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Northern California Summer Golf Buzz
Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 08/15/2006

Summer - Buzz

BADDS has company with Fred Couples

ECCO Shoes not only had a recent TOUR victory by one of it’s players, Aaron Baddeley (at the Heritage Classic at Harbour Town Golf Links), but they’ve also signed a deal with TOUR favorite, Fred Couples!  “Feeling good is key to my game, and no one makes more comfortable golf shoes than ECCO,” says Couples. “They also look great and fit perfectly with my style.”
 “Fred’s fashion sense, tremendous playing record and worldwide appeal make him the perfect addition to our roster of staff players,” says Jesper Thuen, Sponsorship and Event Manager, ECCO Golf.

 Providing unequaled comfort and performance, all ECCO golf shoes are made using a direct-injection process unique to ECCO in the golf industry. Each model features water- and weather-resistant leather and extra cushion provided by PU-injected midsoles for superior shock absorption.

 ECCO’s Spring/Summer 2006 men’s golf collection features four completely new styles alongside several returning favorites. Worn in competition by international Tours stars Colin Montgomerie, Thomas Bjorn, Aaron Baddeley and Thongchai Jaidee, the collection continues ECCO’s 40-plus-year reputation for strikingly comfortable and fashionable shoes. They’re available in dynamic colors and inspired adaptations of traditional solid and two-tone saddle designs.  For more information visit:  or call (800) 886-3226.

Stress Eraser

We’ve got a couple of guys on our team here that are strung tighter than a drum!  They look like that cat in cartoons that has its claws into the ceiling and is just hanging on for dear life.  After they reviewed the instructions and practiced the techniques with the device they were able to find their “happy place” quicker, easier and with more consistency – especially while playing a round of golf!  And one of our guys says he’s using the device in numerous ways – to prepare for sleep at night; to decompress around meal time; to stop stress build-up during the day, and even to prepare for (what otherwise might be ) a stressful event – like a golf tournament!  These are just a couple of ways folks are using the Stress Eraser. 

Visit them at to order or for more information!


A groundbreaking DVD series now brings the world’s #1 instructor – and you – together in golf’s most advanced one-on-one teaching format.  Filmed in High Definition with cutting edge graphics, user interactivity and high-speed photography to complement David’s world-class instruction – all to help you apply these instructions.  David will guide you through the DVD’s and it’s as if you are on the lesson tee with him as you have 70 of his top game improvement drills to improve your game.  Leadbetter Interactive also includes V1 Software technology, the same system David uses to coach the world’s top tour players. 

With over 5 hours of instruction, get this now at

Dunning Golf – Performance Wear

Check out Northern California’s own Spencer Levin wearing Dunning Golf’s hottest styles on tour!  Dunning Golf produces garments with its first focus on the athlete.  With a passion for fashion, Dunning products are engineered and manufactured to suit the physical demands of the golf swing and the unique form and physiology of the wearer.  With its unparalleled moisture management, durability, comfort breathability and UV protection, these technical fabrics deliver!  Good looks and high quality have teamed up under the Dunning Golf brand!  Look for tour pros like Bob Estes, Zach Johnson, Kyle Thompson, and more all wearing Dunning products available at your favorite golf shop.  (If they are not at your favorite golf shop, ask for them by name!) 

See all the styles at

Suunto G6 Golf Watch

REPLACING LUCK - For golfers striving for a better and more consistent performance, Suunto G6 is an invaluable tool for reducing your handicap. Monitor your shots as you play, and then analyze your round with the included SGM (Suunto Golf Manager) PC software to identify the areas of your game that need improvement.

Suunto G6 enables you to practice and perfect your swing. After each swing, you can check its tempo, rhythm, backswing length and speed. The feedback you get from Suunto G6 helps you consistently repeat your best shots, developing muscle memory to remember only the good shots. After the session, you can analyze your overall consistency and thereby improve your game!.

When you return to the course with your new improved skills, Suunto G6 gives you more time to focus on your game by simplifying the scorekeeping process. With four game types to choose from, both your own and your opponent’s score can be easily kept - without the need for messy paperwork.  And it’s an impressive timepiece as well. 

See: for more!

Aerotech’s new PLAYER SPEC Shaft

Aerotech Golf recently introduced the new Players Spec™ iron shaft constructed with Aerotech’s SteelFiber technology (graphite core and steel fiber surface layer) with the addition of a new Ascending Mass feature.

Aerotech continues to quietly become the leader in composite iron shaft technology with another groundbreaking design. The new Player Spec iron shaft is constructed with Aerotech’s SteelFiber technology and features an ‘ascending mass’ design so that each shaft within the set gets heavier as it gets shorter. This promotes easier to hit long irons and more controllable short irons plus a more balanced MOI in every club throughout the set.

“We’ve been concentrating our design efforts on improving the playability of composite iron shafts for stronger players”, states Chris Hilleary, President of Aerotech Golf.   “The SteelFiber shaft has been a huge step towards accomplishing this goal.  Now with the added ascending weight feature of the Players Spec shaft, a golfer can realize the advantages of hitting a lighter weight long iron and more controllable heavier weight short irons. As we continue to create and test new designs we have discovered that when stronger players (or players normally playing steel) switch to lighter weight shafts they usually hit the long irons very well but have a tendency to pull the short irons.  This problem is now resolved with our ascending mass technology in the Players Spec shafts.”

With a traditional swing weight matched set of irons the Moment of Inertia (MOI) of the club (a measurement related to the effort to swing the club) tends to decrease with each shorter club throughout the set. Therefore, it takes less effort to swing the short irons resulting in more pulled shots. In order to increase the MOI of the shorter irons, either the playing length needs to be increased or weight has to be added to the club. Altering the playing length is not advisable as each player has an optimal playing length based on his or her physical stature. This leaves adding weight to the shorter irons. If weight is added exclusively to the head the balance point/Center of Gravity (CG) of the club lowers substantially and the player looses feel in the hands. By progressively increasing the weight of each shaft in the shorter irons the MOI of each club evens out without altering the CG of the club, eliminating the pulled short irons and giving the player more consistency from club to club.

The Players Spec shaft is now available and is offered in both Parallel and Taper Tip designs with the weight ranging from a 95-gram 3-iron to a 110-gram PW in R, S and X flexes.  Typically sold through professional club fitting centers throughout the country.

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