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Are You Ready For Nickent Golf
By Tom Landers | Published  08/24/2006 | Equipment | Unrated
Nickent Golf and the Longest Irons in the History of Golf?
There is only one formula to look at these days when trying to find out how a small golf club company can join the ranks of the big manufacturers. That formula has been created by trend-setting Nickent Golf. Nickent is the one golf club company that has taken the golf world by surprise and announced they are here to stay in the last two years. So how does this 10-year-old company come out of the woodwork to become one of the most successful brands in golf?

Let’s take a look at their secret to success.

First, you need great product, which is something Nickent has always provided to the consumer for a very reasonable price. They stepped up their R and D efforts in the last few years, and now they have one of the best design teams in the business. Next is tour support. With over 150 PGA Tour professionals using Nickent Golf clubs last year for no money, I would say they took care of that key component faster than anyone ever expected. In fact, Nickent has won 6 times on the PGA TOUR in the past two seasons, including a momentous win this season in the bag of the current # 3 player on the PGA TOUR, Jim Furyk. Furyk won the Wachovia Championship with the same Nickent club he has used in four top 3 finishes this year.

Nickent has done a great job marketing their tour success, helping them to open over 6,000 new accounts in the last year-and-a-half. There is not a single golf club manufacturer who had opened as many accounts in that time period, not only making Nickent the fastest rising golf club company, but also a top 10 selling manufacturer in a couple different categories.

What’s the secret ingredient to this growth? Well, despite Nickent being a full-line company offering everything from high-performance drivers to game-changing PIPE Putters, the company tagline is The King of Hybrids™. This is a bold statement to how important the hybrid market has become and how it is helping young companies like Nickent compete head to head with the major manufacturers.

In 2002, hybrids only accounted for 2% of all woods sales. By 2004, that number had only jumped to 6.7%. Golf Datatech figures from January reported that of all woods sold, hybrids represented 26.3%. These numbers show that hybrids are booming at a rate that could have them outselling drivers in the next few years. Companies like Nickent have positioned themselves beautifully to take full advantage of this phenomenon.

Nickent started making waves in the industry with their world-famous 3DX hybrids in 2003. They quickly became the # 1 most played hybrid on the Nationwide Tour after a few short weeks on the tour and have held a share of that title of three years in a row. They now are the winningest hybrid on the 2006 PGA and Nationwide Tours. It seems everywhere you look at a PGA Tour event; you are sure to notice one of their green 3DX DC head covers in the majority of golf bags. In fact, 50 Nickent 3DX hybrids were put into play at the Rex Hospital Open on the Nationwide Tour, breaking the record number of hybrids ever put into play in a Nationwide Tour event. The previous record of 45 hybrids was set by Nickent just two weeks earlier at the Rheem Classic. This amazing tour acceptance has helped Nickent take the hybrid market by the horns and allowed them to use the hybrid as their niche product, much like Cleveland Golf has done with their wedge.

“The hybrid category is exploding on the professional tours, which in return is making the hybrid explode at retail,” said Nickent Senior Vice President and designer of the new DC Hybrid series John Hoeflich “ This is the year of the hybrid and Nickent is leading the charge.”

Now Nickent is expanding their hybrid marketing efforts into the iron market. The hybrid iron set is starting to take over sales at retail and Nickent now has the only “true” hybrid iron set available. Other leading hybrid iron sets, like Adams Golf, have regular cavity back irons that are matched with hybrids. Nickent says they are different because they actually have hollow irons that are true hybrid irons, sharing the Center of Gravity, Moment of Inertia and C.O.R. characteristics of a fairway wood. Others have called their hybrid iron sets integrated for years, but all they have done is taken hybrids and tried to match them with an normal iron set in the short irons. With the 3DX Hybrid Iron set sharing many characteristics of a fairway wood throughout the entire set, it can be construed as the only true hybrid-iron set on the market. 
To make sure that they had a hybrid iron set that could outperform all other sets, Nickent made sure they had the best iron designer in the business behind their iron sets. His name is John Hoeflich and he is the man responsible for designing the Titleist DCI, the Tommy Armour 845 and the Taylor Made RAC Irons. He is now the reason why Nickent has a new hybrid iron set that people are calling the “Fountain of Youth.”

The “ Fountain of Youth”

Hoeflich’s crusade to make the longest iron set in the history of golf has been going on a decade now. The idea is to make an efficient, integrated hybrid iron set that would get rid of the large gap between the 4-hybrid and the 5-iron. The result is a ball flight that matches your current long iron, but that soars 20-25 yards further.

Nickent was able to save 35 grams of weight by attaching a 5-gram carbon composite cap on the back of the clubhead. They placed this extra 35 grams into two steel plugs at the bottom and back of the iron. This combined with the fact that the iron is hollow and shares CG characteristics of a wood made the trajectory much higher than your average iron.

This extremely high launch characteristic gave Nickent the ability to strengthen the lofts, while giving the golfer the same exact trajectory as their normal long iron. By making the #5, #6 and #7-irons four degrees stronger compared to a standard set, the golfer can now hit their long irons significantly longer. The #8-iron is three degrees stronger than standard for the perfect club from 150 yards, while the #9 iron is two degrees stronger. The addition of a #10 iron to the unique set allows for the golfer to have a gentle transition from #9-iron into the wedges. The pitching through sand wedges are set at a higher loft than standard sets to allow you to carry three wedges with perfect spacing that perfectly match your entire iron set.

Nickent Plans for the Future

With some of the most innovative releases seen in a long time, including the PIPE Putter, the Longest Irons in the History of Golf, the most versatile hybrid line ever seen and an array of new John Hoeflich irons, Nickent is on a path to be one of the most successful brands in golf. Hoeflich says he is currently hard at work coming up with a new driver, wedge and maybe even a new hybrid design. With consolidation and flat earnings being the norm for most of the golf industry, it is nice to see such a small company makes such big inroads. We always love to root for the underdog, and Nickent is the new definition for an underdog in the golf industry. And with hybrids in their corner, there is no stopping Nickent from reaching the highest levels of success.

See their new hybrids and hybrid irons at a Roger Dunn, Golf Mart or Vans store near you or visit to find the dealer nearest you.

The lofts in the long irons are stronger for more distance. The lofts on the short irons are higher for more control. These are not only the longest irons, they are the most efficient. Why are these irons so unique? See below for complete details.