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 »  Home  »  Equipment  »  Gear and Accessories  »  2014 Holiday Gift Guide For Golfers
2014 Holiday Gift Guide For Golfers
By Tom Landers | Published  12/10/2014 | Gear and Accessories | Unrated
2014 Holiday Gift Guide For Golfers
Holiday Gift Guide 2014                                    


                        Flex-Head G2 Performance Golf Tees

                        Guaranteed “Unbreakable for Life” Flex-Head G2’s are designed to improve consistency by combining (6) specific heights, in a flexible, non-marring, high performance tee. Specific heights creates “Centeredness of Contact” a critical ball flight law that significantly influences both direction and distance.
                        With over 25,000 tees in use, Flex-Head G2’s have a proven track record of durability. The imperceptible, ultra low resistant “Snap-Flex” delivers a clean, frictionless release.  The wide “Tri-Pod” ball seat makes teeing the ball quick and easy. Every design aspect of the Flex-Head G2 was contemplated to develop the most advanced tee on the market.
               or (920)-344-8001


GOLFSTR: Straight Arm Brain Trainer


Wear GOLFSTR+ in practice or while you play 18 holes as a gentle reminder to keep your leading arm straight for more power, consistent hits and lower scores. And there are 5 more uses to correct 5 more swing problems: Putting, Chipping and Lag Training.  A Brain Trainer for every swing in your game. One size fits all (left or right). Available in black or white arm band.


                        GolfBuddy VS4

"GolfBuddy, a leading innovator in the golf GPS industry, has launched the newest addition to its innovative Voice line, the VS4. 


Remarkably easy to use, the VS4 features GolfBuddy’s proprietary dynamic green view technology, speaking accurate distances to the front, center and back of the green with just the click of a button.


This multi-lingual device benefits from all the technical developments that have made GolfBuddy the clear global leader in innovative distance measuring devices. In addition to relaying accurate distances, the VS4 is water-resistant and features a 10-hour battery life, shot distance measurement and tells time via a digital clock."


Get An Effortless On-Plane Swing, Guaranteed!


Tour players and golf instructors know that swinging on the proper plane is the key to explosive power, laser-like accuracy, and most of all, consistency. Now, from legendary coach Hank Haney comes a revolutionary training aid that quickly delivers an effortless on-plane swing. Become a better ball-striker in minutes with the PlaneFinder! On sale now whiles supplies last. Click to watch a video and see how it works.                       



                        Vegas Golf
Vegas Golf is the #1 Selling "On The Course" Golf Game in the World!
                        Online demo is a must see!  Only 1 game needed per foursome. 
                        Order online at  or call 877-241-6134
                        Only $19.95 FREE SHIPPING!                       




                        Start your CLASSICS OF GOLF library today for only $99!

                        3 amazing golf classics—
                        SCOTLAND’S GIFT by C.B. Macdonald,
                        DOWN THE FAIRWAY by Bobby Jones, and the
                        WALTER HAGEN STORY by the Haig
                        PLUS we give you a FREE COFFEE TABLE BOOK from our library vault…and every 3 months we ship you 3 more amazing golf classics for $99—and always free shipping!
                        ORDER TODAY at




The Tin Cup Marker


The Tin Cup Marker enables you to "Make Your Mark" with a personalized ball marker using the logo or design of your choice. There are over 140 existing designs available or you may request your own personal custom design.
                        The Tin Cup is an ideal gift for tournaments, corporate outings, birthdays, wedding parties, holidays and of course for personal use to simply play golf and have fun. Tin Cup will make it easier than ever for you to identify and personalize your golf ball for those shots that happen to miss the fairway!  (703) 876-6063 •




Ship Sticks:
                        As the largest golf club shipping company in the world, Ship Sticks provides the most convenient, reliable and cost-effective shipping solution available.  Stop lugging your golf clubs through the airport and allow Ship Sticks to pick-up and ship your sticks to any destination across the globe.  Partnered with the largest logistics providers, Ship Sticks guarantees that your clubs will arrive on-time at a fraction of the cost! To get a quick quote and schedule your shipment, please contact us at (855) 867-9915 or visit  today!


Maui Jim Customizes your Sunglass Experience for the Holidays
                        Maui Jim brings color and clarity to light in more than 110 different styles for all outdoor activities makes for great holiday gifts, especially with the company’s new custom case program that begins on November 15 and runs through December 31.
                        Those who purchase Maui Jim sunglasses from authorized retailers or at during the time of the promotion can upload a copy of their receipt to Cases are imprinted with the colorful Maui Jim logo that features Jimmy the Macaw and the recipient’s name; and are shipped within 14 days.
                        For more information, visit or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram at @OfficialMauiJim.


Impact Zone Training System
                        Bobby Clampett created this complete home study system that is endorsed by pros and amateurs alike.   BECAUSE IT WORKS!  The Impact Zone training system is a unique instructional guide that teaches sound swing dynamics… not swing style.  The system will help you understand what proper impact is, and how you can achieve it, regardless of your swing style.  A 5-part training system that works… NO matter your experience, handicap or skill level, you can develop a quality impact on each swing, and become a better ball striker immediately.   Big BONUSES with this gift – including LIVE personalized instruction.
                        Impact Zone Golf                                


                        F                         2 Golf - 100% Shank Proof Wedge

                        Finally - you can have a club right at your fingertips that makes it impossible (yes, IMPOSSIBLE) to hit a shank -- no matter how hard you try.  This is by far, the MOST FORGIVING WEDGE in golf.   A GREAT gift for yourself or any golfer on your holiday list.  And the best part – you can pick them up at 50% while supplies last.  F2 Wedges available in 48, 52, 56 and 60 degrees – all at 50% off for the holidays.
                        Get F2 Golf




                        Kingmade Jerky

                        Kingmade Jerky was created by PGA Tour caddie, gentleman, and dried meat enthusiast, Jeff King.  In 2011, he began making small batches of jerky in his McKinney, TX kitchen as a hobby.  By using tender cuts of 100%, premium flank steak that is artfully seasoned and slow cooked to perfection,  he has given pro athletes the exact low fat, high protein boost they require during the heat of competition.  Eaten by over 200 players,  it has become the most sought after protein snack on Tours worldwide, in part to it's tenderness and extremely low sodium content.  Try all three distinctive flavors: Classic Recipe, Buffalo Style and Sweet Chili Pepper.  You will not find a lower sodium beef jerky anywhere!  


                            OptiShot2 Golf Simulator -- Try It FREE!
                        Say hello to the world's number one golf simulator. OptiShot2 is an award-winning simulator that unites the latest technology with ease of use. It's compact enough to fit in a briefcase, yet sophisticated enough to produce results. Designed to work with every club in your bag, even today’s unique woods and drivers. It requires no big set-up or big expense. With an OptiShot2 Golf Simulator, all you need is space enough to swing your clubs and a desire to improve. With that, you'll lower your scores. Guaranteed. OptiShot. Play Better. To try go to                       



                         Introducing the new TOUR·Z Golf Ball, with tour-soft feel and superior distance. Its Metal Fuzion Core™ Technology puts it atop the competition by creating an explosive rebound effect off the clubface and reducing driver spin.
                        In an independent comparison conducted at the highly respected Golf Laboratories, Inc. testing site in San Diego, the new Kick X TOUR·Z golf ball proved it is the longest premium model now on the market. Conforms with USGA rules and regulations.
                        To try Kick X Balls for FREE, go to Now!                        


                        New! Hilarious Greeting Cards

                        Send for FREE
                        Simply go to and send as an e-card to all of your friends.
                        Also available boxed. 
                        12 cards and envelopes only $12.95











                        Macro Square Stroke® Putters and Grips
                        Face-Balanced for Accuracy and Consistency
                        All Macro putters are 100% Face-Balanced to consistently stroke straight back and straight forward through the ball…. No “swinging gate” …. No inconsistent “arc” putting stroke.  Equipped with golf’s only Face-Balancing grips, Macro Mallets and Blades stay square to the line to the target …. A square belly putter stroke without a belly putter.
                        Call 1 877 270-9402 to order now and play scratch golf …… at least on the Greens !                        


                        20 Extra Yards, Straight Down the Middle of the Fairway
                        There's hope for all of us who struggle with getting another 10...20...or 30 yards from our drives.  That's right-with the Momentus Power Hitter, you CAN quickly and easily start hitting further, straighter and more consistently!  And you also can also GET RID OF YOUR SLICE FOREVER! Plus pick up some bonuses with this power hitter that will be sure to put a smile on any golfer who opens this gift up during the holiday season.