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Gift Guide - The Latest Golf Accessories and Training Aids
Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 06/3/2006

New On The Tee - Products to Improve Your Game
Superhero Golf Club Head Covers

Superhero Golf Club Head Covers are the new way to bring fun and power to your golf game!

-The Super Heroes were custom designed and produced from the best plush durable materials to create a product that not only lasts, but completely resembles the actual characters.  The covers fit regular and most oversized clubs.

-The characters come in four styles: Spider-Man, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, and The Fantastic Four's The Thing with Wolverine and Iron Man coming soon!

-These characters stand for super strength, agility, endurance, and perseverance; the characteristics of an elite golfer.  Just bring the Hulk to your next outing on the golf course and let him motivate you to drive the ball even farther!
(248) 431-5785

Path Pro

If the best players in golf trust it, shouldn't you too? See why over 150 players on the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tours, and 70 of Golf Digest's and Golf Magazine's Top 100 Instructors, who all make their living playing or teaching golf, rely on the Path Pro for instant feedback and permanent results. Already called "the most significant addition to golf in nearly 20 years because it makes everything else obsolete," the Path Pro simply delivers better results, quicker: GUARANTEED! The secret is in the Path Pro's adjustable arm and numerical dial which, together, deliver an unlimited number of positions and uses never before available in golf instruction. The Path Pro effectively combines the 5 basic fundamentals, necessary for making a repeatable golf swing, by forcing you to engrain them together, not separately. That's why the results are immediate and more permanent, and that's what leads to longer, straighter, more consistent shots. If you're serious about improving, and lowering your scores, get on the right path to a better game and get the new Path Pro.
MSRP $99.99

Kallassy’s Swing Magic Driver

"This isn’t just a golf swing trainer. This is your golf swing."
-John Elliot Golf Magazine Top 25 Instructor
Kallassy's Swing Magic Driver allows you to imprint a swing REFLEX instead of trying to play with complex and confusing swing thoughts. Join more than half a million golfers from beginners to major championship winners who have used the 5-iron version of this simple and effective training tool.
Ingrain the proper swing feel so you can repeat it without having to think about it when hitting your regular driver. It has been described as "…the lost and found of the golf swing.."
The new TRANSITION CLIP, free with your purchase, attaches to the shaft and allows you to adjust the amount of hand separation setting you in the perfect position at the top of the backswing and helps you hold the wrist angle on the downswing creating the maximum amount of acceleration through impact. Not only will it improve you tempo, timing, and rhythm but it will synchronize the motion of your hands, arms, and body for more power and accuracy. Finally, develop and maintain a fundamentally sound golf swing with Kallassy's Swing Magic Driver!

Center Force training DVDs

Center Force training DVD's endorsed by Vijay Singh developed the most advanced and comprehensive golf training system ever. You'll start in Level 1 by learning the basic fundamentals of the proper golf swing.  In Level 2 you get Intermediate Stretching & Basic Core Training Exercises to target core muscle groups and increase your control and flexibility. In Level 3 you’ll learn Advanced Stretching and Core Training Exercises used by the PGA professionals. Also featuring the Tour Grip, endorsed by 2005 Long Drive Champion Gerry James, this product will increase your range and accuracy also aiding in the rehabilitation of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and Golfer’s Elbow. These products are guaranteed to improve your game.
This incredible DVD set will provide you with thousands of dollars worth of professional training; learn the PGA Pro's secrets now, at the Special Price of $79.95, per DVD set. The Tour Grip, now with this special offer, for a low discounted price of $34.95 including a free training CD. or (800) 480-8084.

Bag Boy Navigator

The Navigator is the most maneuverable remote control cart in the world.  The worlds only on board electronic compass enables the Navigator to have a rotating front wheel.  It can turn 360 degrees within its own length.  With the Navigator’s on board electronic compass, which is similar to GPS, just point the cart in the direction you are wishing it to travel and regardless of terrain, it will go there.  If for any reason, the Navigator is moved from its line it will automatically adjust back to the original line.  The remote control, which can change the direction (forward, reverse, left or right) of the Navigator at any time, also enables you to increase and decrease the speed and stop the cart instantly from up to 200 yards. The Navigator's single piece fold down design provides for easy storage and the cart comes with a full year warranty for the electronics, wheels, battery and battery charger with a two year warranty for all other components.
$2000 MSRP


This proven, revolutionary training aid will help you hit the ball longer, straighter and more solid.

Golf professionals across the country state their students are experiencing almost immediate and amazing results with The Impact Ball!  The Impact Ball was voted as one of the ten most innovative golf products for 2005. The Impact Ball will take the focus away from trying to affect the golf  ball and place his focus squarely on the body and club working together through the golf ball.

$39.95 plus shipping and handling
(30 day money back guarantee) Men, women, and Jr. Sizes

G-Clip 4-in-1 Compact Golf Tool

Recommended by 9 out of 10 PGA Tour Partners Members – one of the highest recommendation rating of any golf accessory tested to date.

The popular G-Clip is a four-in-one belt clip and golf tool in a compact device that attaches to the golfer’s belt. No longer does the golfer have to fish through his/her pockets searching for a ball marker, ball mark repair tool or a golf tee. It will be right there outside the pocket and attached to the belt.  It also has a Velcro piece that will conveniently hold a golf glove.

Tee spring design holds thicker or thinner tees of any length; even up to 4" tees. The Stainless steel divot tool also doubles as a club rest on wet greens and the re-mark indication on back side of ball marker reminds you have moved from another player's putting line and which way to move back. The Glove grip is made from industrial strength molded Velcro, that won't wear out like the common woven Velcro.
2.9"L x 1.8"W x 0.75"D – weighs just 1 oz.

Includes two ball markers (1 enamel and 1 antique silver finish). Packaged in nice gift box. We can custom logo the ball marker – makes a great tee prize for golf outings.

Brush-t XLT

The Brush-t XLT is the longest bristle tee on the market, The unique design and performance features of Brush-T have made the product popular among golfers of all levels, as the flexible, toothbrush-like bristles, on top of a proprietary plastic tee base, provide the minimum amount of resistance and deflection, resulting in increased distance. Independent testing on Brush-T has proven that golfers can gain up to 7 additional yards off the tee.
The new XLT model features a unique secondary row of bristles, designed to support its extra length and maximize performance of today's largest drivers, including club heads that exceed 360cc in size.  The XLT enables the club head to glide through the bristles, eliminating deflection while reducing spin and resistance, resulting in increased accuracy and distance.
Available in a 2"/3-Wood Tee, 2.2"/Driver Tee, and 2.4"/Oversized Tee.


From the makers of the famous Brush-t comes QOLF, an indoor/outdoor game that is a cross between golf and croquet. QOLF is a fun and challenging game for all ages, and is an ideal way to introduce kids and newcomers to the game of golf. For avid golfers, QOLF makes an ideal tool for short game training, providing a test of accuracy, touch and skill.

QOLF comes with three color-coded arches (orange, blue and red) that are utilized as frames. The objective of the game is for each participant -- utilizing a golf pitching wedge -- to hit a specially designed plastic QOLFball through each of the frame arches within a minimum amount of strokes. Players can earn bonus points by hitting the ball through a specially designed target hole above the frame arch.

Included are 3 color-coded QOLF frames, twelve QOLFballs, score pad, an instruction manual and DVD, and a carrying case to conveniently transport all of the components.