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Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 08/10/2006

Magique Golf Delivers a Better Fit at a Better Price
One of the nation’s first modern golf club manufacturers dedicated to custom fitting, Magique Golf has grown dramatically in recent years. More golfers than ever before now recognize that clubs custom fit to meet their own specific swing characteristics out-perform traditional off-the-rack clubs, and Magique not only delivers completely custom-fit golf clubs through a proprietary 16-point fitting method, but Magique delivers value.

For 20 years, Magique Golf has designed, manufactured and distributed a full line of high-quality golf clubs — including drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, putters and wedges — and demonstrated an unwavering commitment to helping average golfers play better through custom fitting. And the company’s ‘Better Fit. Better Price’ message is resonating with golfers around the world.

“Magique Golf has been committed to custom fitting for two decades,” says Sean Sheppard, president of Magique Golf. “The golf industry overall has long ignored the average player because the large manufacturers always focus on tour professionals, but since 1986 our clubs have been designed by teaching professionals for the average player. We’ve remained committed to providing average golfers with custom-fit golf clubs crafted from the latest technology and most advanced materials and at a price everyone can afford.”

Most recently, Magique introduced a completely new line of clubs that has received rave reviews — the new M400 driver, featuring a 400cc head and the largest face area of any driver its size, along with cup face technology that expands the sweet spot and creates more forgiveness and length on off-center hits; new M1 irons, designed to provide a classic look and feel of forged without the expense; and the new M2 irons, a ball flight-improvement iron specifically designed for players with slower swing speeds.

 “We make real clubs for real players,” adds Sheppard, a former PGA director of instruction for the world’s largest golf school. “By making a quality club and custom fitting it to each individual player, then charging about half of what the big name club companies charge for the same quality, we are giving our customers a club that delivers superior performance and real value.”

For more information on Magique Golf and its complete line of custom-fit clubs, please call or 480.961.7507 or visit