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Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 08/18/2015

Golf’s most powerful way to track, share and improve your game
SkyGolf, the #1 rangefinder in golf, is offering another game improvement solution to its product line. The SkyGolf GameTracker is golf’s most powerful way to track, share and improve your game in real time. With GameTracker golfers get real-time shot tracking with an integrated, full-featured GPS rangefinder and scoring app.

GameTracker includes SkyCaddie Mobile™ rangefinder app, GT1 GPS booster/RFID sensor, 14 SmartTags, and a one-year membership to the SkyGolf 360™ cloud, where you can store scores, track stats, view charts and analyze your game. The system seamlessly integrates with the SkyCaddie Mobile rangefinder app to provide all the critical distances you need to select your target, get your distance, pick a club, play each shot and record the results overlaid on vivid HD maps in real-time!

“Designed as a complete system, GameTracker helps golfers to track, share and improve their game,” according to Haney. “Tracking the club used, distance and location of each shot has never been easier or more reliable. It provides game-changing technology, via the SkyGolf 360 Cloud, that allows friends, family and coaches to follow you as you play a round of golf in real time or any time after the round.” Only GameTracker allows you to pick your intended target line, get your distance and track the dispersion from your target line. This SkyGolf® technology delivers accurate and comprehensive game statistics that can’t be found anywhere else.

The full-featured SkyCaddie Mobile app uses brilliant HD golf course maps from SkyCaddie’s unmatched library of over 35,000 preloaded golf courses. TrueGround layup targets provide up to 40 targets per hole, giving golfers the critical information they need.

An Interactive HoleVue feature helps golfers play faster with a bird’s eye view of the entire hole and with a simple tap on the screen, measure to any point on the hole. In addition, get detailed green information showing you the exact shape of the green and get distances from front, center, back or any other point on the green simultaneously from anywhere on the course.

Captured shots are available for review in the SkyCaddie Mobile app both in real time and post-round. The shots are also uploaded automatically to the SkyGolf 360 Cloud. Simple, intuitive editing is available both real-time in the SkyCaddie Mobile app as well as later in the SkyGolf 360 Cloud. Results are immediately available after each shot for sharing with friends, family or instructors who are interested in following your round.

Designed to be fun and flexible, SkyGolf’s GameTracker system lets you track as many or as few stats as you want including scoring average, fairway percentage, putting average, driving distance, hole-by-hole scoring, and more.

To improve accuracy and extend battery life, the GameTracker’s wearable GT1 Booster provides GPS position updates every second to substitute for the smartphone’s positioning. Golfers simply tap the GT1 Booster with the club tag or enter the club selection manually for easy and reliable game tracking.