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5 Minutes with John Daly
By Tom Landers | Published  05/2/2016 | Player Profiles | Unrated
5 Minutes with John Daly
Jake Asman and Dan Budick caught up with the Two-Time2  Major Champion, John Daly where he weighed in on where             the sport of Golf is today. Jake Asman and Dan Budick can be heard on The Asman and Budick Show at and are contributors to Golfing Magazine.

Jake Asman: Looking at the sport as a whole are you happy with golf’s infusion of young talent?

John Daly: Oh, it’s incredible how great they are, but I feel like they lack a bit of personality. I think the money is so big that they’ve got to stay sharp. And everything’s about cell-phones and computers now. I don’t feel a lot of them are the most sociable people, not in a negative way, but more that everybody spends more time on their cell phones texting and calling and nobody seems to sit in front of each other and have a conversation like it used to be in the players dining rooms. It’s all about Twitter and Facebook. There comes a time where you need to put those things down. I love conversing with somebody eye to eye, but it doesn’t seem to happen too much in the sporting world anymore.

Jake Asman: How surprised were you to see Jordan Spieth crumble on the back nine at The Masters?

John Daly: Well it’s Augusta, it’s a Major. I know he won it last year, but it happens. It’s not going to be the first time it’s going to happen to him. The only thing you can do is learn from it and move on, there’s nothing else that you can really talk about or do. Jordan’s 23 years old, he has nothing to prove except to himself. You know it was a letdown for him I’m sure. I think it goes back to maybe he’s playing too much. Maybe he should have taken a week or two off before The Masters and maybe he might have been a little fresher. Maybe he would have thought a bit more on 12 about what he was going to do and where he was going to hit the ball. The problem is when you play a lot of golf, day in day out, tournament after tournament after tournament, sooner or later you’re going to get tired, you’re going to get fatigued. And I don’t care how much you work out, your mind sometimes is more important than your body. If it gets a little tired, your mind just doesn’t react the way it should.

Dan Budick: How confident are you that Spieth will bounce back the way we all think he will?

John Daly: He’ll bounce back. He’s young and he’s smart and he’s great. He’ll bounce back with no problem at all. That kid is so good. If he just slows down a little bit, take a few weeks off here and there. One or two weeks off gives your mind and your body a break. He’ll be fine, he’s a champion already. These kids’ minds are 10 times better than mine ever was in the 1990’s. I wish I was programmed, and wish I could have the game management that they have now.

Dan Budick: Speaking about a golfer with a lot of personality, how about Tiger Woods? Do you ever see him coming back and being the dominant force he was just six or seven years ago?

John Daly: I think the type of run that he had is definitely gone, but I don’t think Tiger is gone. I think Tiger is going to come back and be Tiger. I still believe he’s going to beat Nicklaus’ records. There’s plenty of golf left in him, it’s not like he has to worry about keeping his Tour card. It’s not like he has to worry about being in three out of the four Majors the rest of his life. The U.S. Open’s a little different, but I think Tiger would probably get a special invitation from the USGA. He’s 40 years old, so he’s got so much more golf in him. When Tiger won the U.S. Open a few years back he might have said, “Hey, let’s get my back fixed, let’s get the knees fixed, and let’s get healthy.” Because take it from me, these last eight and a half to nine years of my career it’s all been about injuries and trying to play around them and the surgeries I’ve had on my feet, my elbow, and all the crap that I’ve had to deal with.

Jake Asman: Besides staying healthy is there one specific thing you think Tiger has to do to win Majors again?

John Daly: I think it’s more about golf. These guys are bulking up and working out too hard. Rory McIlroy said, “You know, I might be beefed up too much to where I am losing distance.” Well, the way they’re working out they’re putting a lot of weight on their shoulders. Doing squats and stuff you’re going to start having injuries, and I think Tiger’s injuries, and a lot of these guys’ injuries, are from working out, not from playing golf. It is great that they are working out, but you have to be careful. Your body can only take so much. It might be more important to get some extra chip shots in rather than spending an extra 30 minutes in the gym.