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 »  Home  »  Regional Editorials  »  West Coast  »  TaylorMade Performance Lab
TaylorMade Performance Lab
By Tom Landers | Published  11/18/2005 | California , West Coast | Unrated
Taylormade Performance Lab debuts on West Coast!

What has been the secret weapon of the world’s greatest golfers and golf industry insiders is now being made available to the general public for the first time on the West Coast. Taylormade Performance Labs introduces the MAT-T (Motion Analysis Technology by Taylormade) System at the Aviara Golf Academy at Four Seasons Resort Aviara.  For those who have been through conventional custom-fitting sessions, this system presents a quantum leap forward in technology, accuracy and effectiveness.  This fitting system is much more elaborate and effective, measuring the components of your swing as well as the results of your swing.  It captures, quantifies and animates a subject’s total body motions in three dimensions.

The technology used to bring to life the animated characters in such movies as Lord of the Rings, Spiderman I & II and Polar Express, has been modified by Taylormade Golf to custom fit their clubs.  Using the world’s most advanced body motion-capture system, Taylormade Performance Labs offers the same state-of-the-art computerized fitting system used by PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour players.  Nine cameras track the position of fifteen special reflective markers placed on the body and the clubs to capture the motion of your swing in real-time.  By measuring the position of the markers, a detailed three-dimensional animation of the swing is produced.  The animation can be viewed in motion or stop action from any perspective: above, below, front, back or either side of the body.  It’s an extraordinary tool that elevates swing analysis to an entirely new level and is designed to help a player pick both the perfect set of clubs and assist with instruction.

In addition, a separate integrated launch monitor measures the speed of the club and ball, as well as the launch angle and spin rate.  From this simulation, precise measurements – in tenths of a degree – are collected; and a recommendation is derived to fit players with the clubs that will most improve their performance.  The end result – having the clubs fit for you, rather than having to make adjustments to fit the clubs.      

“Comparing the Taylormade Performance Lab system to other swing-analysis systems is like comparing the space shuttle with a hot-air balloon,” said Kip Puterbaugh of the Aviara Golf Academy.  “Both fly, but the quality of the experience and sophistication of the space shuttle is incomparable.  I have been through other fitting systems; been to demo days and worked my way through clubs in fitting carts, but nothing I have experienced compares to the Taylormade Performance Lab.  Guests will see a remarkable, computerized 3-D image of their swing with instantaneous feedback.”

The session for golfers who visit the Taylormade Performance Lab includes: Analysis and instruction by a PGA golf professional trained and certified on the system; a personalized custom fitting for the driver, fairway woods, irons, rescue clubs and putter, and a DVD containing a moving three-dimensional image of your swing and recommendations.  The club recommendations can then be validated on the adjacent driving range.

Guests who purchase custom-fitted clubs from Taylormade can receive a personalized bag and limited edition Taylormade Performance Lab head covers.  Golfers can even choose to pick up their new clubs at Taylormade’s world headquarters in Carlsbad, just five minutes away. 

It’s easy to see why this system is so effective – it allows complete, granular visibility into the players swing with an unparalleled technical effectiveness.  In fact, Butch Harmon used the system to fine-tune Fred Couples’ swing a while back and (as they say) BOOM, he finished 10th in The Players Championship!
Taylormade’s MATT system took six years to develop and until recently hours rather than micro-seconds for the images from the camera to be read by the computer.  The process for club fitting is quite unique.  You are asked a series of questions in an interview format regarding likes and dislikes about specific preferences about your clubs and your game.  Then while wearing reflective markers, you swing a club with reflectors for a total of fifteen data points captured by nine cameras.  The computer collects the information received from the data points and, using a proprietary algorithm developed by Taylormade, a formula is distilled that takes three things into consideration.  First, club preferences, secondly the information about your swing gathered from the computer, and finally the knowledge that Taylormade has gained over the years as a club manufacturer and custom fitter for top professional golfers is processed and the system calculates a data driven personal recommendation for your ideal clubs based on size, style, lie angle, lofts, shaft type, shaft flex and grip size.  You really have no more excuses!

The system also does an exceptional job in putter fitting.  The relationship of loft, lie angle and the ability to set the ball on track with as much forward roll as possible (as discussed on the Taylormade website with their new Rossa Putter agsi technology) has recently been exposed as a critical item by top professionals such as Dave Stockton from the CHAMPIONS TOUR.   Dave was on-site for the demonstration of the system and discussed the importance of not only proper club fitting but putter fitting as well, and when you hear it straight from a guy with world-class tournament putting stats, you know this is something important.
MATT provides a superior club fitting and instructional experience by supplying an outstanding level of practical data, providing the power to analyze your swing and identify the needs of the player with remarkable precision.  Your clubs will fit better, improving your game – and your score.

Taylormade is opening sites around the world to make the system available to regular golfers like us.  The closest location currently is The Four Seasons Resort and Spa at Aviara, Carlsbad, CA (30 miles north of San Diego).  Call 800 433-7468 today to schedule an appointment.  You’ll be amazed how much longer and straighter you can hit the ball.  Improve your performance.  Improve your fun.  Golf is a game, but we all want to play better.  TMPL can make it happen for you!

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