers of all levels, as the flexible, toothbrush-like bristles, on top of a proprietary plastic tee base, provide the minimum amount of resistance and deflection, resulting in increased distance.  Independent testing on Brush-T has proven that golfers can gain up to 7 additional yards off the tee.

The new XLT model features a unique secondary row of bristles, designed to support its extra length and maximize performance of today’s largest drivers, including club heads that exceed 360cc in size.  The XLT enables the club head to glide through the bristles, eliminating deflection while reducing spin and resistance, resulting in increased accuracy and distance. 

Available in a
2”/3-Wood Tee,
2.2”/Driver Tee, and
2.4”/Oversized Tee.

Path-Pro™ •  If the best players in golf trust it, shouldn’t you too? See why over 150 players on the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tours, and 70 of Golf Digest’s and Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Instructors, who all make their living playing or teaching golf, rely on the Path Pro for instant feedback and permanent results. Already called “the most significant addition to golf in nearly 20 years because it makes everything else obsolete,” the Path Pro simply delivers better results, quicker: GUARANTEED! The secret is in the Path Pro’s adjustable arm and numerical dial which, together, deliver an unlimited number of positions and uses never before available in golf instruction. The Path Pro effectively combines the 5 basic fundamentals, necessary for making a repeatable golf swing, by forcing you to engrain them together, not separately. That’s why the results are immediate and more permanent, and that’s what leads to longer, straighter, more consistent shots. If you’re serious about improving, and lowering your scores, get on the right path to a better game and get the new Path Pro.
For more information visit us at or call us toll free at 1-888-333-0122. 
MSRP $99.99   

$79.99 (+S&H)