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The 10 Clubmandments of Golf
Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 08/22/2006
The 10 Clubmandments of Golf

The 10 Clubmandments by David Shaw
1. Appearances are Everything.  From the moment of arrival, members and guests take note of the beautiful grounds and impressive facilities. Your employees are an important part of your club ambience, also.  You set the tone with your professional demeanor and accommodating style.  It should be your goal to further improve this facet of your operation.  Your staff must be impeccable in their physical dress, overall appearance, and positive attitude.

2. Everyone loves a Winner.  A winning team has the confidence to rise to any occasion.  When interacting with anyone at the club, the message is always positive!  You set the tone with your smile and your attitude, no matter how tough it might be.  You are always on stage.

3. Work Less.  We mean that!  The club might not be perfectly designed, but by using your planning skills and expertise, you can reduce the number of unneeded trips that you make to service areas.  Simply think twice about how efficient you can be:  service levels will improve and your feet will appreciate it!

4. You Get More When You Give More.  The most popular staff members are those who have a great attitude and support their fellow workers—that’s what makes a leader.  Having a can-do attitude is infectious and it helps get the job done more quickly and easily.   

5. Make More Money. The more business you conduct, the more resources you have to spend on staff. This may come in the form of additional work hours, added overtime hours, or additional benefits (it’s not always a pay-raise).  Having a beautiful facility with a large capacity will create new business all by itself.  Eventually you can reach a point where all your business comes through referrals from satisfied members—no advertising necessary!
6. Little Things Matter.  A club member once stated to me that he never forgot how his club responded to a request that he made over 15 years ago.  He simply asked that his favorite beer be made available.  The next day, it was there—not the next week, month, or year—the very next day!  He never forgot that.

7. Remember Who You Are.  You are not members who pay dues, you are not family, and you are not entitled to anything just because you know board members.  You are staff—always.  If anyone thinks otherwise, they are at a high risk for failure.  You may not always have club-member friends around.

8. All Members are Equal.  Membership has its privileges and everyone pays the same dues.  Treating members differently can cause problems.  When you give more service to others, no matter how comfortable it might feel, it puts you at risk.  You must give everyone the same level of courteous service. Always address members by their titles only:  Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.

9. Cash Tipping is a Demoralizer.  Being on the same team means delivering a unified product.  Whether one washes dishes, mows lawns, or serves food and beverages, it is the entire staff that is responsible for your product.  Tipping destroys the team spirit.  Pool all of your tips and equitably share the rewards with everyone on the team.

10. Our Integrity Cannot Be Questioned.  Staff members must have an “ownership interest” in the club.   Your ability to make a living and provide for your family is jeopardized whenever you allow violations of rules or poor performance to persist.  It is your responsibility to report any act that is detrimental to the good and welfare of your club.