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Instruction Tip: Short Game Spruce Up
Todd Daignault
By Todd Daignault
Published on 12/12/2016

Instruction Tip: Short Game Spruce Up
By now all golfers know they need to be fit to play their best. What most  golfers overlook is the shafts in their wedges and putters. This is just as important to fit as it is for a driver or a set of irons. A shafts job is to present a feel or a sensation. Our bodies are looking for a certain feel from the club. When the club provides us with what we want, we are able to make better swings, with fewer compensations, and achieve better results. That is the goal of any shaft fitting.

As far as wedges go, there are a ton of options out there in different weights, flexes, profiles, and materials, but most golfers have the stock dynamic gold shafts in their wedges that came from the factory with no thought about how it can impact there performance. Just like an iron fitting, you should try several different types of shafts to figure out what your body is looking for and what shaft can provide that. The easy answer is to use the shafts that you have in the irons in the wedges as well. This is a good idea if you use your wedges the same as you use your irons. Most golfers have a wedge that they take mostly full swings with, that’s fine to use your iron shaft, but what about your wedges that you use for your touch and specialty shots? Those clubs need special attention paid to the shafts in order to give you the performance you a looking for.

With putters the difference is much more subtle but still crucial to the fitting process. Different weight and stiffness shafts can make the same putter head feel completely different. Make sure you explore this aspect as deeply as you can. The results will be a more consistent stroke, which will hole more putts, which will make you a better golfer instantly!