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Element 21 Golf and Scandium
Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 12/1/2006

Golf’s Hottest New Element

For those you who are used to talking about the heavy hitters of the golf industry—Taylor Made, Callaway, and the like—prepare to include a new name in your discussion: Element 21 Golf Company (Stock Symbol EGFL:OB). This Toronto-based company is leading the way into a new frontier of golf club manufacturing, thanks to its patented E21 Alloy made with Scandium, a material that outperforms steel, graphite, and titanium in every way. Taking its name from Scandium, the 21st element on the Periodic Table, Element 21 Golf Company is introducing new advancements to the United States from Russian aerospace research programs. The result is a material which provides the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any material used in golf equipment today. That strength-to-weight ratio has a 36% advantage over titanium and a 40% advantage over graphite.  Working with world renowned designers E21 is now introducing a line of performance enhancing golf products including irons, hybrids, wedges, putters and drivers.

The reduced density and high strength of Scandium allows for the production of the first shafts that truly combine the best of both worlds – the consistency of steel with the weight advantages of graphite. This has enabled E21 to build shafts and irons with superior distance and accuracy.  E21 Alloy’s unique properties have also produced a shaft with an unprecedented “soft feel”.  By reducing shaft vibration by up to 300% using these shafts can help significantly reduce fatigue and injury such as tendonitis and tennis elbow.

The strength to weight ratio properties of the E21 Alloy has allowed E21 to design and build a driver with a number of advantages. Robotic and player testing reveal optimum ball trajectory resulting in up to 10% more carry distance over competing drivers.  Test showed minimum dispersion resulting in +/- 4 yards dispersion on off center hits – other titanium drivers had dispersion figures of +/- 20 yards or more.  Because Scandium has over 50% greater vibration attenuation than titanium, 300% more than steel these drivers also provide superior feel.

A big difference between the E21 driver and other titanium or steel drivers is that the club’s face curvature (bulge and roll) is set precisely by a computer.

“It’s a four-hour (process) that gets the correct curvature on the face so that based on aerodynamic codes for ball flight, the ball will come back to the center of the fairway,’’ noted club engineer Howard Butler said. “This is a huge step forward. If you hit on the club face the ball is going to stay in the fairway. It’s going to take mid-handicap players and higher to a whole other level of play’’
Years from now, golfers will look back at the dawning of a new age in golf club technology.  

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