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Product Testing - Our Method
Golfing Magazine Staff
By Golfing Magazine Staff
Published on 02/4/2005
Pub Links Golfer Magazine utilizes PGA professionals to supervise amateurs to test the latest clubs both on a range and over at least one round of golf. All play-testers are volunteers. They are asked to rate clubs on Appearance, Feel, Forgiveness, Accuracy, Distance and Value using a scale of 1-10.Value is not based on cost alone, however what our testers believe provides the most value for the money. From these ratings we come up with an Overall Perfomance Rating. We DO NOT rate clubs against other clubs, rather, we ask our play-testers to rate the club for what it is, to them. This is a subjective exercise. We make no pretense to being scientific. We simply offer our readers the same kind of informal feedback they might get, say, from a friend.