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Shafts 2016
Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 05/4/2016

Shafts 2016

Hybrid Shafts

Aldila NV 2KKV Green & Orange
Aldila has created NexGen Micro Laminate Technology™ - new, even thinner high performance carbon fibers combined with today's advanced fiber resin technology. The result is even more layers of carbon fiber offering maximum consistency and performance. What separated the original NV from the other shafts available was what some referred to as its 'perfect feel'. The 2KNV provides for even better feel and performance.
The NV 2KXV Orange hybrid High is designed created to produce a low/mid trajectory profile
The NV 2KXV Orange hybrid is designed created to produce a slightly higher, mid/high trajectory profile than the NV2KXV Green hybrid.

Graphite Design Tour AD Hybrid
Designed with the Tour AD DI Hybrid profile in mind, the new Tour AD HY hybrid is softer in the tip and mid-section and slightly stiffer in the butt section of the shaft, to promote a higher ball flight than the Tour AD DI Hybrid shafts. Designed to promote Mid/High launch angles with Mid ball spin rates.

Project X HZRDUS Black
HZRDUS Black is designed to deliver distance to the stronger, more aggressive golfer, without sacrificing control. Featuring increased stiffness along the full length of the golf shaft that allows golfers to put more power behind the ball, HZRDUS Black is the lowest spinning Project X graphite shaft.

A Fujikura Charter Dealer exclusive and legend on Tour with the #1 ranking in many professional tours, the Speeder PRO line was designed from the beginning to provide greater feel and the ability to load the club the same every time within a golf swing. The enlarged handle diameter allows for an unmistakable, yet easy, natural grip. Mid- launch with mid-spin profiles are available in 66 and 76 gram categories. To locate a Fujikura Charter Dealer visit the company website at

Iron Shafts

Aldila Rogue Tour
Aldila Engineers pioneered Hyperbolic Flex Technology to maximize iron shaft performance and consistency throughout the set. Long irons are easier to launch on a higher ball flight with more spin and short irons are designed to offer more precise distance and accuracy control. The Aldila Rogue Tour iron is a constant weight, low torque set designed to maximize the performance of modern irons for better players. The Aldila Rogue Pro is an innovative single length iron that is trimmed to length to achieve the best performance for modern game improvement irons.

Fujikura 2016 Speeder Pro Iron
The Speeder Pro shaft has a straight taper design and is offered in Constant Weight or a Combo Set. The combo set allows a player to use lighter weights for a higher launch/increased spin in the longer irons and heavier weights in the shorter irons for increased stability. A combo option will also give a constant weight throughout the set. The Combo set is available only for 67, 77, 87 R and S flex only. Utilizing HDCC (High density composite core) in mid and tip section helps a club builder make swing weight at steel shaft lengths. Special mandrel geometry integrates material steps in the ID so outer diameter is completely smooth which improves feel and accuracy.

Offering a lower ball flight for the 8 Iron and down clubs, and a higher ball flight for the 6 Iron and up, it accomplishes this while being longer and providing more spin, with the consistency and efficiency of more control. KBS TOUR FLT will also features the standard to which KBS is known, providing maximum energy transfer to ensure a smooth, stronger feel through impact and are proven to produce a more piercing trajectory, tighter dispersion and increased ball control.

Mitsubishi KURO KAGE™ TiNi
The KURO KAGE™ TiNi Iron shafts were developed to complement the family of KURO KAGE™ wood and hybrid shafts with TiNi Wire, by offering a variety of weights and flexes in a low balance, constant weight, designated-length iron shaft reinforced with TiNi Wire. The second generation with TiNi wire optimizes ball flight for each weight and flex, by reducing the torque and raising the kick point as the weights increase and flexes become stronger. In the 65-gram model, the kick point is low; in the 85-gram, it's mid; and in the 105-gram, it's mid-high. The KURO KAGE™ TiNi Iron Series has been designed for the player looking for lighter weight shaft options to increase club head speed and distance.