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Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 08/10/2006

SMT Golf - Maker of the Winningest Components

Maker of the Winningest Components
in the History of the Game

The casual golfer may not have heard of SMT Golf, but that’s about to change.  SMT is the golf industry’s leading manufacturer of club components, and the only company that has a stranglehold on driving distance records on the PGA and Long Drivers of America Tours.

What makes SMT so good?   No other golf club manufacturer can match the level of craftsmanship that goes into every SMT product.  Each component is custom-made and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The time and precision that goes into its production can only be described as first class. How else could a smaller company be able to out-hit the goliaths of the golfing world?   SMT club users have won multiple Long Drive Championships around the world including 5 RE/Max World Long Drive titles and SMT heads are the winningest components in the history of golf.

A brand new offering for 2006 is the Indio Driver. The 430 cc head features a PATENTED, double forged, crosshatch titanium crown that is designed to reduce the overall weight of the club head without sacrificing strength. The extremely thin ultralight textured crown allows additional weight to be added to the sole of the driver through a series of weighted “fins” that lower and deepen the Center Of Gravity making it easier to launch the ball higher and further.

Another of SMT’s heavy hitters is the 450cc Encore driver.   Boasting a 450cc clubhead, the Encore delivers maximum energy to the ball thanks to its three-sided wraparound soleplate design. This unique design both deepens the Center Of Gravity while at the same time raising it. This gives the Encore the best of both worlds, amazingly solid feel at impact and a trajectory that is not too high to promote extra roll.  This amazing club is an improvement to the SMT Spectrum, which led the PGA Tour in driving distance by a whopping 18 yards in 2004. If you need some extra distance off the tee, this is most definitely the club for you.

Being told what an SMT club can do pales in comparison to the feeling of actually teeing off with one.

If you want to punish your golf ball, call SMT Golf at 888-693-4001, or visit and order the most precisely-crafted club on the market today!