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 »  Home  »  Equipment  »  Gear and Accessories  »  2017 Father's Day Gift Guide
2017 Father's Day Gift Guide
By Tom Landers | Published  06/7/2017 | Gear and Accessories | Unrated
2017 Father's Day Gift Guide
2017 Golfer's Holiday Gift Guide

2017 Father's Day Gift Guide for the Golfer on Your List

On The Course” Gambling Game

Take Your Trash Talk and Laughs to a New Level

You will have a blast with your Golf Buddies when you break out this VIP Edition Golf Game. It begins with players agreeing on a value for each chip. Golfers want the positives & want to avoid the negative chips. New Grave Digger….takes you more than one shot to get out of the sandtrap. Furthest from the pin on a Par 3 gets you the new Beer Chip. You are on the hook for a round of beverages when the beer cart comes around!

ORDER NOW! ONLY 29.95 Ships within 24 hours

The Tin Cup Marker

The Tin Cup Marker enables you to "Make Your Mark" with a personalized ball marker using the logo or design of your choice. There are over 140 existing designs available or you may request your own personal custom design.
The Tin Cup is an ideal gift for tournaments, corporate outings, birthdays, wedding parties, holidays and of course for personal use to simply play golf and have fun. Tin Cup will make it easier than ever for you to identify and personalize your golf ball for those shots that happen to miss the fairway!
Visit Website
(703) 876-6063
Like Tin Cup on Facebook

Tour Edge Exotics EX10 hybrid

The 2017 Tour Edge Exotics EX10 hybrid may be the perfect club for the man in your life this Father's Day. The EX10 hybrid features incredible forgiveness on off-center shots and effortless hit-ability from any lie. Featuring exotic materials, new Japanese high density, steel cup face called HT 980 high-tensile strength steel. This new steel can be engineered extremely thin producing higher CT levels all over the face ensuring that mishits fly longer and straighter. to find a dealer near you

Swing Jacket

Total Game Improvement Solution – Distance, Accuracy & Consistency

Physically guides you through each swing perfectly.
FEEL how a great swing feels shot after shot.
Makes grooving a great swing simple automatic.
Eliminates over-the-top casting & chicken wings instantly.
Transform your game without having to work at it.
60 Day Great Swing Guarantee – YOU TAKE NO RISK
Save $40, use coupon code "GolfingMag"

You'll be shocked at how easy this is going to be.

Visit Swing Jacket Web Site


Who can argue with your local Demo Days event? Twice yearly golf companies demo clubs and gear along with good barbeque and lady-luck drawings. And who can take issue with our little variation called the new Kick X Tour Z golf balls?

These golf balls also conform to USGA rules and regulations so let’s not overthink this: Today you have a chance to test drive an impressive golf ball! Give the Kick X Tour Z a try. What’s to lose? Zip, nada, nothing! Give the Kick X Tour Z a try. What's to lose? Zip, nada, nothing!

Meet Your New Go-To Club!

Finally, A Club For Those Who Love To Find The Thick Stuff! Introducing the Blast ToughLie: a 15° Fairway Wood built for distance and tough lies, on the fairway or from the rough. The ToughLie is made from 17-4 Stainless Steel – the preferred material for today’s 3-wood – which provides a very forgiving head. This club packs a big punch so you can still go for the green. The Kick X Blast ToughLie’s Cavity Compression Technology (CCT) creates a larger sweet spot and faster ball speed, which produces the amazing distance and precise shot control. Get yours now before they're gone!

The Orange Whip Trainer

Whether you are a Tour Player or a beginning golfer, using the Orange Whip Trainer allows you to feel if your swing is in rhythm and balance. Providing a low impact stretch, the Orange Whip Trainer will increase your flexibility and strengthen your golf muscles. Ask any Tour Player or Golf Instructor and they will tell you it's the perfect warm-up tool because it properly stretches your golf muscles while perfecting tempo and balance.
The patented design provides the greatest feedback for tempo, balance, and swing plane training. When used regularly, you will instantly see noticeable improvement in your golf swing.

* Voted #1 Teaching and Training Aid by
* Voted #1 Teaching and Training Aid by the GRAA
* Used by over 300 PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tour Players
* Top Swing Trainer choice of PGA and LPGA Members and Instructors

Visit Orange Whip Trainer Web Site

Macro® Golf USGA-conforming Square Stroke® Putters and Grips

USGA-conforming Macro® Square Stroke® Putters & Putter Grips are patented to consistently keep your putter’s face square to the line and your ball...straight back and straight through every putt...a square-to-square belly putter stroke without any belly putter anchoring.
GOLFMAGAZINE on The Macro Putter

“Until MacroGolf, the most ergonomic grip in a player’s bag was on his umbrella.”
— Tom Fleetwood, Senior Playing Professional, Director of Instruction for the central Florida region, National Golf Schools

Order online at or call toll free 1-877 270-9402
Tech. Specs. and sale information at

Snell Golf Balls
Snell golf balls are designed by Dean Snell. After 25 years of experience working in research and development for companies like Titleist® and Taylormade®, Dean’s name is now on 38 ball patents and he has embarked on a mission to bring tour caliber equipment to the amateur golfer at an affordable price.

The MY TOUR BALL is our 3-piece, tour caliber, cast urethane cover golf ball is engineered to provide outstanding tee to green performance, with a mission to enhance scoring for golfers of all skill levels.

Get it now at