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Peakvision Sunglasses
Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 08/24/2006
Peakvision Sunglasses

Golf Equipment for the Eyes

Whenever new technology is introduced, it is usually billed as the greatest thing ever.  Many times, the reality falls short of the hype.  This is not the case with Peakvision sunglasses.

Peakvision sunglasses, or “Peaks” for short, are to golfers what Lasik surgery is to baseball hitters and eye black is to linebackers.  Quite simply, Peaks help you see better, allowing you to perform to your full potential on the golf course.

Many golfers wrestle with the idea of whether or not to wear sunglasses out on the course.  Sure, they block out the sun and protect the eyes, but that comes at a price: reduced visual acuity.  Putts become nearly impossible to read as the subtleties of the green are hidden, while approach shots become unnecessarily difficult because of inaccurate depth perception.  The alternative is no better.  Go without sunglasses, and golfers run the risk of developing UV-related problems with their eyes.  In fact, golfers are 200-600% more likely than non-golfers to contract a UV-related eye disease.

For the first time ever, golfers can have the best of both worlds.  Peakvision sunglasses drastically reduce glare from the sun, protecting the eyes from UV exposure.  At the same time, Peaks actually enhance each golfer’s vision, allowing golfers to see things more clearly than they would with the naked eye.

There are a few things that allow Peakvision to accomplish what other sunglasses can’t.  The first is the construction process.  Traditionally, sunglasses used polycarbonate lenses.  Although polycarbonate lenses protect the eyes very well, they frequently become distorted, resulting in less-than-perfect vision for those wearing them.  Peakvision sunglasses are cured in a glass mold for twenty hours.  This yields a perfect lens every time with no distortion.

Peakvision sunglasses come equipped with “dual-zone lens technology.”  This means that Peaks are a bifocal of sorts.  The upper part of the lens ensures accurate depth perception by using a neutral-gray tint.  The lower portion of the lens allows golfers to see breaks and contours accurately.  This part is amber in color, increasing the contrast of the color green.

Studies have shown that only 4% of ambient light is reflected by grass.  This means that golfers who don’t wear sunglasses see only 4% of what the green has to offer.  Golfers who do wear sunglasses see even less.  By wearing Peakvision sunglasses though, golfers increase this percentage and see the green in a sharper, clearer way.

Peakvision debuted their sunglasses at this year’s PGA Merchandise show in Orlando, where they were met with tremendous acclaim.  Already over 200 retail stores carry Peaks, and that number grows each day.  The impressive roster of athletes and celebrities who wear its sunglasses includes David Feherty, Billy Andrade, Scott McCarron., and Bruce Fleisher. 

Peakvision has crafted sport-specific lenses for golf, cycling, tennis, hunting, and baseball.  Major League Baseball umpires have recently begun using Peaks while behind the plate, and a few members of the Toronto Blue Jays have also enjoyed the benefits that Peaks provide.  Any athletes who spend time in the sun can improve their vision and protect themselves by picking up a pair of Peakvision sunglasses.  Offering a complete package that no other sunglasses on the market can deliver, Peakvision is technology that does live up to the hype.

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