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Exciting New Products from Miura Golf
Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 05/3/2016

Exciting New Products from Miura Golf
Miura Golf continues to broaden its market reach by introducing the “Y Grind” option in its left-handed models, and introducing a left-hander putter model for the first time.

Yoshitaka Miura created the Y Grind, which made its debut with the company’s Series 1957 Wedges, with the Y Grind also integrated into Miura’s recent models, the MB 001 and the CB 57. The Y Grind is now available the company’s two left-handed models, the Blade and Cavity Back. The Y Grind, although most visible on the sole and leading edge, encompasses subtle changes to the clubhead to maintain the integrity of the head, including weight, density and overall balance. More efficient turf interaction is made possible through slight leading edge and sole modifications. This includes a more contoured leading edge and the appropriate bounce angles on each specific iron, all the while maintaining desired lie angles.

Subtle changes to the top line and toe profile work in concert with the sole grind to deliver confidence to the golfer. These changes include a slightly modified toe profile; a visually pleasing top line that enhances a golfer’s confidence; and weight distribution and balance within the clubhead that is marginally different from the firm’s standard left-handed models.

“We’re always looking to better serve left-handers,” says Bill Holowaty, Executive Vice President, Product Strategies of Miura Golf. “The Y Grind version of our left-handed Blade and Cavity Back models allows golfers to benefit from a refined leading edge and sole design that leads to better turf interaction and therefore produces more solid shots.”

The Miura “Series 1957” Classic design putter features a  rolled top line and a tapered heel that helps to deliver the putter head square to the intended putting line. A milled face is extremely forgiving and produces a true roll with reduced skid.

In addition, another flagship line of the company, Miura’s CB-501 irons, have a sole grind that attracts Tour-calber players, but also possesses a design that appeals to all levels of golfers. The “sweet spot” muscle back iron delivers a ball flight with the trajectory of a blade. The iron offers cavity back forgiveness, as the contact point moves away from the center of the face.

Miura’s broad forged iron line has choices for all players, including the MB 001 and Series 1957 Small Blades (muscle back models), the 1957 CB , CB 501, and the mid-sized Passing Point 9003 (cavity back), as well as Blade and Cavity Back models for the left-handed golfer. Forged wedges include the Wedge Series (in silver nickel, chrome, and black) and the Series 1957 By Miura Custom Grind Wedges. There are also four models of putters, and the SIT-460 driver and fairway woods, plus Miura MG Hybrids.

Miura Golf Inc. markets Miura brand products exclusively around the world (except for Japan) from its headquarters in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. For more information, visit, follow Miura on Facebook at, and on Twitter at @MiuraGolfInc.