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New on the Tee: 2015 Balls
By Tom Landers | Published  08/25/2015 | Golf Balls | Unrated
New on the Tee: 2015 Balls

Golf Balls

The age of specialization is firmly upon us in golf ball design. There was a time when Titleist was making and selling almost a dozen different lines, all designed for a particular player. The company moved away from that approach with the enormous success of its high-end Pro V and ProV1 lines, although it added the upper-mid price point Velocity a few years back and still markets its SoLo and NXT lines at the mid to lower end of the price spectrum. Of course, as with a number of golf ball companies, such as Srixon, there is always the optic yellow option in some models.
Other companies, such as Bridgestone, Callaway and Nike, have all broadened their golf ball lines. This is for two basic reasons: performance aimed at the specific swing speed and ability of the player, and price. While for years all we talked about was how the shape and size of clubheads, as well as modern shafts were altering the world of golf forever. Well, as one wag opined during this year’s British Open, “Are we at a point where the golf ball is going too far?”
Well, for professionals, maybe. But I haven’t heard one “average” golfer complain that he or she is hitting the ball too far these days. The ability to hit the ball farther and often straighter, which has been aided by golf ball design aimed at assisting players with slower swing speeds generate more carry and thus greater distance off the driver, has made the game more FUN for 99 percent of golfers out there; i.e. the people who consider it a great day when they break 100 or 90. And, actually pay for their golf balls.
If someone tells you the golf ball you use doesn’t really make a difference they are wrong and will likely never break 100. If you play enough you can tell by the sound, the feel, the trajectory, and the distance of the ball after you hit it. Thus, it behooves you to know your swing speed, examine closely the many layered lines that are on the market, and try out one that seems to closest fit your golfing profile.
The following pages will help you do just that.

Golf Balls over $35

Bridgestone Tour B330-S/B330 • $45

TECH TALK: The B330 is specifically designed for swing speeds in excess of 105 miles an hour and for golfers seeking maximum “Tour distance.” The ball is designed to reduce spin, resulting in longer distance, and providing Tour level performance and distance.

The B330-S is designed for swing speeds in excess of 105 miles an hour. The ball provides maximum Tour spin, which results in longer distance, while also keeping shots on a straighter line to their intended target.

Bridgestone B330-RX/RXS • $45

TECH TALK: Designed for swing speeds under 105 miles an hour, the B330-RX is said to reduce spin for longer distance. The ball provides “Tour level” performance and distance for those golfers with slower swing speeds. The ball is available in both white and optic yellow.

Specifically designed for players with swing speeds under 105 miles an hour, the ball is ideal for players who are looking for maximum Tour spin that will produce greater ball carry and ultimate distance to get them into scoring range

Callaway Chrome Soft • $38

TECH TALK: The Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball is their softest urethane golf ball. If you want exceptionally soft feel and excellent short game control, with long distance and low spin off the tee too, then this is your golf ball. From the cover to the core, the durable design feels amazing off the clubface and helps give you the control to hit great shots around the green. It also helps create the lowest spin off the driver, so your tee shots go even longer. The company says the Chrome Soft is the only ball that has the SoftFast core, with low compression and Tour urethane cover, so golfers don’t have to choose between feel and distance anymore. The ball is available in white and yellow.

Kick X Golf Tour-Z • $38

TECH TALK: Advanced triple layered construction provides superior feel. The Tour Z’s main core is constructed using proprietary Metal Fuzion Core™ technology to provide maximum C.O.R. - delivering higher ball speeds for explosive distance.This fusion of 3 proprietary metals creates a more concentrated mass in the center of the core. When the ball is compressed it rebounds quicker which gives you faster ball speed off the face. Every 1 mile per hour of ball speed translates into an additional 2.4 yards. The more you compress the Kick X™ ball, the farther it goes!

Nike RZN Platinum / Black • $45

TECH TALK: The “Tour” level ball is designed to minimize spin off the tee for longer drives, while maintaining a soft feel around the greens. A lighter RZN core and heavier outer layers yields higher moment of inertia for more stable flight, even through the wind.

The RZN Platinum provides “Tour level” performance and is designed for soft feel, spin and control around the greens, while maintaining distance off the tee. The ball is softer for better feel and reduced excess spin. Spin optimized coating allows for increased greenside spin and control, while the four-piece urethane cover gives superb feel.

OnCore MA 1.0
• $45

TECH TALK: The new OnCore MA 1.0 features a hollow metal core, allowing for some of the weight to be redistributed toward the perimeter of the ball. This results in more accuracy. The ball features a soft surlyn cover with a high compression of 95 for superb feel around the greens.

Srixon Z-Star • $46

TECH TALK: The company says the new Z-Star is the most technically advanced golf ball it has ever developed. Second generation “Spinskin” proprietary coating improves greenside spin and control without sacrificing distance off of the tee. It is available in white and Tour yellow.

Titleist Pro VI/V1x • $47

“Tour-proven around the globe,” the Pro V1 is engineered to deliver distance and consistent flight with soft feel. The multi-component construction of the Pro V1 utilizes a softer compression process core technology, an ionomeric casing layer, and an improved high-performance urethane cover with a 352 tetrahedral dimple design.
The Pro V1x is designed for golfers seeking high launch and low spin. It utilizes a new technology to create a large high velocity dual core, a responsive ionomeric casing layer, and a high-performance urethane cover with a 328 tetrahedral dimple design for optimal playing characteristics

Volvik White Color S4 • $45

The S4 provides maximum “super straight” distance and consistent ball flight, which is obtained by a solid low-density inner core. The Z-III inner cover provides exceptional spin control and durability. The S4 is claimed to be the straightest “Tour premium” ball on the market. The ball is designed for faster swing speeds.

Golf Balls $23-$35

Bridgestone e5 • $29

TECH TALK: The e5 is engineered to provide more lift for longer carry and added distance. A 2-piece construction ball, the e5 features a Tour caliber urethane cover and large gradational core for exceptional performance

Bridgestone e6 • $29

TECH TALK: Because straighter, longer shots are the key to success in golf, the e6 by Bridgestone is the softest multilayer golf ball on the market. The ball is designed to improve accuracy, and features include an anti-side spin inner layer and a softer surlyn cover for improved feel. It is available in white, optic yellow and optic orange.

Bridgestone e7 • $29

TECH TALK: The e7 is designed for maximum speed and distance when missing left or right is not an issue. The ball features a spin reducing inner layer and reactive surlyn cover that provide both additional control, greater ball flight for added distance, and playability around and on the greens.

Srixon Q Star • $25

TECH TALK: The Q star is engineered for the average golfer, providing more distance and accuracy off the tee and more control from fairway to green. The ball features superior soft feel and visual performance. It is available in pure white and Tour yellow.

TaylorMade Project (a) • $31

TECH TALK: The ball is designed for competitive mid-handicappers who need more approach-shot spin. The Project (a) helps slower swing speeds generate extra spin. TaylorMade’s new “SOFT TECH” cast urethane cover is formulated to be soft, durable, and very responsive to promote improved greenside spin and control.

Titleist NXT Tour / Tour S • $34

TECH TALK: The NXT Tour golf ball is designed to deliver low driver and long iron spin for outstanding distance, commanding short game scoring performance and soft feel. The advanced multi-component golf ball features a large dual core with a soft center, soft Fusablend cover and spherically tiled 302 octahedral dimple design.
The NXT Tour S golf ball is designed to deliver great performance with a softer compression feel. This ball features a proprietary soft compression, highly resilient core, and, like the NXT Tour, utilizes a soft Fusablend cover and a spherically tiled, 302 octahedral dimple design. It is available in white and high optic yellow.

Titleist Velocity • $27

TECH TALK: The Velocity is powered by Titleist’s LSX core technology. A high-speed core is encased in an “NAZ2” cover formulation that delivers high initial ball speed on all full swing shots and playable feel in the short game for improved scoring..

Volvik Crystal • $29

The Volvik Crystal is a premium level 3-piece ball designed for distance with soft feel for around and on he greens. It is one of the longest balls tested for swing speeds from 60 to 95 miles-an-hour. Enhanced visibility is provided by the brightest colors available. It comes standard in yellow, orange, green and pink.

Volvik DS77 • $27

The DS77 golf balls combine distance with soft feel. The ball features a high coefficient of restitution and a 77 compression to reduce driver spin and maximize ball speed. A soft cover and 372-dimple pattern deliver an increased flight time and reduced drag for more distance and make for excellent feel off the putter.

Wilson Staff Duo Spin • $27

This 35 compression DUO Spin golf ball is claimed to be the softest multilayer ball on the market. This ball displays similar distance and soft feel inherent in the DUO, with the added benefit of more greenside spin for the control player.

Polara Ultimate Straight XS • $25

Featuring a soft ionomer cover material that generates higher spin for better stopping power on the green, the 3-piece Ultimate Straight XS is Polara’s high-performance golf ball. To correct hooks and slices, simply point the side stamp arrow at your target. To boost distance with your driver, tee the ball up high and use a driver with a loft of 10.5 degrees or more. Polara says you’ll gain up to 20 yards. For extra bite on the greens, align the arrow so that it’s perpendicular to your target. Great fun but these balls are not USGA conforming.

Polara XDS • $27

Thanks to a unique dimple design, the Ultimate Straight XD Extra Distance & Spin Self Correcting Golf Ball reduces hooks and slices by up to 50 percent. That means you play from the fairway not the woods or the next fairway over. The ball has two regions of dimples. On the poles, the deeper dimples lower drag and enhance weight distribution, while the small dimples provide added slice and hook correction. On the equator, the shallow dimples lower lift and establish the preferred spin axis. Does Not Conform to USGA Regulations

Golf Balls $22 and Under

Bridgestone xFIXx • $20

TECH TALK: Designed for recreational players looking for all-around performance, the xFIXx is for higher handicap players with slower swing speeds. Features include a soft ionomer cover for increased spin control and feel around the greens, a soft gradational core for longer distance, and a low-compression rubber core technology for longer and straighter distance off all clubs.

Bridgestone Lady Precept • $20

TECH TALK: Bridgestone has developed a “ladies-specific” golf ball engineered for moderate swing speeds. With a 12 percent thinner cover, the ball produces a higher launch angle and lower spin off the driver for optimum distance and carry, while providing a soft feel from tee to green. The Lady Precept is claimed to be the softest ladies golf ball on the market.s

Callaway SuperSoft • $21

TECH TALK: The “lowest compression golf ball ever” with HEX aerodynamics. The Supersoft is a long and straight distance ball that is “incredibly” soft. The Supersoft is claimed to be the softest golf ball on the market at a 38 compression. This ultra-low compression reduces spin for increased distance, and low spin results in straighter ball flight

Nike PD Soft • $20

TECH TALK: The Nike Power Distance Soft Golf Ball has a soft-compression core that provides softer feel and longer distance off slower swing speeds. The softened ionomer cover and optimized aerodynamics provide consistent flight and enhanced greenside feel. With this golf ball, you get it all: exceptional distance and feel, enhanced greenside control, and consistent ball flight.

Pinnacle Gold • $20 15 pack

TECH TALK: Featuring improved distance from tee to green and a softer feel on all shots, the Pinnacle Gold was designed and tested by engineers to provide improved scoring. High Optix Technology allows golfers to see their ball better for better contact from all lies.

Srixon Soft Feel • $20

TECH TALK: The “soft feel,” distance ball is designed to launch high with low spin to create both distance and control. A low compression design delivers a high moment of inertia, which leads to greater accuracy on off-center shots. Two-piece value golf ball for 70-plus-mile-per-hour swing speeds.

TaylorMade Aeroburner • $20

TECH TALK: The speed comes from the high-energy REACT core that stores and releases energy with incredible efficiency. The long carry comes from the LDP 342 high-lift, low-drag dimple pattern that launches high and sustains flight. The soft feel comes from the proprietary iothane cover designed to feel like it melts against the club face at impact.

Titleist DT Solo • $20

TECH TALK: Claimed to be the softest DT yet, Titleist developed the DT SoLo with one objective in mind: design the softest compression feel possible and deliver the long distance and control that are the “DT standard.” The DT SoLo offers consistent quality and performance that is the result of Titleist’s precision world-class manufacturing process.

Wilson Staff Duo • $20

TECH TALK: Designed to be a low compression (29) golf ball, the new and improved Staff DUO is said to be the industry’s softest golf ball. The DUO is designed for the distance player who is seeking less spin off the tee for longer ball flight and a soft feel around and on the greens for enhanced scoring.

Player’s Choice Awards

Best Ball over $35
Bridgestone Tour B330-S/B330
Bridgestone B330-RX/RXS
Srixon Z-Star
Titleist Pro V1 / V1X
Volvik White Color S4


Best Ball $23-$35
Bridgestone e7*
TaylorMade Project (a)
Titleist NXT Tour / Tour S*
Volvik Crystal
Wilson Staff Duo Spin

Best Ball $22 and under
Callaway Supersoft
Titleist DT Solo*
Wilson Duo*