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Golf Fitness Institute
By Tom Landers | Published  10/20/2006 | California | Unrated
Special Report - Power Plate

All we can say is – this thing’s for REAL!  Cutting edge fitness and training await you!  Our actual personal experience on the Power Plate in just a couple short weeks of training time are quite astounding and we’ll share that with you shortly.  First, let’s tell you about it . . . It looks like a large scale with its central component being a platform you stand on that vibrates subtly between 30-50 times per second. Then you’ve got probably 50 different exercises and stretches you can do with it.  It’s no wonder why some 40 + professional and collegiate sports teams across the country are choosing to train with it.  It’s not just for elite sports trainers as you’ll soon see this in your gym and you’ll notice that everyone from the bodybuilder, golfer, swimmer or gymnast alike will be using it!   Power Plate’s technology has been proclaimed as “One of the fastest growing fitness trends since spinning.” (Muscle & Fitness, April 2003).

Professional sports teams aside, celebrities like Madonna and Claudia Schiffer both have one.  The Power Plate has also been featured on the television show Good Morning America as a leading edge sports training product.  The Power plate has emerged as the most sought-after new training mechanisms in sports.  Exactly how does it work?  The Power Plate works by way of vibrations, or pulses.  Every human body is equipped with an innate reflexive response whenever gravity is disrupted and stability may be compromised. The body’s innate defense is to contract every one of its muscles to make itself stiff and avoid a potential fall. In a sense, the Power-Plate tricks the body. It’s vibrations, while not disruptive enough to induce a fall, are just enough to trigger this innate human response of a full-body muscle contraction for each and every vibration.  This constant muscle tensioning is what makes training with the Power Plate so effective.  Where did it come from?  This type of training – vibration training – came from the former Soviet Union.

Astronauts who were faced with considerable osteoporosis after their time out in space greatly benefited from vibration training.  Their bone quality was improved without overloading them.  Their muscles also soon became bigger and stronger.  Scientists studied all effects associated with vibration technology during the 70’s, where they noted an increase in muscular strength, flexibility, bone density, circulation and recuperative power, to name just a few.  This new form of training wasn’t discovered and further developed in Western Europe until after the fall of the iron curtain, with the Power Plate being the eventual result.  
And now, with 40 years of research, it is possible to enjoy intensive training without the need to add extra weights, so without overloading the body.  Training with the Power Plate is suitable for everybody from high-level, high-performance athletes and sportspeople, the elderly, those experiencing circulatory or bone-related problems, or those simply wishing to improve their general health and fitness levels. 

The Power Plate is effective.  Leading scientific research has shown that even after a short period of time both strength and flexibility increase, and metabolism and circulation are greatly improved.  It is safe – Millions of vibration minutes already have been “absorbed” on a world-wide scale, without incident.  Various different research institutes describe training with the Power Plate as safe.  The exercises are simple and can be performed by anyone without using and heavy weights.  Actual training time is short (10 minutes, 3 times a week is sufficient).  The equipment doesn’t take up a great deal of space and hardly needs and maintenance.  Operation is simple and training with the Power Plate will result in various positive effects.  While your muscles will receive an excellent workout as a result of the vibrations which the equipment generates, many other important processes are also stimulated partly as a result of this high level of muscle activity.

Typical effects of using the Power Plate:  Increase in muscle strength; increase in the fat burning process; causes fast muscle build-up; increases flexibility; activates blood circulation; improves coordination; increases bone density and more!  With Power Plate, you’re not just getting a new strength and conditioning tool, but a method of preventing and rehabilitating injuries. Several professional teams have found Power Plate not only to be an integral training tool, but indispensable for rehabilitation:
“We’ve had some knee injuries and quad contusions as well, and it really helped us out there a lot.” Says Anaheim Mighty Ducks trainer Chris Phillips in an interview with Hockey Business News (June, 2003). Power Plate was also touted as a “Space Age Machine” and “One of the most popular stops at Raiders Camp” in The Sporting News article about the rehabilitation of Trace Armstrong’s torn Achilles tendon (August 2002).

And now for our experiences here at the G-Mag Golf Fitness Institute.  Well, we have to start out by saying we were a bit skeptical with this new device.  Then you get on and notice how it almost compels you to stretch yourself on it.  And it’s not a nagging stretching feeling, but smooth, making your tight muscles feel more supple immediately.  Then, as you go through the exercises you think that it seems intense but easy.  One of the gals said she did a ten/fifteen minute workout and with the Power Plate’s intensity it felt like her normal one-hour workout.  And that was just the beginning of the good news.  She also lost a pound and a half in the first two weeks and noticed a lessening of cellulite on her legs and hips.  The expected soreness the following day was quite minimal.  Much less than she expected, but her soreness did let her know she had quite a workout.  That’s all well and good, but what does this mean for the game of golf.

Here we go – You’ve seen the word “intensity” used several times but I don’t know if you can really grasp what this increase in workout intensity means.  It fires you up and you really feel great after using it!  (Now I know why football teams would really enjoy this piece of equipment and in the same breath, why it would be an excellent device to aid in rehab of an injury).  One of the guys on the team here (a former fitness trainer for a global vacation company) loves the Power Plate.  He’s already figured out additional exercises to do on the equipment for his golf swing.  And it shows – his drives are easily 10-15+ yards longer after his short use of the Power Plate!  He says he’s stronger, more flexible and his game has improved – while only adding the Power Plate to his fitness regimen.  His handicap has come down from an 11 to an 8 and he still sees a lot of room for improvement with regard to tying in the Power Plate even more to help him reduce his handicap.

So, with Rocco Mediate, Colin Montgomery, Billy Casper, Lee Westwood and more using the product from a professional golfers perspective, you can see its application for golf is perfect!  Even Taylormade is in on the act – They’ll be using the product as an effective stretching and warm-up tool for golfers while tapping into the machine’s ability to help golfers increase the critical elements of flexibility and explosive strength. 

The buzzword is “Functional Training” and Power Plate hits it long and straight right down the middle!

For further details or to see the research studies, drop by or call them at 877 87-PLATE!