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Launch Pad 2016
Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 12/12/2016

Launch Pad 2016
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Wilson Staff FG Tour V
The Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 are designed for accomplished golfers who value feel and workability over distance enhancement. The company put 20 grams of tungsten into each of the irons in the FG Tour V6 set, forged from 8620 carbon steel, with the distribution of that weight depending on the club.On the 3-5 irons, the weight is split between the toe and the heel. The idea is that the tungsten creates some moment of inertia protection and stability for added distance with these longer irons. In the middle irons (6-7), the tungsten weight is centered in the sole. The placement is rooted in both forgiveness and lowering the center of gravity to help players get the ball in the air and going farther. The modest cavity-back design offers some additional forgiveness, while engineers put some weight behind the hitting zone for a player-friendly feel and some extra yards. Meanwhile, the topline is thinner in the V6 -- appealing for a better player -- and the sole has been redesigned to offer some better turf protection.

Ping iBlade
The blade-style iron follows the highly popular S55 model, which has amassed more than 50 wins around the world since its introduction over two years ago. The body is precision cast from soft, high strength-to-weight ratio 431 stainless steel. A thinner top rail, minimal offset, straight lead edge and sharp high toe will appeal to the eye of the discerning player. Refined bounce angles and ample heel relief, optimized with the same sole width as the S55 iron, produce a workable sole design for confident shot making from all conditions.
Some of the Tour pros currently playing the iBlade include Louis Oosthuizen, Miguel Angel Jimenez, Daniel Summerhays, Brandon Stone and Andrew Landry.

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion
Forgiveness is more than just high MOI. Callaway engineers have pioneered a new "recipe for ultimate forgiveness" which includes a forgiving shape, a low and deep Center of Gravity, draw bias, an enhanced sweet spot area, high clubhead speed and multiple shaft lengths. The result is the most forgiving driver Callaway has ever created.
The Big Bertha Fusion driver incorporates two kinds of carbon composite material in the crown and two additional pads of carbon composite in the sole. The carbon pieces join an exo-skeleton like body frame made of lightweight titanium that includes the sole and skirt sections. The carbon composite includes a piece of Callaway's chopped fiber forged composite material at the front of the crown that's more than a third thinner than previous versions. That's then fused to a section of Callaway's newly developed woven triaxial carbon material that's 65 percent lighter than titanium.
This means your mishits lose less distance. •

Kick X Tour-Z
Introducing the new TOUR·Z Golf Ball, with tour-soft feel and
superior distance. Its Metal Fuzion Core™ Technology puts it atop
the competition by creating an explosive rebound effect off the clubface and reducing driver spin.
In an independent comparison conducted at the highly respected Golf Laboratories, Inc. testing site in San Diego, the new Kick X TOUR-Z golf ball proved it is the longest premium model now on the market. Conforms with USGA rules and regulations.
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Tour Edge XJ1
The XJ1 uses a new titanium material in the body, called 9-1-1. It is 10 percent lighter than 6A4v titanium, allowing engineers to save significant weight. The 9-1-1 material responds better for players with slow to medium swing speeds, offering additional distance. The crown is also designed with weight savings in mind, using a thin Kevlar-Carbon material that comes in at 12 grams. The face plate is made from SP 700 beta titanium, allowing the company to make the plate larger because of its thinner nature, improve coefficient of restitution (how much energy gets back to the ball at impact) across the face.
The XJ1 has three tungsten weight, with a pair of 10-gram heel and toe stability bars, which are made possible by weight savings from the other materials in the head. The bars, the company claims, enlarge the sweet spot and moment of inertia across the face for forgiveness.

Titleist 917
he 917 drivers include a SureFit CG adjustable weight system in the sole. Each 917 will ship with an evenly balanced, 12-gram weight cartridge in the head. That weight sets the driver in a neutral setting. Also included is a 12-gram draw/fade weight that can replace the neutral weight to shift the center of gravity and give players left-and-right adjustability.
Titleist also tweaked the variable-thickness face. The center of the hitting area is still thicker than the edges and the outer portions have a constant thickness. This enlarges the sweetspot.
The 917D2 has a 460cc head and produces slightly more spin than the 440cc 917D3. The 917D3 will create a little flatter shot because it creates about 250 rpm less spin.

Srixon Z 565
Srixon made the most significant changes to the Z 565 that include a stretch flex face cup that extends to wrap around the crown and sole to create a larger sweet spot on the face for maximum flexibility and forgiveness. The new cup face design was made possible with the help of a re-designed crown that's four grams lighter. The discretionary weight saved from the crown was then repositioned in the sole to help lower the club's center of gravity (CG) to enhance MOI, which directly improves forgiveness.
To help improve shots that find the bottom of the face, a multi-step power wave sole was created that allows the lower face to bend more effectively at impact, protecting ball speeds on mis-hits that don't find the center of upper portion of the face.
The 460cc Z 565 has a slight draw bias and is geared for players that prefer a higher launch angle. It comes in two lofts (9.5 and 10.5 degrees) and has an adjustable hosel with 12 settings that change loft plus/minus one degree and face angle plus/minus two degrees.

Cobra King Oversize Irons
The new Cobra King Oversize irons come close to the USGA's COR limit for improved launch and increases ballspeed through a thinner and lighter face and sole. A hollow body design throughout the entire set provides higher launch angles for longer carry while a milled clubface and multiple groove designs yields optimum spin rates for more control and consistency. The 4-6 irons have V-grooves while the 7-PW have U-grooves.
The new Cobra King Oversize irons also include a multi-material cavity construction, new aluminum medallion badges, high-density tungsten toe weighting, and a premium nickel chrome finish.