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MacGregor NVG2 Drivers
Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 08/23/2006
MacGregor NVG2 Drivers

Hands On Driver - MacGregor’s NVG2 Drivers

MacGregor Golf’s  MACTEC NVG2 and NVG2 Tour drivers are causing shockwaves throughout the equipment industry and on golf courses everywhere.

MacGregor says its MACTEC NVG2 and NVG2 TOUR drivers are the “most technologically advanced drivers” the 107-year-old company has ever produced, delivering “unmatched distance and accuracy though the use of advanced new technologies” including “Cup Face 360-Degree” design, which eliminates face welds and turns the entire face into “one big sweet spot.”  Fujikura Quadra Action shaft technology is designed to boost clubhead speed by as much as five miles per hour, providing greater distance.

By employing a one-piece cup face made entirely of high performance TVC beta-titanium, MacGregor’s Cup Face 360-Degree technology delivers a 30 percent bigger sweet spot than drivers with standard face insert technology. The combination of high-rebound TVC beta-titanium and Cup Face 360-Degree results in “hot ball response across the entire clubface, producing distance and accuracy from virtually every point of contact and making every shot feel like it was hit dead center,” says the company.

“The new MACTEC NVG2 Driver with Cup Face 360-Degree and Fujikura Quadra Action shaft technology deliver a clear advantage over the competition in distance and accuracy, especially for drives hit off-center,” says Barry Schneider, chairman and CEO of MacGregor Golf.  “The bottom line is this--the new MACTEC Drivers are the longest, most accurate and most technologically advanced drivers on the market today.”

Quadra tungsten precision sole weighting in the drivers delivers a high-moment of inertia, resulting in increased stability and accuracy. This high-MOI effect is achieved by strategic placement of four precision-made, high-density tungsten weights--one each in heel and toe portions of the sole (10 and 7 grams in the NVG2 driver, 8 and 6 grams in the NVG2 TOUR driver) and two 1.5-gram weights in the extreme heel and toe. The resulting weight triangulation allows the drivers to resist unwanted rotation at impact and deliver stability and control even on the most extreme off-center hits.

The MACTEC NVG2, a high launch, low spin driver is designed for mid- to high-handicappers looking for increased distance, forgiveness and accuracy. It is designed with a super light (0.6mm) titanium crown structure that permits mass to be redistributed low and deep in the clubhead via the high density “Quadra Tungsten” weighting system for reduced spin, higher launch angles and longer, straighter drives. The exclusive Fujikura Quadra Action shaft technology, with three bend points and four stiffness zones, increases clubhead speed and distance without changing a player’s swing. The NVG2 Driver has an advertised price of $299.99 and is available in four lofts (8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 degrees) and three shaft weight/torque settings (R, S, X and Seniors).  Men’s Left-handed NVG2 drivers are available in two lofts (9.5 and 10.5 degrees). Women’s versions are available in two lofts (11.5 and 13.5 degrees).

The NVG2 TOUR driver is aimed at lower handicap players with higher swing speeds and shot-shaping abilities. Features include an ultra-light (0.4mm) beta-titanium crown insert that allows greater mass to be redistributed even lower and deep in the clubhead than the non-TOUR driver via the Quadra Tungsten weighting system, which causes very low spin and optimal launch angles for increased distance and workability; an innovative sole plate design with polyurethane sole inserts for solid acoustics and vibration damping; and the exclusive Fujikura Speeder Quadra Action shaft technology for increased clubhead speed and improved stability, resulting in greater distance and tight shot dispersion.

 The MACTEC NVG2 TOUR driver carries an advertised price of $449.99 and is available in four lofts (8, 9, 10 and 10 degree high launch) and three shaft torque/weight settings (R, S and X).
MacGregor Golf Company is one of the most venerable names in the clubmaking industry with 59 Majors to its credit. Two-time Major winner Greg Norman has put the MACTEC NVG in his bag and claims it has given him 10 to 15 yards more distance off the tee. “Having 107 years in the business is cool and an important heritage,” said Schneider. “Our philosophy is to make great products with no compromises, allowing people to take something that is difficult to do--play golf--and make it easier. We believe in a balance between new technology and great craftsmanship.”

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